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Other Bands / The Mess that has become of Yes
February 09, 2012, 04:18:58 AM
Beniot David is out due to illness and Jon Davidson of Glass Hammer will be replacing him
for the next leg of the Fly From Here Tour. ... r-20120208

They actually called me and I believe I may have a chance  :)
Other Bands / Mark Kelly semi-lost hearing
February 06, 2012, 03:57:52 AM
Just read this unfortunate news on the DPRP news page.

Apparently something happened while he was scuba diving on a recent vacation.
he's having tests done but nothing definitive yet as to the cause. His left ear is
really messed up apparently.

He has started a blog to record and update everyone on his current state.

I sure hope he gets better. It's the worst thing that can happen to any musician and as one myself
I have to only think about how I take things for granted and wonder if I should be doing more
to protect myself.

Thoughts and well wishes and vibes going out to him :(
Frost* / Lookie the new look!
October 19, 2011, 03:06:41 AM
Whilst the new Cube is being built, so now is the website!

Like the new look. it's got lotsa nice knobs and button thingies.
Gear Corner / Pro Tools 9
November 22, 2010, 03:23:33 AM
I just ordered my crossgrade from Sweetwater here in the U.S. and it will be shipping out tomorrow!! YIPEEE!!

I know many here probably dislike Pro Tools and prefer other DAW's. I've actually been a Logic user
about 90% of the time the other 10% using Pro Tools for doing transfers and editing. I too thought
that LE and Mpowered were rather undernourished but now that PT 9 has full delay comp, 96 tracks
out of the box 256 busses and the fact that you can now use ANY 3rd Party Core Audio or
ASIO compatable interface you want it changes the game for me big time. I can see myself mixing
a lot more in Pro tools now.

There's still no offline bounce or track freeze but you can bet it's on Avid's list to include it now.
They've really turned around IMHO and I like where they are headed and are actually listening to
customers now and being open.

Awesome I can't wait to use Pro Tools with my Apogee One.  I'll report back in a few days.
Gear Corner / Pro Tools HD Native is here.
October 06, 2010, 02:40:24 AM
I just found this out on Gearslutz. Russ over at the AiR users blog mentioned something new would be coming
from Avid and after all the rumors and chatter, it's finally confirmed and here.

"New Pro Tools|HD Native Added to the Avid Audio Product Line for only $3495!"

"This morning, Avid Professional Audio, formerly known as Digidesign, announced the arrival of their new Pro Tools|HD Native system, making use of the speed and performance of today's native computer processors and bringing the price of an HD system into the truly affordable range! The Pro Tools|HD Native core card will retail for only $3495, and is compatible with all HD Series interfaces, both the new series of I/O (HD Omni, HD I/O, and HD MADI), but the legacy "Blue" series (192 I/O, 192 Digital I/O, etc.). You can chain up to 4 I/O together for a total of 64 channels of audio, or interface with a single HD MADI I/O. With extremely low latency for a native system, not only will you have the full feature set of the included Pro Tools|HD software, you'll also have an open system using Core Audio and ASIO to run your Logic, Nuendo, Wavelab or other software. "

Still too pricey for me especially as I don't own a Mac Pro but it looks like a nice mid priced pro option for
people who can't afford an HD 2/3 system.
Gear Corner / How's PT 8 working for ya Jem?
July 18, 2010, 11:49:19 PM
Noticed on the latest Frost reports you are using it now.

How's it working out for ya? Whatta you thinky?
Mover over DJ Dylan is in da house.

