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Ask Frost* / Frost* music inside RockBand Network?? (PS3/XBox360)
« on: July 27, 2010, 05:21:50 PM »
Hello to all the frost* fans! I'm an italian fan who is also a player of the famous game Rock Band, available for PS3/XBox360/WII.. It's a rhythm game based on rock songs, in which players can "play" drums/guitar/bass/vocals to their favourite tunes.  (http://

HMX Games launched a new tool called Rock Band Network that gives artists and labels the ability to put their songs inside the game.
Here's the press release http:// about it.

Not only would be a way to spread to the huge community of RB the Frost* music, but would be also a great occasion for fans like me that can't wait to play the entire Frost* discography. Both Milliontown and Experiments in Mass Appeal albums would be great, eheh  :mrgreen:

Here you can find some good info about the entire project!

http:// - It is the site of the RBN.
http:// Topic with all the sites of the charting groups, independent studios that using the song can create the proper song chart for the game.

Can't wait to hear about what the band thinks about it!!

I Would like to remember that I'm just a fan and I don't earn money promoting RBN in any kind of way. I want to spend mine instead buying Frost* tunes inside the game  :mrgreen:


I forgot to say that with Rock Band 3 (out this winter holidays) they will probably add Keyboards inside the Rock Band Network, Frost* music would be a GREAT addiction, I want to play Hyperventilate with keys added  8-)

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