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Nineteen-73 are very proud to add Scottish symphonic rock masters Comedy of Errors to our growing roster of artists.

Creating music that draws from a wide range of influences from classical to rock, the band pack a lot into their songs aiming to take the listener on a thought-provoking and powerful musical journey.

After a long absence from the scene, Comedy of Errors re-formed in 2010 and have been busy increasing their profile, gigging in the UK and Europe including rapturously-received appearances at the Summers End and Cambridge Rock Festivals.  The band will play their most prestigious gig yet on May 8 2016, with an appearance at the legendary Rosfest festival in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The band have also released 3 albums, their first album effectively being Disobey (2011) followed by Fanfare and Fantasy (2013) and now Spirit.

Spirit is the band's most musically ambitious album so far, representing a major step forward in the band's development dealing with themes of grief, loss and ultimately, hope. The cornerstone of the album is a 45 minute unbroken piece taking the form of an emotional journey at once personal and universal, despairing and uplifting. Using many choral and orchestral textures, plus elements of Prog Metal, the album evokes the grand tradition of Yes, Renaissance and even Dream Theater.

Based near Glasgow, Scotland, Comedy of Errors are Joe Cairney (Vocals), John Fitzgerald (Bass), Bruce Levick (Drums), Jim Johnston (Keyboards), Sam McCulloch (Guitar) and Mark Spalding (Guitar).

Listen to clips and buy all three albums from

Reviewers and radio stations - please contact Stephen Lambe at Nineteen-73 Artist Promotions via for further details.
Twitter: @1973promo 

Tigermoth Records is pleased to announce the  release of the follow up to the acclaimed 2014 "Sanctuary" album by multi-instrumentalist and producer Robert Reed (Magenta / Kompendium / Kiama / Chimpan A).

"Sanctuary II" is produced, mixed and engineered by Reed, who also plays most of the instruments himself, although for this new album he is joined by legendary drummer Simon Phillips (Toto / Mike Oldfield/The Who) while the original "Tubular Bells" production team of Tom Newman and Simon Heyworth have once again made important contributions to the sound of the album.

Robert comments about the spirit behind the two Sanctuary albums:

"There's a well known interview with Mike Oldfield in which he said that he was so disappointed that nobody had carried the torch forward that he had lit with 'Tubular Bells' - creating long form music; completely hand- played with real instruments; music that relied on emotion and melody; music you could lose yourself in. What I am trying to do with the "Sanctuary "albums is to carry that ideal forward."

Robert also discusses the participation of legendary drummer Simon Phillips on "Sanctuary II":

"I wanted to do something different on this new album. I had played all the instruments on the first, so this time I decided to use real drums. There was one person at the top of my wish list, and it was  Simon Phillips. I grew up listening to Simon's playing on Mike Oldfield's "Crises" album, and went to see him play with Mike at Wembley. I could never had thought, then, that one day he would play on my own album. I feel amazingly lucky. His trademark sound is perfect for the album. It really has taken 'Sanctuary II' to another level."

The album will be released as a 3 disc set. CD1 will contain the new album while CD2 includes unreleased tracks, remixes and Tom Newman's alternative mixes. The third disc will be  a DVD containing the 5.1 mix of the album and various promotional videos.

The album can be pre-ordered from
A vinyl version will also be available from

The album will be preceded by the release of a digital EP "Marimba" on April 18th taken from "Sanctuary II". The EP will contain 4 tracks and will be available from the Robert Reed band camp site.

Follow Rob on facebook at:

For interviews, reviews and features contact Stephen Lambe at Nineteen-73 Artist Promotions
Other Bands / Kiama - The Sign of IV. Available Now!
March 18, 2016, 04:59:34 PM
Kiama - The Sign of IV.  Available Now!

Tigermoth Records proudly presents the release of Sign of IV, the debut album from Kiama which features Rob Reed (Magenta / Kompendium), Andy Edwards (IQ, Robert Plant, Frost), Luke Machin (Maschine, the Tangent) and Dylan Thompson (The Reasoning, Shadow of the Sun)

We have drawn from a pool of music and references that came from the early 70s and from bands that were largely considered to be "rock" but to us made some of the great "Prog epics" of the era: Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" and "Kashmir", Rainbow's "Stargazer" and  Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". These became our template.

We felt that there was no point in making music that sounded like our previous bands.  We wanted to do something different. One factor that we loved from these great 1970s albums was that the bands were not afraid to mix styles.  A Queen or a Led Zeppelin album might follow rock with jazz, folk with blues.  We were not afraid to do the same thing, so each track has a very different feel.