Any Other Business / The Art of Darth
July 12, 2010, 03:57:19 PM
This one just made my morning. Some brilliant artists doing their own take on Darth Vader's look. ... ject/all/1

Announcements / TGB #4!!!
May 25, 2010, 10:34:09 PM
Congratulations to you and Mrs. Godfrey sir!!
Is it boy or girl?  definitely a year of surprises!
Any Other Business / Enter Sandman swing version!
May 24, 2010, 04:36:57 PM
LMAO!!! ... -to-swing/

Audio quantizing just went to a whole new level. It does start to fall apart after the solo/spoken word part.
Gear Corner / Guitar Project 2010
March 04, 2010, 03:13:17 AM
This is the first of three that I am building this year from parts. Black with white pickguard and
David Gilmour EMG set. She sounds and plays beautifully too. It still needs a new compensated nut
and a string tree to be installed very soon.  Next up will be a Candy Apple red with
Rosewood fingerboard and more traditional passive pickups,more of a take on a 60's strat.
The third is going to be VERY special as it will be a 12 string Telecaster. Stay tuned.

Gear Corner / Alicia's Keys VI piano
March 02, 2010, 04:03:01 AM
Alright this is going at the top of my "will be buying" list. ... ntent=1145

This a GREAT sounding piano VI and it will be selling at $119 USD!!!

I haven't tried any of the big name piano VI's out there and I'm sure there are some
that probably sound better than this one but for the price I can't imagine anything
sounding better than this one. She uses it on her new album too.

I'm not a fan of her music but I really appreciate her being involved from a technical standpoint
and the fact that she loves production to begin with. She's a confessed gear freak and loves
all kinds of stuff.
Other Bands / Jadis returning live in 2010
December 25, 2009, 01:56:57 AM
Splendid I just read on their site. They will be double headlining with Shadowland on some dates
in February. Looks like Mr. Jowitt is not with them this time though.
Any Other Business / Happy Holidays Everyone!
December 20, 2009, 03:24:12 PM
I wanted to send out an early best wishes to all of you fellow Frosties. May you all have a
very merry happy holiday and I hope they are all filled with fine selection of biscuits,beer
wine and your choice of carnivorous eatery,awesome gifts and of course, lot's of hugs and
kisses and love. To all the travelers, best wishes for safe journeys to and fro. Best wishes
for healthiness too as winter has now arrived for many of us on both sides of the pond.

It's been another fantastic FROST* filled year. You folks are the best around and it's been
fun coming here and conversing with you all. Though actual FROST activity is expected to
be minor in 2010, I still look forward to coming here and hanging out with you lot and
there indeed will be even more enjoyable times ahead.

Peace out,
Gear Corner / Moog Taurus III pedals!!!
November 22, 2009, 02:08:31 AM

almost make me want to sell my Taurus 1 set to buy them! ... orn-glory/

Gear Corner / Korg Legacy bundle update - no more dongle!
November 11, 2009, 09:49:29 PM
Just thought I'd pass along to fellow owners of either of the Korg Legacy VI bundles.
There is a new update for both Mac and PC  v1.3.2. it has some bug fixes and the best
part of all is that they are going back to a serial code based licensing system now.

I'm not exactly heartbroken they are ditching the Synchrosoft dongle either. I didn't mind
having to use it but I wasn't crazy about transporting my setup and risk having something
break and somehow be up sh#t crick. Now I can travel with my Macbook and Logic/Mainstage
setup and not have to worry about carrying and loosing/breaking the dongle.
The new authorization process is actually quite simple and you'll be updated and running
in no time.
Any Other Business / Re: Have a funny Thursday...
November 05, 2009, 03:47:26 PM
Thanks for posting! It made mine too.
Any Other Business / New York State's 'Grand Canyon'
October 20, 2009, 05:05:28 PM
Hey peeps! Thought I'd share some pics I took on a fall trip last weekend.
This was an amazing place to visit. It's called Letchworth State park located
about 1/2 hour south of Rochester. It's known as "The Grand Canyon of NYS"

This train stopped on the bridge and we all took pictures. Apparently he must do this
all the time. Mr brother motioned him and he blew the horn for everybody lol.
Other Bands / IQ Promises video found!
September 08, 2009, 03:05:43 AM ... re=related

Maybe you lucky brits got to see this video back in the day, but I've been hunting this one down
and I found it on youtube last night.  Many thanks to this guy for catching it on MTV 2 (!?!)
and recording it.