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Other Bands / And the award for the most dreadful album cover ever...
« on: January 06, 2011, 04:49:36 PM »
...goes to this monstrosity:

Urghrughrgurgurugrurgh. Worse still, is that Within Temptation produced this beauty only two albums ago:

You think a band capable of making such wonderful artwork would be able to continue the theme, or at least do a new theme properly. I have the Silent Force with extended artwork, and it has some of the best album artwork I've seen. Shame...

Gigs / Various niceties from the Bilston gig
« on: December 06, 2010, 05:24:04 PM »
Thought I'd share a couple of the videos with you, seeing as I'm chuffed to bits that they worked. =P

Pocket Sun -

Dear Dead Days -

Photos from the evening as well, the last is my personal favourite. ^_^ ... 1367385370

Toys / Just wondering about a certain track...
« on: August 31, 2010, 06:13:59 PM »
I was just extracting the instrumental MP3s from the EIMA bonus DVD when I noticed that the backing track for that DVD was pretty fantastic in itself. Is that a rare track of some description which may be lying around somewhere on the internet?

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