Sign of IV - recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios -  presents the very best in Progressive music.  Each track is a mini-masterpiece, with organic and spacious arrangements.  Full of melody, intricate nuance and delightful mood changes, it really is an album worth remembering.

Order from:

Reviewers and radio stations - please contact Stephen Lambe at Nineteen-73 Artist Promotions at for further details.

Also available for review:
Steve Thorne - Land of Imbeciles
Red Bazar - Tales from the Bookcase

Twitter: @1973promo
Steve Thorne - Land of Imbeciles.  Released April 1.

April 1 will see the release of Steve Thorne's keenly anticipated 5th studio album "Land of Imbeciles".

Steve had produced ten new, finely crafted songs which make up this new album, possibly his last solo project.

The album features his regular collaborators Nick D'Virgilio (Big Big Train, Ex-Spocks Beard) and the legendary Tony Levin (King Crimson) plus acclaimed solo artist Robin Armstrong and well-known British musician James McLaren.  Steve plays all other instruments, indeed some tracks are genuine solo efforts!

Steve's lyrics are hard hitting and passionate, a mixture of political comment,  opinion and a lamentation of the current state of modern life, and it's affect on people both spiritually and physically.

As usual, Steve's musical influences are wide ranging and varied, and combined with his honest, sincere and often brutal social comment, these fifty minutes of impassioned song writing will leave the listener completely engaged in what is probably the hardest -hitting and most musically adept album of his career.  It is simply not to be missed.

Available to pre-order at

Reviewers and radio stations - please contact Stephen Lambe at Nineteen-73 Artist Promotions at for further details.

Twitter: @1973promo
Other Bands / Summers End 2015 - Dates and location
January 13, 2015, 11:29:04 PM
We are pleased to announce that the eleventh edition of Summers End will take place on October 2nd to 4th 2015 "somewhere in Chepstow".  We will announce our new venue very soon, but can report that, despite an excellent response from Festival attendees last year, we are unable to use Chepstow School this year for logistical reasons.  Additionally, the Palmer Centre will not be included in our plans.

The line up for the festival is well advanced and will be announced - either in full or part - very soon, alongside ticket and final venue details.

More news will be posted as we have it from alongside our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The book "Ten Years of the Summers End Progressive Rock Festival" is well underway, and a firm publication date - probably in the Spring - will be announced soon.

Stay tuned for more information very soon.

Huw and Stephen
Summers End Festival 2014 announces the return of Magenta

We are thrilled to announce that Magenta will make their fourth appearance at the Summers End Festival in 2014, which takes place the Palmer Centre, Chepstow on September 26-28.  Their performance will mark the band's first full set of music since 2013 following Christina Booth's recent illness and a brilliant short set at Trinity.  Festival co-promoter Stephen Lambe says:

"Magenta were not in our initial plans for the festival for obvious reasons, but we are very pleased to be the first step on what should be a return to normal activity for them.  It is also very appropriate that they should play SE X, having headlined the first event in Gloucester in 2005, and rather neatly keeps up their schedule of playing every 3 years, having also performed for us in 2008 and 2011."

This follows the unfortunate departure of RPWL from the line up due to logistical reasons – we hope to welcome them back to the festival in 2015 instead.

With one act high up on the bill still to announce, the line up so far is shown below.  Hero, Sponsor and three day tickets are already available from .  As soon as the final band is announced, we will put day tickets on sale and announce the day splits.

Curved Air (UK)
Magenta (UK)
The United Progressive Fraternity (Aus / UK)
Lifesigns (UK)
DeeExpus (UK)
Touchstone (UK)
Tin Spirits (UK)
Frequency Drift (Germany)
Verbal Delirium (Greece)
Argos (Germany)
Colourflow (UK)
Kingbathmat (UK)

CRS Presents Tim Bowness and Henry Fool plus Cambridge line up and Autumn schedule

July 12th
Henry Fool featuring Tim Bowness and Colin Edwin plus NoSound and Matt Stevens.  The Wesley Centre, Maltby.  Doors 7pm. Tickets £15.  £12 members in advance

We conclude the spring / early Summer Schedule with a very rare opportunity to see No Man's Tim Bowness at the Wesley Centre, Maltby with Henry Fool featuring Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree on bass.  Tim will be playing songs from his brilliant new album Abandoned Dancehall Dreams and other pieces from his back catalogue.  Acoustic support comes from NoMan from Italy and Matt Stevens.  These very rare dates are not to be missed.

