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Bands confirmed so far:

- Retrospective
- Antimatter
- Threshold
- Riverside
- Big Big Train

- Smalltape
- Rikard Sjöblom's Gungfly
- Mystery
- The Sea Within
- Camel

- Tiger Moth Tales
-  Anubis
- Gentle Knife
- Ange
- Steve Hogarth and Isildur's Bane

I'll update this post as soon as more bands are announced.

Tickets and info:

Gigs / Night of the Prog (Germany) 2017: lineup complete
February 03, 2017, 12:01:08 PM

Lion Shepard (PL)
Subsignal (D)
Mostly Autumn (UK)
Anekdoten (SWE)
Lucifer's Friend (D/UK)
Neal Morse und Spock's Beard (USA) - play Snow and more

Seven Steps To The Green Door (D)
Frequency Drift (D)
Gens de la Lune (F)
Focus (NL)
Peter Panka's JANE (D)
Hawkwind (UK)

Knifeworld (UK)
Anima Mundi (CUB)
Lifesigns (UK)
Magic Pie (NOR)
Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy (UK)
The Musical Box (CAN) - play Foxtrot and more

Highly interesting again.   8)

Saturday, 13. July 2013, doors 13.30

Sanguine Hum 14.00 h
Sound of Contact 15.15 h
The Pineapple Thief 16.30 h
Crippled Black Phoenix 18.00 h
Magma 20.30 h
Steven Wilson 22.30 h

End 00.45 h

Sunday 14. July 2013, doors 11.30 Uhr

Anima Mundi 12.00 h
Maybeshewill 13.30 h
Anglagard 15.00 h
Amplifier 16.45 h
Caravan 18.15 h
Devin Townsend Project 20.00 h
Opeth 22.00 h

End 24 h

Frost* / Got myself an individual Frost* shirt
August 31, 2012, 09:25:55 PM
Don't remember who put up the design (thanks for letting me steal your idea!  8-) ), but decided to go to Spreadshirt and make me my own Frost* shirt. As I already have more than enough black shirts, I chose green.
The print didn't turn out as good as I expected, but it's okay for the price.

Gigs / Fused Festival cancelled
May 09, 2012, 07:03:52 PM
Did you read that ( ... 5012793767)?

QuoteIt is with great regret that we must announce the cancellation of Fused Festival for 2012.

We started the festival last year knowing that it would take several years for the event to become established. However, against expectation, ticket sales for this year's festival are considerably down on last year's and we simply cannot afford to continue with the event. As things are, we will sustain a very considerable loss; continuing would be utterly disastrous.

Full refunds for tickets purchased will be made over the next few weeks; please bear with us as we have to sort out all the implications of cancelling.

I cannot express how sad I personally feel at having to make this decision.

Kind regards

Huw Lloyd-Jones
Fused Festival

Dammit. So sad to see another festival cancelled...  :cry:
Gigs / Night of The Prog VII (7. + 8.7.12)
February 21, 2012, 09:51:50 PM
Confirmed bands so far for this beautiful festival above the Rhine river in Germany:

- Lazuli
- Airbag

More to follow. I can't make it this year, but the festival is highly recommended for any prog fan.  8-)
Gigs / Progressive Promotion Festival (21.+22.9.12)
February 21, 2012, 09:48:48 PM
A second edition of this cozy festival near Frankfurt/Germany.

Bands so far:
- Lazuli (headliner on Saturday)
- Seven Steps To The Green Door
- The Tangent (headliner on Friday)
- Believe
- Figuresmile

2 more to follow. I'll keep you informed.
Other Bands / Spock's Beard announce the new lineup!
November 21, 2011, 03:24:26 PM

I'm happy with that.  8-)

QuoteNovember 21, 2011
Announcing – Spock's Beard has a new recording and touring lineup!

To keep bringing you the finest Prog Rock, we've brought on board the amazing vocalist/guitarist Ted Leonard (Enchant, Thought Chamber) and Jimmy Keegan (Santana, John Waite), who's been our tour drummer for close to 10 years now. If you know these guys, you know they're world class. They bring exciting new energy and creativity to the party.

We regret that Nick D'Virgilio, a founding member of the band, good friend and incredible talent is unable to continue with us due to his other commitments. Please continue to support him, check out his new solo CD "Pieces," go see him with Cirque du Soleil and follow whatever other madness he's up to. He's awesome. We wish him the best of luck and the success he deserves. We wouldn't be here without NDV!

Look for a new live Spock's Beard DVD and extensive European tour in early 2012, followed by our 11th studio release sometime in the summer. We're energized and excited, and will be posting updates and sound samples as we progress.

Thank you for continuing to support us through the years and changes. We stay committed to bringing you the finest in Prog Rock and taking it into the future.

