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Toys / The Forget You Song....
« on: July 29, 2009, 03:16:53 AM »
I feel like such a weenie for posting this!  I was at RoSFest, and I have browsed through the Toys and other sections for any mp3 of this tune...maybe I'm too tired, or maybe I'm just missing it!

I would love to have that song to stick on my MP3-MUSIC-TYPE-DEVICE if at all possible...does anyone have any leads?  I'd go ahead and grab the live CD, but sadly I have no clue how to translate pounds to American dollars (and I leave in about 10 days!)  Any help is always appreciated; I have the chorus stuck in my head, and me singing it to people sounds silly whilst saying "its good dammit!" doesn't quite do it justice!  Its hard to sing a melody, describe what you remember as the instrumental parts, and actually say "its good dammit!"

Ahem, I digress...thanks in advance if anyone can help!


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