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Gear Corner / Roland TD20
July 28, 2012, 01:34:56 AM
After lurking for about .... 8 years or so.... I finally upgrade from a modest TD6.... to a TD20!

Still need to configure it and hook it up properly to ToonTrack SD2 but BOY is this fun!  :mrgreen:
Other Bands / Night Of The Prog Festival
July 05, 2012, 03:43:09 PM
Gotta pack! Leaving tomorrow! :)

Anyone else is going?!
Gear Corner / WINRAR/RAR; PC vs Mac
July 05, 2012, 02:38:51 AM
I've been using WINRAR and ZIP to pack my files for years (sending big ass 24 bit wav files for collaborators) but so far they were all on PC. Now I'm working with 3 Mac guys. Question:

Does anybody know if there's software for this that works on both platforms? I couldn't find anything so far....

Thanks!  :)
Other Bands / Call Me skinny
June 22, 2012, 01:05:51 AM
Heads up for my (15 year young) son Daniel.  :)

He just got hired as a drummer for this 3-piece. The guy in the vids is Tommy Meijborg; a very talented local (18 year young) local musician. He's been doing very well lately and has now formed a band with my son in it. They all ready have a few festival gigs lined up for August and September. Later on they will record a proper album as a band.


It's wonderful to see how a couple of 'kids' are so driven, talented and determined to make something happen. No matter how this turns out; I'm one proud father right now!  :mrgreen:
Other Bands / FORMATIV (2 songs inside!)
June 20, 2012, 04:45:24 PM
That's what we're called!  :)

2 rather long ones are read now:

First epic: AETAS SUITE (18:44)
Second epic: OUTSIDE MOVING IN (20:35)


Line up:

Jeremy Cubert - Piano, synths, organ, chapman stick, theremin, eigenharp
John Beagley - keys, programming, vocals, lyrics, producer
Tom Kraus - electric and acoustic guitars, bass
Ronald Wahle - drums, electric guitars and occasional bass

That's a hell of a lot of instruments.....  :D
It does! You haven't changed the locks apparently!  :mrgreen:

I've been a bit of a stranger for a while over here for several reasons.  :?
First one is a massive burn out from work that took 1 year off and on to bounce back from. I won't bother you with the details but the bottom line is I'm moving from doing way to many projects back to being a lab-technician again. Suits my health MUCH better.

Second is the fact there's not much going on with Frost* at the moment and after finishing the FFCS I felt no desire to hang around these parts for a while. Again being in the middle of the burn out didn't help either.

Third is I didn't have music to share for a while. The burn out.... oh well, you get the picture.  :roll:

But I is back on track with some new stuff.
The first one is a new RWA track called Eclipse (part 1). I'm currently in the middle of writing and recording part 2.

Eclipse (part 1)

But even more exciting is a new project I'm involved in together with John Beagley (UK), Jeremy Cubert (US) and Tom Kraus (US). Jeremy wrote a track called AETAS SUITE and ask John to write lyrics and add vocals to it. John contacted me for the drums and e-guitars and last but not least Tom got involved doing acoustic guitars. John ended up producing the song as well. This is the end result: Aetas Suite

We're so pleased with the result that we've decided to team up for more. No band name yet.
What's also exciting about this is the fact Jeremy Cubert has some impressive facts on his CV. He wrote and played on a track on the latest Anderson/Wakeman album (Yes) and did a track a couple of months ago with Billy  Sherwood (Yes, Circa). Being part of this is very exciting and I'm eager to find out what else we can come up with!  :)
Other Bands / RWA - Trololo!
February 07, 2012, 01:35:53 PM
SOAB!!!!!!  :evil:

I had everything lined up! Music, artwork and title. Trololo is obviously the perfect title for this 'chill out' song.
Until I found out someone else is roaming the interwebs with a trololo track.  :shock:

So.... I renamed it BUGS. Since the song starts and ends with them.

Bugs on SoundCloud

Bugs on SoundClick
BUGS on BandCamp

Bugs are everywhere!!!!  :shock:
Other Bands / ©RWA 2010-2011
January 14, 2012, 12:26:04 AM
Full album released today!

RWA (and ROMANOV) tracks always were (and will continue to be) availalbe for free download on and Nothing new so far.....

But I've decided to put them up for purchase as well in 2012. I let you decide which one you choose. If you're new to the music then by all means download it for free to check it out. If you decide to keep it because you like it... you might consider paying for them.

All my tracks will become available on most common music services (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody etc) within the next weeks. The album is all ready available at:

©RWA 2010-2011 on cdbaby

©RWA 2010-2011 on BandCamp

And take a look at my totally re-designed homepage:

I (like to think) it (finally) looks half decent.  :mrgreen:

Thanks for your time.  :)
Other Bands / RWA - Gravity
January 10, 2012, 03:29:33 PM
I'm kinda busy. Sorta.
New track called GRAVITY.  Pop/Dance/Trance with a touch of Rock. Something like that!

