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Title: Luigi anada boys
Post by: Mikey on April 21, 2012, 11:07:12 AM
Just received the most anticipated album of the week.

Feeling the Ceiling by Luigi anada boys.

More info about them on the blog and a link to some snippets.

One of the first gigs I went to c. 1978

It's a brilliant album, twin guitar's, long instrumentals (No keys)

If you only buy one album in the next hour, buy this  :D
Title: Re: Luigi anada boys
Post by: Mikey on April 29, 2012, 09:30:55 AM
No interest in Luigi?


CD's & Samples - Feeling the Ceiling, at the bottom of the list
Title: Re: Luigi anada boys
Post by: Mikey on January 21, 2015, 03:03:14 PM
A new double out from Luigi.
Some Soundcloud stuff here (

Hi there - Duncan here...
I'm pleased to announce that the Luigi double CD is all done!
I've got the finished article here at Long Fox Towers.
And yes, we know it's taken far too long to bring to fruition - but we did our best in difficult circumstances...

So what now?...
You helped the project along when you purchased the numbered, limited edition 'taster' CD
('Nearing the Ceiling') - which was your 'ticket' to having the double CD for free.
'N the C' had eleven 'unmastered' early mixes on it - the new double CD has the full twenty four tracks
on it, that we were aiming for - all fully mixed and professionally mastered (at Clipstore, Leeds)
The artwork all professionally printed - and all that - done and dusted at last!
Some of the tracks even got extended! Hope you notice those parts! :o)
The album is called 'Revisiting the Ceiling' and you can view a full track listing on my music website...  (
Just hit the CD 'tab' at the top of the page to go to where all my CDs are listed and scroll down to the Luigi ones at the foot of that page - Incidentally... should you want further copies (besides your free one) you can buy them there using PayPal.
You may want to direct lots of your friends to purchase this album from there also? (Just mentioning it! ;o)

We have your email addy - now we need to get you your 'free' double CD as promised...
You can get it via a few different routes.
1. We intend to have an official CD launch for the album (we're looking to have that in April, possibly May this year) if you're happy to keep playing the 'taster' CD till then, you can pop down to the gig and get your free double album at the launch - mebbe even get it signed? ;o)
Any one that owns a numbered taster CD will get free entry to that gig! We'll deffo email you details of where and when as soon as we've sorted the machinations of when and where.

2. We have a regular music night at the Chemic Tavern, off Woodhouse Street, Leeds every other Tuesday throughout 2015.
These music nights are called 'The Itinerant Waiters Club' and all these nights are totally free entry - and we have a guest on, per occasion, various types of music on offer... some folk, some blues, some rock -even some jazz! - and various fusions of all those. It's Geoff & myself from Luigi that's running this club - and you're very likely to see us playing as a duo (featuring Luigi material, of course!) - or as our Rock Band' Taylor Max - or (oh yes) actually as Luigi!
Point being - whoever is on, I will be there and can hand you your double CD in person while you listen to some music and have a chat with us. It starts at 8.30 and will always finish at 11pm - no later!
All you need to do is email me - or phone/text me on 07905275599 or message me on my Facebook page - in search type Duncan McFarlane - and I'll have some copies with me.
You can see who is 'on' - and work out which Tuesdays it is (cause it's fortnightly!) by typing Itinerant Waiters Club into Facebook's 'search' tab - and hey presto - you'll find our page!
3. You can turn up (letting me know in advance via the methods mentioned in #2 above) at any DMcF gig - you can find those at on the gig page.
Or any Taylor Max gig - ditto, except you'd best find those gigs on TM's Facebook page - just type into the search ...Taylor Max Band

4. If you're local enough to Headingley, Leeds - and happen to be passing nearby the Arndale Centre area - or even just fancy calling in for a chat and some tea... then why not drop in on me in person (advance arrangement, of course, via the methods stated above!) - and I'll sort out a time and let you know the addy.
I'm at home all day, every day! :o) all these methods above are aimed at us NOT having to post your CD to you... (can you sense the Scot that's been living in Yorkshire since the mid-seventies! ;o)
We are obviously trying to avoid a mass post out to everyone - jings 1.20 per copy soon mounts up when you've 100 to post!
But if you really can't wait for the launch gig... or aren't near enough to Leeds to visit me, or a gig, to get your CD in person - then of course there is....

5. Or we could post it to you! - Sobs gently into his (now) empty wallet - having just forked out for the mastering, printing, manufacture etc!
To achieve this, you'll need to email me at and let me know your name, the #number on the back of your CD - and of course, your land address!

Looking forward to hearing from you - seeing you at a gig - and getting feedback on just what you think of the double CD!
Any further queries, email me here - thanks!

All the best (on behalf of all the other band members)  and thanks for your support! Love ya! - Duncan

PS: In these more PC (politically correct - not computer) enlightened times... Luigi Ana Da Boys will be known (until further notice!) as 'Luigi Revisited'
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Post by: tigermoth on January 24, 2015, 01:55:38 PM
No keys? Sorry, not interested.

Only joking. Will certainly check it out. Anyone know if this will be downloadable? Reading the abuv post I can extoll the vertues of a download. No postage costs. Lol
Title: Re: Luigi anada boys
Post by: Mikey on June 25, 2016, 11:54:53 AM
Weirdly weirdingtons.

I had a delivery yesterday for a David Million.
Not many David Millions about, I thought, wonder if it's Guy Manning's guitarist.
As it was a tricky address to find, I rang and left a message. As it happens I found the address and spoke to his wife. Turns out it was the very same D. Million Esq.
I had a quick chat with his wife then wended on my way.
About 10 minutes later I had a call from David, turns out he rarely gets recognised for wearing his Manning hat, having discussed Manning, then Andy Tillison and that we both know his dad, he said that he was on his was to play with an old guitar friend, Geoff Taylor, who I was about to say played in Luigianadaboys. David beat me to it which then lead to a conversation about Luigi, ending with David saying he played in Luigi.

Small world, especially in music circles