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Hello frosties!
My name's Sei and I'll be soon in London for a while (one week). I have the pleasure to see Frost*&ItBites live show on 16th this month, but I decided to stay few days more than just a week-end. I'll be there on wednesday 12th december until 18th, but I have no friends, no contacts there... So if you are not busy and want to take a little break with a frosty froggy, drinking coffee/tea, or lots of beer pints, have fun and keep me good company, let me know. Unfortunately, I can't use my phone in UK, so please just post a reply right here or by PM. Also, I will buy a phone card so you can give me your cell number if you want, easier to meet up.
Well, thanks for reading. I'm waiting for your answers and hope you are game for it! :P
Frost* / Official Bootleg
November 13, 2012, 01:39:07 PM
Hello to the whole fellowship!
I start this topic to ask you something for what I've got thoughts for years. Do you want a dvd or a cd from the next december live show. I don't know if Frost* team has in mind this kind of idea, but I want to request it, because I love this band, and I was very frustrated when I knew that the DVD failed and will probably never be produced... So If it's the community's wish to see (one day) a live pressed on a DVD, I'm sure that some Jem's good friends can ask him personnaly what he thinks about this project.
Thank you for reading, and for supporting this project.
Best regards and may the force of biscuits be with us!

Gigs / Frost*Bites@Scala booking problem
November 02, 2012, 11:56:43 AM
Hello you, who are reading! I need a little help from my (frostish) friends! I booked a ticket on "Ticketweb" on Oct 2th, but don't received my ticket yet... I'm affraid that my booking failed, or tickets are sold out... I'm french & I tried to call them at the international customers service but the number doesn't work...  :|  So is there somebody who knows if tickets are still available? I'm very upset about thinking that I'll miss my favorite band one more time!  :cry:
Thx for reply.
(sorry about my poor english...)