See the gig trailer at:

August 8th.
CRS Stage at the Cambridge Rock Festival.  Featuring: Final Conflict, Jeff Green Band, Comedy of Errors, The Room, Symphony of Pain, 25 Yard Screamer,  Dead at Eleven, The Tirith,  Airbridge.  First band on at 11am.

JUST ANNOUNCED. 8th September.
Mystery and DeeExpus double header.  The Robin, Bilston.   Tickets £15.  £12 members in advance

JUST ANNOUNCED. 10th September
Mystery and DeeExpus double header.  Real Time Live , Chesterfield.  Tickets £15.  £12 members in advance (TBC)

The CRS has two dates out of three in a delicious double header between Mystery from Canada and DeeExpus from the UK, as part of the Canadian band's UK tour. Catch them while you can!

6th September.
Winter In Eden plus Morpheus Rising plus Hekz  The Wesley Centre, Maltby.  Doors 6pm. Tickets £12.  £10 members in advance

20th September
Cloud Atlas and PB2 plus Coralspin.  The Wesley Centre, Maltby.  Doors 6pm. Tickets £12.  £10 members in advance

3rd October
Mostly Autumn.  The Citadel, St Helens.  Doors 7.30.  Tickets £14, £11 members in advance

11th October.
United Progressive Fraternity plus The Jeff Green Band. Doors 7.00   Tickets £12, £10 members in advance

25th October.
The Watch "White Show" plus support. Doors 7pm. Tickets £14 £11 members in advance

7th November.
Pendragon plus Gary Chandler.  The Citadel, St Helens. Tickets £15  £13 members in advance

13th December.
Mostly Autumn.  Montgomery hall, Wath. Tickes £15   £12 members in advance
Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman's "Raven's and Lullabies"  next weekend!

Hi All
Just a quick reminder of phase 1 of the Gordon Giltrap / Oliver Wakeman tour kicks off in just a few days time:

Here are the dates with support acts:

3rd April.  St John's Church, Farncombe with special guest Matt Stevens.!/farncombemusicclub/app_211526985586920

4th April.  The Cellar, Southampton with special guest Simon Godfrey.

5th April.  Wesley Centre, Malby (for the Classic Rock Society) with special guests Guy Manning and Dave Million

6th April.  The Robin, Bilston (for the Classic Rock Society) with special guest Matt Stevens

Remember, this tour will probably never happen again – your last chance to hear Gordon and Oliver play with a full electric band.  Don't regret it later.

Here's a lengthy clip of the band at last years Summers End Festival:

See you there!
Next Month at the CRS – Final Conflict + Primitive Instinct / Chantel McGregor / Giltrap and Wakeman's Ravens and Lullabies

Hi All

With the awards night behind us for another year– what a success that was – we have a busy month ahead with some great gigs and something for everyone!

March 15th – Final Conflict + Primitive Instinct at the Wesley Centre, Maltby.  Doors 7pm Tickets £12 Members £10 Door price £14.

Now a double header as The Gift cannot now play the gig, these two bands are old CRS favourites and always put on excellent shows, so this one really is worth making the effort to see.

March 29th – Chantel McGregor plus Dead at Eleven at the Wesley Centre, Maltby.  Doors 7pm Tickets £12 Members £10 Door price £14.

A very welcome return for the virtuoso blues / rock guitarist with her band after a hugely successful gig last year.  Support comes from London rock band Dead at Eleven.  Should be an amazing night.

April 5th at the Montgomery Hall, Wath and April 6th at the Robin in Bilston – Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman's Ravens and Lullabies – full ELECTRIC SET with Paul Manzi, Johanne James, Steve Anderson and Nick Kendal. Support TBC.

Possibly the only opportunity to hear Gordon and Oliver play material from their album Ravens and Lullabies plus tracks from their solo careers in a full electric show.  Gordon's first electric band gigs for 30 years. Not to be missed.  Tickets for both shows £15, CRS members £12, Door price £17.50

Coming Soon:

May 10th Strangefish plus Exhibit A at The Wesley Centre, Maltby
May 10th Fairport Convention at The Citadel , St Helens
May 22nd Chantel McGregor plus support at Real Time Live, Chesterfield
May 24th Jump at the Wesley Centre, Maltby
June 21st Touchstone plus Colourflow at Real Time Live, Chesterfield

Tickets from:
Any Other Business / CRS Awards Night Update
February 18, 2014, 11:03:41 PM
We'd like to give you a final reminder about our Awards Night this Saturday 22nd February.  First of all, here are the timings for the evening.  Doors are at 6 and the evening kicks off at 6.30 – so don't be late!

