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Toys / A Quest of Disappointment and Tribulation
« on: February 07, 2011, 08:24:37 PM »
Salutations, fellow Frost*ies...

I did a bit of googling about today for Frost*-related goodness. It all started with a bit of prodding to try and find the studio version of The Forget You Song- I did find it eventually on the Frost* myspace page. But what's this I see in the playlist with it? An ELO cover? Heck, numerous other covers and tunes I was previously unaware of!

More prodding and about 10 minutes later, I stumbled across this page:
Appears to be a previous incarnation of the Frost* forum, or something like that. But most importantly, it appeared to be a veritable treasure trove of Frost* goodies that seemed to be impossible to find anywhere else. With some great anticipation and baited breath, I dug up the link for Here Is The News and clicked... Only to find it led nowhere. Completely dead, every link on there.

To sum up, at the risk of being excessively forward, I'd be eager to get my grubby little hands on any or all of what was there. That sounds like a huge request, but I assure you, I'd even be happy with one little scrap of audio. The things on THIS PAGE interest me greatly, as do the lovely bits from the Tour Sampler- Here Is The News and all that. Any further info on or tidbits from this sadly defunct Frost* encyclopaedia?

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