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Frost* / Where to buy milliontown?
June 13, 2010, 10:23:53 PM
Where can I find the cd for sale (new)? I'm open to downloading the mp3's from amazon, too, but does money go to frost* for that? I need to give you people my money.
I'm a pretty big fan of the game Rock Band, but it seems like the prog genre is grossly underrepresented in the game. One can only play so much rush and dream theater before it begins to get repetitive. There is this thing called the rock band network where, after you pay all the required fees, you can upload the stems from the master recordings along with accompanying midi tracks to represent those stems, and you can create a song that (after a review process) can be released on the rock band network for anyone to download into their rock band game.

I realize that Frost* may be a little synth heavy, so not exactly the best match, but dammit, I'd kill 3 men and a goat (or, alternatively, pay money) if it meant I could play through all of Milliontown on rock band.

I tried to search the boards but couldn't find any previous discussion on this. Would you guys support this? Do I just play too many video games?