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Guys! You are in luck today!

This Friday is our Isolation Gig Covers Show, and we will be joined by Ray Hearne of Haken, John Mitchell of Frost, Arena, Kino etc and Andy Robison of Ihlo.

We will be performing songs by Haken, Frost, Genesis, Imogen Heap and Rush, it's not one to miss! We've put our own spin on all of these songs, so be sure to watch to see how we've 'Kyrosised' them. check this on that time and you can see it live!
Other Bands / Kyros - Celexa Dreams
June 23, 2020, 01:58:38 AM
Check these guys out:

Imagine if Frost* melded with Dua Lipa, Haken, The 1975 and IQ.
Other Bands / Paul Cusick - Focal Point
July 31, 2009, 11:52:57 PM

Source: //

"Focal Point" is the d├ębut solo album for British based multi-instrumentalist Paul Cusick, and features 11 tracks (including 1 bonus track) that show why Paul has been described as a cross between Dave Gilmour, Steve Hackett and Steven Wilson. A tall order to live up to by any standards but listen and decide for yourself.

Paul started 2008 with a resolution to release a solo album. It was supposed to be a little project for release on MySpace, however after the upload of the demo of "Big Cars" and "Hold On" Paul received a couple of record contract offers and pre-orders for a CD that was still at the concept stage. Given the interest that was being generated from a couple of early demos Paul rebuilt his studio and set to work on "Focal Point". As a solo project Paul was free to concentrate on his song writing and producing.

Paul plays all the instruments on "Focal Point" except drums which are laid down by Alex Cromarty aka "The Groove Monster" and features a guest appearance by Andy Edwards (Frost* / IQ / Kino).

"Focal Point" is a diverse album which includes two instrumentals, "Senza Tempo" and the title track "Focal Point", as well as the rocking "Big Cars", "Scared To Dream", "Everblue" and "Soul Words", the anthemic "Hold On", the evocative "Fade Away" and "Touch", with the heart felt "Hello".

released 06 June 2009
Lyrics & Music: Paul Cusick

Paul Cusick: Guitars, bass, keyboards & Vocals.
Alex Cromarty: Drums.
Andy Edwards: Guest Drummer on "Touch".


Wow. Sounds awesome! And you can stream it directly from the site and buy it digitally/physically if you want to. Friend found it while ramblin' through Twitter.

And seems Andy Edwards is in it as a guest in a song. :D