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Any Other Business / Re: Is there anybody out there?
February 06, 2024, 02:42:32 AM
Quote from: Jem on November 24, 2023, 09:51:16 PM
Quote from: D S on November 19, 2023, 07:52:49 AMJust checked in and much to my surprise, found a whole pile of posts, including from Jem. How great! Yes, I'm slightly nostalgic for the time when this forum (& its predecessors) were a place for much serious silliness (remember the tour of the Big Banana?) & fun but also information & interaction. You could post a query about the band and you'd get an answer, often from Jem himself - marvellous!
Well let's make that a thing again then. What do you want to know?  ;D
Inside leg measurement of the whole band please.........
Any Other Business / Re: Is there anybody out there?
November 04, 2023, 12:23:47 AM
Quote from: rogerg on April 20, 2023, 03:32:07 PMheh

it's just a quiet time.  :)
Oh look! Tumbleweed.....
Any Other Business / Is there anybody out there?
March 30, 2023, 06:57:03 PM
Listening to Pink Floyd......seemed an appropriate question to ask....
Friends Of Frost* / Re: A Song Of Spring
February 16, 2022, 02:36:09 PM
That sound right lush that do..........
Gigs / Re: April 2022 gigs
October 04, 2021, 02:01:10 PM
London for us
Enjoyed that........going to have to look at some of your older up-links.
Frost* / Re: Day and Age
March 23, 2021, 11:57:03 PM
Quote from: DavSel on March 02, 2021, 12:44:03 PM
May is going to be a very..... frosty month.... I'll see myself out.....

But no really May is going to be amazing!!!

Don't you mean aMAYzing............?
Frost* / Re: 2020 vision...
January 02, 2020, 11:35:45 PM
Happy new year Lyn and to everyone else.
Announcements / Engagement.
October 17, 2019, 11:55:12 AM
So......after being together for six years Samis boyfriend has finally decided the time has come to make an honest woman of her. I told him that she has been utterly corrupted by weird rock fans and musicians but he still insisted on trying so all credit to him. Me and Sue are of course totally delighted and wish them all the luck in the world. They are currently on holiday in Malta (lucky buggers), I recon the heat must have got to him.........
I am one proud and happy Dad.
Frost* / Re: Blunders :(
May 16, 2019, 10:41:48 AM
I have, like many of us I would assume, conflicting emotions.

Congratulations Craig for achieving the success you so richly deserve. NEXT!!!
John Mitchell warbled in the Fens
About robots and red spotted hens
I seem to have missed this!
Must have been quite p****d,
Oh sorry, Mikey, that was not nice!
No time to use your mobile device
I do too much driving,
I'd rather be Skiving,
Friends Of Frost* / Re: New KINO!!
March 30, 2018, 02:34:18 AM
Album of the year so far?

Frost* / Re: Unreleased Tracks
March 12, 2018, 10:39:33 AM
Never mind all that. Did you know......

Ḥeḥ (also Huh, Hah, Hauh, Huah, Hahuh and Hehu
was the personification of infinity or eternity in the Ogdoad in Egyptian mythology.[1] His name originally meant "flood", referring to the watery chaos that the Egyptians believed existed before the creation of the world.[2] The Egyptians envisioned this chaos as infinite, in contrast with the finite created world, so Heh personified this aspect of the primordial waters.[3] Heh's female counterpart was known as Hauhet, which is simply the feminine form of his name.[1]
Like the other concepts in the Ogdoad, his male form was often depicted as a frog, or a frog-headed human, and his female form as a snake or snake-headed human. The frog head symbolised fertility, creation, and regeneration, and was also possessed by the other Ogdoad males Kek, Amun, and Nun.[4] The other common representation depicts him crouching, holding a palm stem in each hand (or just one),[5] sometimes with a palm stem in his hair, as palm stems represented long life to the Egyptians, the years being represented by notches on it. Depictions of this form also had a shen ring at the base of each palm stem, which represented infinity. Depictions of Heh were also used in hieroglyphs to represent one million, which was essentially considered equivalent to infinity in Ancient Egyptian mathematics. Thus this deity is also known as the "god of millions of years".