Gravity on

Gravity on BandCamp

Gravity on SoundCloud

Artwork is done by my son Daan.  :)

Other Bands / RWA - INTERRUPT '12
January 05, 2012, 12:35:40 PM
A remix of the original 2006 version. This one is shorter and has new drums and real bass. Kinda transformed from a pop-prog track to a pop-dance-trance-dub_step track. Obviously ........I've spend most of the time on the artwork! :D

INTERRUPT '12 (BandCamp)

Other Bands / Howard Jones
December 26, 2011, 09:38:27 AM
My submission for the ReWork Howard Jones project.

Howard Jones - Automaton (RWA-remix)

Sir Jones is one of my 80's hero's and one of the reasons why I bought my first synth (a Korg Polysix) back in '85. I've added my own drums and guitars to this track as well as a tiny bit of keys.
Other Bands / RWA - ELEVEN
November 10, 2011, 04:20:43 PM
A 'no keys, just guitars' track celebrating the new additions to my studio called ELEVEN.

Ibanez S470L guitar (with DiMarzio picks)

Yamaha BBN5L-II bass

That's eleven strings in total. Hence the brilliant title!  ;)
Also the first time in 12 years I play the bass again myself.
One part of me thinks this track is done. The other part of me want to put in more stuff.
But I'd like to avoid using keys for this one. What do you think?!
Other Bands / Hauschka
November 05, 2011, 08:58:57 AM
Other Bands / ROMANOV
June 11, 2011, 09:41:46 AM
ROMANOV is my new project together with singer Maarten Beijen and we have some stuff to share.  :)

What if God is Alone
ROMANOV features on 'a Flower Full of Stars', a tribute to THE FLOWER KINGS with our version of this song.
A free version of the song is available here

The 4 CD / 80 booklet package is available on Musea Records

Innocent's Dilemma
In a totally different black hole of the universe there this 140 bmp trance track!
You can download a free mp3 of this song here
Or you can (later?) purchase a  high quality MP3 - FLAC - AAC - Ogg Vorbis - ALAC format at


Haven't been around much lately  :?  ...... but:

I have a new release called ORCHA. A shorty this time,........... only 7:33!
Featuring the fabulous Kurt Singer on guitar (solo). I couldn't nail down a proper solo in the middle section but he certainly did!  :D

MP3 version on
MP3 - FLAC - AAC - Ogg Vorbis - ALAC format version on

Friends Of Frost* / RWA - Leader
February 13, 2011, 07:45:04 PM
New long one.  :)

This one started out as a leader for a local TV show; that's where the first 30 seconds come from. And the brilliant title obviously. Trying to make a song out of it I clocked it at 11:32 minutes.

Leader on
Leader on BandCamp
What gives?!  :?

So far I've been offering my songs for free download (in high 320kbps MP3 format). I'll keep doing that. Some have said I'm crazy for doing that but the reality is music has been available for free for years now. After 5 years with Ghost Circus (being signed to ProgRock Record) I find our music all over the web.  For free. I can't be bothered anymore really......

Anyway, I've decided to offer both options from now on:

Download my songs for free following my RWA on page. If you like them; enjoy them and spread the word about my music. If you don't like them; delete them. Press [DELETE] and they're gone!

If you really REALLY like them; perhaps consider paying me a fee by buying them on my   RWA on BandCamp page. BandCamp provides high quality MP3 - FLAC - AAC - Ogg Vorbis - ALAC format. Whatever suits you. I've set the minimum price to €0.50 per track (because of PayPal and BandCamp services). You can decide the total price yourself.

Don't feel obligated to buy anything unless you really feel strongly about supporting me. And BandCamp and PayPal of course because they obviously take their share!  ;)

More details on My Homepage

ps: Bokkie, if I make some money with FALL you'll get your share obviously!  :)
Other Bands / Marillion Weekend Holland 2011
January 30, 2011, 08:34:32 PM
Been a fan for ages but never been to a Marillion Weekend before. Bumped into Frans Keylard (Rogues Gallery, The Dividing Line) on FB this weekend and got invited to his posse of 8 (-1) for the upcoming convention in Zeeland, NL.

The party of 8 is complete again.  :mrgreen:

Should be fun. I'll finally get to meet Frans to thank him for his big time support for Ghost Circus over the years. He's also playing my RWA tracks whenever I deliver any so I own him a beer or 2. Or 3. Or 15.

Any of you ever been to such an event? Anyone else from here going to the 2011 NL edition?
Friends Of Frost* / RWA - K2
January 20, 2011, 12:48:28 PM
New 12 minute RWA track uploaded called K2. First release of 2011.  :)

This one has been in my 'demo' folder a long time.
The first 2 minutes were recorded in 2006. I then left it alone for 2 years to record the bulk of it in 2008. It was on the 'Ghost Circus new album' list for another 2 years. When GC broke up (mid 2010) I finished it late 2010. Mixed and mastered it last week. Time to release the darn thing!

----->  K2 - free stream and download
Hey ho!

Romanov is my new project with singer and good friend Maarten Beijen.
We did a song by The Flower Kings for the Colussus TFK tribute CD-box 'A Flower Full Of Stars" which will be released in December 2010. The song is called 'What If god Is Alone'. Since this will be an official release I'm not permitted to put the full version up for download before the release. But you can check out this SAMPLER.