If you don't already, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest.
Other Bands / Nick D'Virgilio leaves Spock's Beard...
November 19, 2011, 12:27:51 AM
Not that surprising, but I'm very sad right now...   :cry:
Other Bands / November 18th...
November 11, 2011, 03:39:15 PM
...time for doing something good! Please excuse this bit of spam - it's for a friend and for a good cause!

Steve  is releasing the download of his Christmas single! All profits will go to the "Förderkreis für krebskranke Kinder und Jugendliche e.V." , a Nothern German charity organisation.
You can stream the whole song on the page. Very nice (instrumental rock) music for a great cause!

Are you in?  8-)

Oh, and he has released some other really cool stuff, too:
Other Bands / Flaming Row!
August 02, 2011, 09:41:05 PM
This might be one of the best metal albums this year, really. Imagine a rock opera in the vein of Ayreon, but more diverse and with more balls. Great musicianship, great singers great production! Highly recommended!!  :D ... D=31323948

QuoteFLAMING ROW is an international band project formed by the German musician Martin Schnella (Steel Protector, Cast In Silence) in 2008. His original idea was to create a concept album with many different musicians, especially singers, female and male. Schnella wrote a lot of music for FLAMING ROW and put it together to complete songs. Because of his big influence of different styles of music, FLAMING ROW does not represent just one genre. So there is a mixture of prog metal/rock, mainstream rock, metal and powerful ballads inside FLAMING ROW.

To complete the idea, Schnella asked his dear friend Kiri Geile (Steel Protector) to join the band. Kiri's task was to write a story for the concept. Within some months both completed the story "Elinoire", a drama about a young British family, together and wrote lyrics for the different characters in the story.

The recording sessions started in late 2008. Almost all of the music was recorded until the end of 2009. A lot of friends and local musicians supported Geile and Schnella by joining the band. Also to the core team of FLAMING ROW belong drummer Niklas Kahl (My Inner Burning, Cast In Silence) and keyboard/sax player Marek Arnold (Toxic Smile, Seven Steps To The Green Door, Stern Combo Meissen). Schnella played guitars, most bass guitars, some keyboards and contributed lead and backing vocals.

In late 2010 he got in contact with Gary Wehrkamp and Brendt Allman from the American progressive-metal band SHADOW GALLERY and asked them to join [in] with some additional guitar/keyboard solos. Both liked the music and became a big part of FLAMING ROW. Wehrkamp also did a lot of lead vocals and took part as one of the characters. Together with Brendt Allman he added many backing vocals. Billy Sherwood (Circa, Yoso, Ex-Yes) also provided some lead and backing vocals.

The German guitar player Ali Neander (founding member of the RODGAU MONOTONES, session guitar player for Xavier Naidoo, Sabrina Setlur ...) added some guitar solos, too.

To take over the last free character-role Jimmy Keegan, who is the tour drummer/backing singer for SPOCK'S BEARD (also Kenny Loggins, Santana...), joined FLAMING ROW and did some vocals.

Schnella is very proud of this development, because all these musicians have been his idols since his childhood. Thus FLAMING ROW has become now an international band project.

The story of "Elinoire":  It is about a young British family. Lea and Adam Baltwin are in the prime of their lives, having great jobs and living in prosperity. Lea becomes pregnant. But during the birth of their daughter Elinoire, Lea dies. Adam never overcomes the sudden death of his beloved wife and lays the blame on Elinoire. Over the years he cannot build up an ordinary realationship to Elinoire. Adam's father Cyrus Baltwin takes over the role of the father figure. But after some years some true facts about the previous life of Lea are revealed. Was Lea's death really fate ? The story is told by the real characters, their emotions (love, rage...) and some virtual ones (Time, Destiny, Death, Spirit ...). More than 30 musicians and 15 different singers, female and male, perform on this album and the roles of the story.


1. Elinoire's Theme 2. Initiation Fugato 3. Overture 4. First Day 5. Nightingales Chirp 6. Do You Like Country Grandpa ? 7. Lea's Delivery 8. Elinoire 9. Rage Of Despair 10. Adam's Theme 11. Neglected Garden 12. Time Mirror 13. Watershed 14. Review 15. Unearth The Truth 16. Father's Theme 17. Farewell 18. A Place To review Your Soul (I. Confession II. A Broken Man III. Flaming Row IV. On The Run V. A World Of Make Believe)

List Of Voices:

