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Friends Of Frost* / Bedroom-made Prog-rock...
July 06, 2011, 11:00:56 PM
Demo version of the first song from an upcoming EP, enjoy! (and do comment, obviously)

This version is missing vocals (which I haven't written yet) and a lot of keys (which the other half of the project is yet to do) and is also un-mixed. And as said above, recorded solely in my bedroom. :P

Enjoy: //
Gear Corner / Quick Query...
October 26, 2010, 04:21:12 PM
Just bought a Boss DS-2 (yeah, I know some people hate them and what-not, but its exactly what I needed) and it has an input for an optional footswitch to act as a 'turbo' button of sorts, and claims I need a latching footswitch. I tried using my single-button amp-channel-switching-footswitch (Blackstar FS-1) but this doesn't seem to work, and is only 'on' when the button is pressed - that is to say if I take my foot off, it goes off, rather like a sustain pedal, I guess. I assume this means its an 'unlatched' footswitch? Does anyone know where I could get a cheap, decent latched footswitch?
Gear Corner / Recording Software...
August 23, 2010, 06:11:35 PM
Now, I need a bit of help (and you seem like a welcoming, knowledgable bunch).

Over the past year I've been more or less getting stuff to start a little home-studio just to record things that pop into my head and for a bit of fun, so nothing close to being professional. I've got a laptop (which isn't particularly good, nor dedicated to the music stuff, so its bit slow, bless 'im), an M-Audio Fast-track Pro, which, though probably not the best thing in the world, has served me very well, Amplitube 2 (so I'm fairly sorted on the guitar front), an M-Audio something or other MIDI Keyboard and a Condenser Mic.

What I need now, really, is a bit of recording software both intuitive and easy-to use so my soft brain can understand it (I've been using Mixcraft, which is very much on the cheaper side of things and is alright because it comes with a huge number of VST instruments and plugins, but tends to flake out on me whenever stuff approaches the proggier end of the scale - I've got a song finished that I can't actually export because every time I try the software crashes) but one that is still fairly comprehensive - ideally it'd be like Guitar Pro, which I understand, but for recording instead of composing. :P

So, wise gearmen (and women), does such a thing exist? Or will I have to just bite the bullet and get Pro-tools, then sit down with the manual and a glass of strong cider one weekend and see if it all makes sense to me?