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Toys / Re: Lost downloads - please help!
February 04, 2013, 04:01:05 AM
Oooh, thanks for the answer!
Toys / Re: Lost downloads - please help!
December 13, 2012, 03:38:24 AM
I'm going to tag onto this post.  What is the story of the Weather Channel version of Hyperventilate in the Eponymous section?  I don't remember that being there before, and I've taken a liking to it.  Was that something that Eponymous made for fun, because it sounds like it could actually be a song on the Weather Channel!
Frost* / Re: Can Anyone Explain This?
December 12, 2012, 05:51:08 PM
Quote from: "Mikey"Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, indeed.

Where was that on Silhobbit?
There's one about a quarter of the page down...//
Frost* / Can Anyone Explain This?
December 12, 2012, 08:48:34 AM
Been doing a little historical Frost* perusing, and I came across this little picture on Silhobbit's page:

So I ask, who is that in the middle?  I am pretty sure it's not JBG, but if it is, well please feel free to correct me.
Ask Frost* / Re: Drums.
December 08, 2012, 11:15:46 PM
Also, check out this.  TBE does quite a good job of making sure the camera is on him. Linky
Announcements / Re: Dead Nobodies XmasX
December 08, 2012, 10:51:21 PM
Quote from: "Mikey"
Quote from: "LivingForever"I voted!

Moi aussi  ;)
uhhhh, Ditto!
Happy Birthday! I'm a huge fan of your work! :D
Announcements / Re: Pride!
February 22, 2012, 07:49:29 AM
In this day and age, where Viral videos get 2 million views in a week, 10,000 listens seems small.  

But when you really think about it, that is a HUGE number.  Congratulations!
Friends Of Frost* / Re: Calling all the musicians!
February 01, 2012, 07:06:58 AM
Quote from: "RobRideout"Also, MTBDude, I'd love to have your drumming on Wake Up, if that's ok!

And don't worry, the sound doesn't have to be perfect for this record, I'm just trying to get people together and get a final product. I'm sure it'll be fine :)

Email me at"> if you want to get it going!
I'll see what I can do!
Frost* / Re: Next Week...please help
January 18, 2012, 05:21:44 PM
I am at the ready!

Have fun at NAMM Craig, You're in my backyard!
Friends Of Frost* / Re: Calling all the musicians!
December 22, 2011, 02:19:22 AM
I may have a crack at Shut Up and Drive as well as Wake Up for drums.  But I don't have any proper recording equipment, so I'm going to see if I can get a decent sound from what I have.
Frost* / Re: Frost*ie Forum T-Shirts (At last)
December 13, 2011, 07:44:06 AM
Quote from: "finbeard"i shudder to think when my forum shirt will arrive... as it's got to somehow make it through international shipping and customs of two countries at THIS time of year... i must stay resolute in my Frost*y faith!
When I ordered the Frost* Calendar last year this time, it took a month to get across the pond.
Other Bands / Re: Dream Theater 2011
December 09, 2011, 02:47:33 AM
I may be a little late to this party, but I saw Dream Theater last Friday, and let me just say; it was BRILLIANT.

WOW.  I am still astounded, even after listening to them for all these years.  The musician schip was spectacular and it is definitely the best concert in terms of musicallity and techical ability I've ever seen.
The set list was:
Bridges in the Sky
These Walls
Build Me Up, Break Me Down
Endless Sacrifice
Drum Solo
The Ytse Jam
Wait for Sleep
Far from Heaven
On the Backs of Angels
Caught In A Web
Through My Words
Fatal Tragedy
Breaking All Illusions
Pull Me Under

And I'll say it again. WOW. WOOOOW.  Amazing.
Announcements / Re: A public apology
November 04, 2011, 07:06:00 PM
Quote from: "BrizzleRocker"

There's actually quite a lively community of enthusiasts on the youtubes.  They are an interesting bunch.
Frost* / Re: Frost* Rock Tree
October 22, 2011, 08:04:53 AM
Quote from: "Villuccikeys"
Quote from: "Ash"Just noticed your location is California!  Maybe you won't be at The Peel

That would have been awesome.  Yeah, unfortunately, I'm stuck over here in the states.... I'd love to go to the Peel haha...

I looked at going to the Peel gig from California, and it would have been $1600 to go for 3 days.  OYE! :evil: