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Friends Of Frost* / A Song Of Spring
February 11, 2022, 03:37:27 PM
Hello folks. I'm sorry it's been so long since I was here, and yes, I'm aware it kind of looks bad that I'm signing in just to promote a new album. In my defence, I can't remember when it was but the last time I tried to log in I couldn't do it. Even when I tried the forgot password thing, I still couldn't get in, so I didn't know if there was a temporary problem, or what had happened.
Anyway, my apologies. If you're still reading, there is a new album coming out on March 4th. The next in the seasonal albums, A Song Of Spring.
In view of my absence here, maybe I can attempt to make up for it with this teaser, which has not been posted anywhere else yet, so don't tell anybody. LOL

Also, for anyone here who's not on the old Facebox, here's the first video of the first track from the album.

Hope you enjoy it folks, and if anyone wants to order or pre-order the album, you can do that here.

It will of course be on Bandcamp as well in the near future.
I've finally entered in to the practice of different editions, so there's a regular CD and a deluxe job as well.
Anyhow, hope you like it and sorry again.
All the best, Pete
Hello fellow Frosties. I hope you don't mind me posting this here as you chaps have always been wonderfully supportive in the past. Good day folks. It gives me great pleasure and excitement to announce a brand new album from Tiger Moth Tales.
Story Tellers Part Two is now available for pre-order from White Knight Records.
To go with the announcement and to give you a taster of the new release, here is a video for one of the new tracks.
And here is the pre-order link for any lovely mothingtons wishing to make a purchase.
The physical copies are available here:
Or to pre-order a downloadable copy please click here:
On behalf of White Knight and myself, we hope you enjoy the new release, and many thanks in advance for any pre-orders. If you'd like to share this post to any Tiger Moth Tales listeners you know, we would be very appreciative.
Love, from the Mothster.
Friends Of Frost* / New album.
September 21, 2017, 10:02:01 AM
So ... who'd like a new Tiger Moth Tales album? :)
Hi folks. This is an announcement for the Camel fans out there.  There's a special episode of Tales From The Tiger Moth this  Saturday, that's New Year's Eve at 12 noon. It's a Camel Special featuring an exclusive in depth interview with Andy Latimer himself. Join us at to hear about the making of Moon Madness and much more. Plus plenty of fine tunes from Camel. If you're on Facebook, do check out the event page: and do let us know you'll be listening. It's one not to miss!
Friends Of Frost* / New T-shirt! :)
December 15, 2016, 09:00:47 AM
Tiger Moth Tales T-shirt anybody? I know a couple of Frost*ies expressed interest in the first T-shirt last year but we ran out before they could get one. However, we have a brand new one just released. If you're quick you might be able to get your new Tiger Moth Tales Blue 'Silhouette' T-shirt delivered before Christmas, or certainly for New Year. Drop a poorly veiled hint to your other half.
smile emoticon
We have sizes from Small to XXX Large.
Order now from bandcamp: Or send a private message to the Tiger Moth Tales Facebook page.
Shirts are £11 plus p&p
Thanks as always for your support, and enjoy the shirt.

(Disclaimer: Tiger Moth Tales takes no responsibility for your fassion choices, or for friends asking "Who the hell is Tiger Moth Tales?". Please wear responsibly.)
Friends Of Frost* / New Release From Tiger Moth Tales
December 11, 2016, 11:50:46 PM
Hello Mothingtons! I'm happy to announce ... a new TMT release! Tiger Moth Tales - Live At Summer's End (The Official Bootleg) is now available to purchase as a download from Bandcamp. And just in time for Christmas!
This will be a digital release only, but high quality download formats are available.
For those who were at Chepstow on the day, this will hopefully bring back fond memories. For those who weren't, we hope you'll enjoy hearing tracks like 'A Visit To Chigwick' and 'Tigers In The Butter' brought to the stage by the full Tiger Moth Tales live band. The download includes the whole Summer's End performance, plus a bonus live version of 'The Wassail Song' from last year's CCA gig. Over seventy minutes of music for your listening pleasure.
Big thanks to Chris Jones, Cliff Pearson, Stephen Lambe, Huw Lloyd-Jones and all who were part of Summer's End, and of course, many thanks in advance for any purchases. We hope you like it.
Friends Of Frost* / OO! A new video.
October 30, 2016, 07:07:41 PM
It's been a long while since there was a new Tiger Moth Tales vid posted on Youtube, so here's a little something live from Summers End.
Many thanks to my friend Cliff Pearson from Progzilla for the audio, our very own Pedro for the visuals and to Chris Jones for putting it all together. And of course thanks to Gary, Mick, Andy and Paul (the boys in the band), and finally thanks to the wonnderful folks at Summers End for such a great reception. Enjoy folks.
This maybe a date for your diaries folks! Wednesday September 14th at The Maise,


This will be the first time Red Bazar have played material from the new album

Tales From The Bookcase, plus it's the first ever full band Tiger Moth Tales

performance! I'm looking to the nottingham prog contingent of course as we are

local lads :) but all comers are most welcome and the more the merrier. Tickets

and more info can be obtained using the link abuv and At just £4 a time we

really plan to give you VFM. Lets make this one a big one folks. Thanks.
Other Bands / Let's Eat Grandma
July 15, 2016, 12:55:05 AM
I just discovered these guys while listening to Progzilla Radio.
It's not often I feel impelled to buy an album made by two 15/16 year old girls. In fact, off the top of my head I can't remember a time that has ever happened. So life is truely full of firsts. Check this out. All instruments played by the girls.

If as I do you think this is cool, check out the other videos. The album which I bought last night and have listened to three times since is right here on Amazon:

Sorry, longest link ever.
It's available on CD, mp3 and Vinyl! :)
Not everybody's cup of tea I'm sure, but well worth checking out. I love it. The imagination and variety here reminds me of what I had when I was a kid and it's very refreshing. It's also great to know that experimental music is alive and well in the hands of the young. :)
Announcements / Fond thanks Frost*ies.
July 05, 2016, 10:25:17 AM
Just wanted to post a thank you as I feel like I have some good friends here many of whom helped me on what has been a wonderful journey. This mushy outpouring is brought on by the fact that it's just over a year ago since I played my first TMT gigs as support for Magenta at the Borderline and the Robin2. It was also a year since I let Story Tellers loose on an unsuspecting world. :) I have DS to thank for bringing my attention to the RPM challenge and for giving me the inspiration to go through with it.
But I have many of you to thank for your encouragement and support regarding Cocoon, during what for me was a time of some significant doubt and uncertainty. It was down to your opinions which I was sure were honest as you had no obligation to sugar the pill so to speak, that I had the courage and frankly the audacity to release a prog album in the first place.
So thanks a lot folks, it meant a lot and will always mean a lot.
Also, it has been great to bump in to Frosties at various gigs, and especially flattering when you turnup to see the Mothster do his thing.
So to help express my gratitude, and also as a little tribute to our favourite Frosty band, here's a video from that Robin2 gig on the 28th of June last year.
Thanks again. You are all good guys! :)
Other Bands / Camel In Japan
June 20, 2016, 01:40:45 PM
Hi folks. I know we're all about our lovely frosty boys at the mo, but I wondered if folks had seen this.
I've not said much about Camel and our Japan trip, but it was certainly one of the best experiences I've had in a long time. Lookking back at this vid, it all seems like a bit of a crazy dream, but it did happen and there's the footage to prove it. :) Hope you enjoy folks.
Friends Of Frost* / Seven Stones Turned
May 03, 2016, 06:44:38 PM
Evening Frosticals. This may be of particular interest to Genesis fans and/or moth fanciers. I'm delighted to announce the release of another little collection entitled "Pete Jones Plays Genesis - Seven Stones Turned". It's available now for download here:
As with Selling England For A Pound, all proceeds will be going to Guide Dogs charity, so all contributions will be greatly appreciated. You may also stream tracks so you will know what you're getting. As the title slightly suggests, you may find the odd surprise or twist. Please enjoy, and thanks very much from myself and Guide Dogs. Your loving Mothster.
Announcements / George Martin tribute show.
April 08, 2016, 01:39:06 PM
Hi Fellow Frosticals. I Don't know how many folks here tune in to Progzilla on a regular basis, or indeed at all. :) But my show tomorrow is a bit special and I thought I'd mention it especially for those who like quality production with a touch of madness.
Tomorrow's edition of Tales From The Tiger Moth is a special, dedicated to the fantastic music producer, the late great Sir George Martin. I've included many of my personal favourites for this show, but you will hear a wide variety of music showing off all the production skills of the great man. Join me on
for classics from a diverse range of artists including Johnny Dankworth, Flanders And Swan, Vaughan Williams, Peter Sellers, Cilla Black and Ivor Cutler, as well as a couple of tunes by Sir George himself. I know my prog duties so there'll be a healthy dose of prog from Stackridge, MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA and of course the Fab Four.
Don't miss this wonderful collection which just scrapes the surface of the great man's works.
The show runs from 12PM til 2PM UK time and you can tune in using the link abuv or by clicking here:
Thanks in advance for listening.
I know there's a Red Bazarr Thread somewhere else on here, but I thought it might be worth another one here.  Good even tide folks. Just a quick headsup to let those know who are interested, the new Red Bazarr album is now available for pre-order from White Knight Records: Red Bazarr are a fantastic band and it's been my great pleasure to right and perform all the lyrics for this new venture. If you like Red Bazarr and you like Tiger Moth Tales, you'll like this. Here's a teaser: Many thanks in advance from the bazarr boys and myself. We hope you enjoy it.
Announcements / Francis Dunnery Radio Show.
February 02, 2016, 08:21:59 AM
I am extremely happy to say that Francis Dunnery has joined the ranks of Progzilla Radio and is now doing a weekly show called ... Francis Dunnery Radio Show! As well as playing top class music from truely progressive artists, Francis treats us to his eloquence on various subjects, so as you might expect this leeds to much merth with a generous sprinkling of philosophy and great advice. Not to mention his musical insights. Very interesting and enjoyable to hear.
As a member of staff at Progzilla I was very keen to recommend the station to Francis when he mentioned the idea of doing a radio show and asked for my thoughts on Progzilla. We are thrilled that Francis has joined us and for many listeners it is bound to become required listening.
The show is on every Sunday from 6PM til 8PM UK time, so for US listeners that's a nice lunch time start of 1PM. Though ... being Francis, there is occasionally the odd ... outburst perhaps not suited for family listening. Lol
However, you can listen any time with the podcast. To download the podcast of the excellent first show which aired last sunday, head over to the wonderful Progzilla Radio:
Not that I want to be a spoiler, but I'll just say ... vampires.
Also, while your there at Progzilla, you may want to either tune in, or browse the excellent selection of podcast from our stable of presenters, including my own humble efforts.
There, my work is done. Many thanks to Francis for choosing Progzilla for this fantastic radio show. Go forth and listen.
Announcements / Charidy
December 16, 2015, 02:49:42 PM
Hi folks. As its Christmas, I want to do a bit for charity. A time for giving and all that. :) Many were kind enough to buy the Genesis covers release we put out and some of you paid more than handsomely for it, so I'd like to donate proceeds from the Genesis release and also some money from the Wassail Song EP to the Guide Dogs charity.
As many of you know, this is a cause very close to my heart and the hearts of many of my friends including my wife Kimberley. Barley, (Kimberley's guide dog and our beloved friend) sadly passed away in October. Though she had been retired for some time, Guide Dogs still looked after Barley's needs until the end. These wonderful animals cost something like £50000 each from cradle to watsit. This money takes care of their medical needs etc. and helps to pay for the brilliant people who train them. It also makes a huge, huge difference to the lives of those who benefit from the skill and companionship of a guide dog.
So I'd like to thank everyone who bought the Genesis stuff and The Wassail Song as you have helped make a big difference and you can now feel all warm and fluffy inside which is nice. :) And of course it's not too late for anyone else wanting to buy the music for themselves or for a friend. Virtual stocking fillers etc.
Thanks from myself and on behalf of Guide Dogs and those who use them. Your loving Mothster.
Friends Of Frost* / Merry Xmoth!
December 04, 2015, 05:41:39 PM
Merry Xmoth. Evening Frosties. There's a little something festive by way of a new release from Tiger Moth Tales. Including a rather Frosty bonus, it's only available via download from here:   Can't say more just now as I'm rushing out to a gig, but hope you enjoy this ule offering. Many thanks.
Friends Of Frost* / Selling England For A Pound!
November 22, 2015, 05:33:39 PM
Hi folks, I thought some of you peeps (especially Genesis Lovers) might be interested in this.
In response to the great feedback and interest in my Genesis covers, I thought it would be nice to have them all together in a cool little package. Thanks in advance for any interest, and thanks as ever to genesis for the  music! :)
Other Bands / Godfrey Senior.
November 18, 2015, 08:31:20 AM
As we await with gleeful anticipation the output of Godfrey Junior, older bro Simon has also been busy. I've been lucky enough to have struck up a bit of a palship with Simon, which started with our mutual Genesis appreciation and went on from there. I'm  working my way through his excellent back catalogue of works including Tiny Fish, Shineback and solo work. His Motherland album alone is a beautiful and wondreful work. But not content with his established prolificitude ...? he is now putting out a series of EPs lovingly entitled "the Black Bag Archives". As might be infered, these are made up of a sizable collection of works which for one reason or another didn't make it on to the main albums, or were just waiting for the right time.     I'm happy to announce that volume one is now available for pre order, and I highly recommend that you do all pre order it here:
I've not known Simon long, but what strikes me about him as with many of my favourite artists, is his varied output from acoustic reflective work, to full on electric techno fest. Plus, not a bad lad either!   I'm extra happy about this EP, as due to my impertenance, I feature on the bonus track doing keys and backup vocals. :)
So there we go folks. Due for release on Nov 30th, so a lovely early virtual stocking filler. Get your pre orders in. :)
Other Bands / Progzilla Radio Classics Poll
November 16, 2015, 11:18:20 AM
Hi folks. I know some here don't go a bundle on polls, but might you make the exception for this? :) Please take a few moments to have a look and cast your votes on the Progzilla Prog Classics Poll.
For those who don't know what Progzilla Radio is, it is the UK's only dedicated progressive rock radio network, devoted to spreading the word and playing the best of this vastly unrepresented but deserving genre. If you're a prog fan, please cast your votes and while you're there you can take a listen to Progzilla for some fantastic music. Many thanks.