Lars Begerow as ,,Adam Baltwin" Human Band: RAW
Michaela Auer as "Lea Baltwin" Human Band: Acoustic Schock
Jessica Schmalle as "Elinoire Baltwin" Human Band: Steel Protector
Sascha Habich as "Cyrus Baltwin" Human Band: X-Tom, Elements Of Change
Denis Brosowski as "Zachary "Zac" Jones" Human Band: Iron Fate
Gary Wehrkamp as "Conscience" Band: Shadow Gallery
Brendt Allman as "Liberty" Band: Shadow Gallery
Billy Sherwood as "Past" Band: Circa, Ex-Yes
Jimmy Keegan as "Season" Band: Spock's Beard
Michael Lowin as "Death" Band: Cast In Silence
Kim Spillner as "Rage" Band: Worst
Kiri Geile as "Destiny" Band: Steel Protector
Martin Schnella as "Spirit" Band: Cast In Silence, Steel Protector
Anne Trautmann as "Love" Band: Seven Steps To The Green Door
Sandra Thielemann as "Time" Band: No Case In Point
Markus Funke as "Forgiveness" Band: Markus Funke Band

Any Other Business / Need a music shirt?
July 29, 2011, 05:41:20 PM
Okay, I just cleaned my closet as I have way too many music shirts. Very good to excellent condition. Before I donate them to the Red Cross, I thought I'd ask here first.

Frost* related are these:
Frost*: FROST*fest 09 (black, big M, worn 1-2 times)
Mitchell and Godfrey: Purveyors of Aural Embrocation (grey, XL, never worn) - you still can see those 2 design on the shop page.
Frost*: asterisk (the one as seen on the shop page upper right corner - black, L, worn 2-3 times)

Other stuff would be:
Spock's Beard: X (black, L, worn 3-4 times)
Spock's Beard: Feel Euphoria 2003 (black, XL, worn 1-2 times)
Enchant: Live at last 2005 (black, XL, worn 1-2 times)
Sigur Rós: með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (black, L, worn 1-2 times)
Devin Townsend Project: Addicted (black, L, worn 2-3 times)
More Cowbell (beige, L, never worn)
Shadow Circus: Step right up! (black, L, never worn)
King's X: First Church of Rock and Roll (black, L, worn 1 time)
Porcupine Tree: The Incident (beige, L, never worn)
Beardfish: Mammoth (beige, L, never worn)
Pinkroom: Psychosolstice (black, L, never worn)

If you are interested, please contact me. They'll be cheap. Pics are no problem.
Rüsselsheim is near Frankfurt.


29. SEPTEMBER - 01. OCTOBER 2011



Over the three days, the Festival will host live performances from some of the World's finest progressive rock bands and we are delighted to launch the festival with the news that

FISH will headlining Thursday 29th September

LAZULI on Friday 30th September and

RIVERSIDE on Saturday 1st October.

The venue, Das Rind, is a small, intimate venue with a capacity of just 300, so buying tickets early is highly recommended. Tickets are due to go on sale on March 1st; prices and outlet details will be released over the next few days.

Our new website -

will be updated with information and links for the festival line-up, ticket sales, local accommodation and transport information etc.

From the linked website:

Quote29. September:




01. October:

Okay, with the first band announcements coming in, I'll update this thread with any new addition.

Line Up:
Friday 08. July 2011 Get In 16 h

MARTIGAN 16.30 h
tba 17.45 h
tba 19.00 h
ELOY 20.45 h
End 01 h

Saturday 09. July 2011 Get In 12 h
HAKEN 14.00 h
tba 15.30 h
IQ 17.45 h
ANATHEMA 23.00 h
End 01 h ... daten.html
Frost* / So, any pics of Frost* merchandise?
November 26, 2010, 09:44:05 PM
So, where did you hang the posters, put the window clings or wear the shirts - or whatever?
If you want, post some pics!

I'll start:

Cling on the door to the balcony.

2 posters in my kitchen.

Mug and CDs in my workroom/music room:

Still have to put one cling on my car...  :roll:
And seems that the board forces a certain size of pics... They are broader originally.
Other Bands / Imogen Heap: Livestream now! (5.11.)
November 05, 2010, 08:17:25 PM

Realized too late that there's no thread about that event!
Soon, there'll be a break - and then 2 hours of a regular gig at Royal Albert Hall. ... =111173244

Great so far!
Gigs / German festival: FREAKSHOW FESTIVAL 2010
July 12, 2010, 10:03:50 PM
25.10.2010, Würzburg/Germany


e-mail (for tickets and questions):

Note from ich_bin_besser:
I HIGHLY recommend seeing the Belgium group Aranis! I go to a lot of gigs - and this band was one of the few that really, really blew me away after seeing them live!

Friday 8.10. (festival off)
- Madelgaire
- Quantum Fantay

Saturday 9.10.
- Moon Safari
- Overhead
- Gens de la Lune
- The Watch

Sunday 10.10.
- Lazuli
- Beardfish