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Frost* / Hello Everybody.
« on: June 01, 2016, 07:34:00 PM »
Hello all.

As the newest Frost*ie I thought it only proper to introduce myself. My first name is John and I live in the West Midlands. I only discovered Frost* about 4yrs ago when I heard Milliontown for the first time. It completely blew me away. Not since I was a mere lad in the 70's/80's with hair down to my arse and listening to /seeing bands the like of ELP, Genesis, Yes, Led Zep, Queen, Supertramp, et al, has a band had such a profound effect on me. I was begining to think that "progrock" was just regurgitating though countless bands with different names but using the same musical formula.
Frost*, to me, was like a breath of fresh air and after further investigation and finding Frost* reports, by courtecy of Drarok, I also found out that they are, like me, barking mad.
Anyway I will cease this rambling on for now and if any of you are going to the Robin 2 gig in Bilston I hope we can meet up for a flagon or two.

Tarrar a bit.

P.S. My copy of the new album on clear vinyl also has a fault on the first track of side 2. I have sent a message to Merch Desk/Nellie but had no reply as yet. Not to worry, sure it will get sorted.

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