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Thanks Mikey!

Si, soy de Santiago!

Thanks for your words :) Glad you liked it!
Wow... I just started reading Jem's words and I feel so sad!!!
Moving to london gave me the opportunity to finally see Frost* live, but.... not gonna happen... :(

I'll buy the band then!!! And continue the FROST* legacy xD
Thank you for the comments! :)

Quote from: "Pedro"Sorry but you probably won't get to see Frost* (unless I win the lottery!) but you should still get to see some great stuff.  :)

 :cry:  :evil:  :twisted:

Nooooooooooo, really!?
Hi Guys! My name is Benjamin Lechuga and I come from Chile.

I'm new to this forum, and I'm so glad to tell you that I'm moving to London this October (for a year) beacuse I won the Steve Vai Scholarship! I Hope I can get to see FROST* anytime during that year! Any Londoners in here?

Well, here's the video of the winning song! I Hope you like it! ... r_embedded