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Title says it all pretty much
i was wondering were you got the CD artwork, disk artwork and case for the specail edition EIMA foldout case etc etc
But espcailly where u got the case for the Tour Sample cds made?

My bands are both set for 2 new album releases in the near future and was wondering where u got ul lot from.

This is the artwork as it is - CD cover is being finetuned and tweaked for me tonight and will post that up for the lolz when i get it 2morro hopefully :)

if you wanna check out the tunes:

I did all the production work and recording myself whcih is something you were a massive influence and help towards, what with all the youtube blogs and such :)

Cheers very much!
Other Bands / My Bands: Tempus Fusion and Season's End
January 01, 2009, 11:14:23 PM
Hey guys
just figured id stick up a thing for my 2 bands
my main one is Season's End:

My other one is my personal project that is written entirly by me (with the odd exeption of lyrics or something if the guys who are in the live band wanna play that i like)
You could also say its the stuff i write that doesnt fit in with the Season's End sound.

Just wanted to share :)
Toys / "Secret Song" Score/tab... sorta
December 28, 2008, 05:47:01 AM
So iv started figuring out them expensive chords ffor the Secret Song.
the 2 relentless guitar notes are simple E and B. And the drums are doing what they do.

The first 9 piano notes:
E F# G# E D# G# D# C# G#

Verse: (Im not great at chord names so sorry if they are wrong) numbers = octave
Eadd9 : E0-E1-F#2-G#2-B2
Amaj7add9 : A0-A1-E2-G#2-B2
C#m7 : C#0-C#1-E2-G#2-B2
Amaj7add9 : A0-A1-E2-G#2-B2

Thats as far as iv got. Sorry that there isnt much but its a start. Hopfully someone with a better ear than me might be able to expand on this :)
Cheers guys
Toys / Milliontown Piano score/tabs?
December 08, 2008, 06:59:58 PM
A request from me! the piano part to the song Milliontown from 0:00 - 2:41

Espesh 2:14 - 2:41

Prob the best piano music iv heard in a VERY long time.
i dont know why but i just cant get this thing by ear. and the ending bit is jsut too quick for me.  :(
can anyone help me out?

Cheers guys!