Doors: 6pm
6.30 – 7pm. Andy Tillison
7.15 – 8.15pm. Awards with special guest Fish
8.30 – 9.30pm. Alchemy Act 1
9.30 – 9.45pm. Interval
9.45 – 10.45pm.  Alchemy Act 2

Even in its concert form, this will be a multi-media, full costume event, so really isn't to be missed.  Here's the full cast of singers and musicians:

Vocalists: Clive Nolan - Professor Samuel King, Agnieszka Swita - Amelia Darvas, David Clifford - William Gardelle, Victoria Bolley - Eva Bonaduce, Andy Sears - Lord Henry Jagman, Chris Lewis - Thomas Anzeray, Paul Manzi – Milosh, Chris Longman - Benjamin Greaves, Verity Smith - Mrs Jane Muncey, Ross Andrews - Captain Farrell, Kate Aston-Williams - Jessamine
The band: Mark Westwood – Guitars, Scott Higham – Drums, Kylan Amos – Bass, Mike Varty – Keyboards

Tickets are still available priced £15 (CRS members), £17.50 non-members and will be £20 on the door from:

While we're at it, don't forget the next few CRS gigs as our very busy 2014 season starts to take shape:

March 15th: Final Conflict, Primitive Instinct and The Gift at The Wesley centre, Maltby. £12 /members £10
March 29th: Chantel McGregor plus Dead at Eleven at The Wesley centre, Maltby. £12 / £10
April 5th: Giltrap and Wakemans's Ravens and Lullabies full electric band at the Montgomery Hall, Wath.  Special Rock Society 200th issue show. £15 / £12
April 6th: Giltrap and Wakemans's Ravens and Lullabies full electric band at the Robin, Bilston £15 / £12

We'll be announcing several new shows at the Awards Night.  It's going to be a busy year!
Oliver Wakeman and Gordon Giltrap's "Raven's and Lullabies" full electric band to tour UK in April

Gordon Giltrap - guitars
Oliver Wakeman (ex Yes) - keyboards / vocals
Paul Manzi (Arena / Oliver Wakeman Band) - lead vocals / guitar
Steve Anderson (Threshold) - bass / vocals
Johanne James (Threshold / Kyrbgrinder) - drums
Nick Kendall (Rock of Ages) - guitar / vocals

Following the success of their "Ravens and Lullabies" album and a one-off electric appearance at the Summers End Festival, Lydney in October 2013, Gordon and Oliver return for a short full-band tour in April 2014.

"Ravens" marks an unlikely return to electric music for legendary guitarist Gordon Giltrap whose 40 year career spans acoustic virtuosity and three crucial progressive rock albums in the 1970s, "Visionary", "Perilous Journey" and "Fear of the Dark".  His 1978 hit single "Heartsong" was used as the theme music for the BBC "Holiday" programme for many years. He made three appearances on "Top of the Pops" and five on "The Old Grey Whistle Test".

Following a successful solo career, Oliver Wakeman went on to become a member of The Strawbs and then Yes until 2011, where he played in large venues all over the world.  Oliver and Gordon have been playing to sold out venues all over the country as a duo, but this tour marks probably the only opportunity to see them in full band mode.

The rest of the "Raven's and Lullabies" band is something of a who's who of Progressive Rock. It includes Paul Manzi, currently singer in Arena, Johanne James and Steve Anderson, currently to be found as the rhythm section of Prog Metal band Threshold, and brilliant guitarist Nick Kendall, fresh from "Rock of Ages" in the West End.

The Dates:
3rd April  St Johns Church Farncombe   01483 421520
4th April  The Cellar, Southampton   023 8063 2601
5th April  The Montgomery hall, Wath   07914 929690
6th April  The Robin, Bilston      01902 401211
24th April  The Bedford, Balham               0845 6890793
25th April  Tithe Barn, Bishops Cleeve   0844 576 2210
26th April  Mr Kyps, Poole      01202 748945
27th April  The Vic, Swindon   01793 535713
Our awards night line up on February 22nd is now complete with the announcement of two major artists.

Firstly, we are thrilled to announce that our guest presenter this year will be FISH.  It's eight years since the Big Man was guest presenter at the awards – December 3rd 2005 to be precise – and those that were there will remember what an entertaining presenter he was, so we are very excited to welcome him back.

Secondly, we can announce that ANDY TILLISON will be special guest at the awards, playing a solo set with only his trusty piano for company.  Those that saw his superb performance supporting Credo last year will know how good that should be.

With the already-announced performance of Clive Nolan's Alchemy closing the evening, this years awards looks set to be hugely entertaining and totally unique.

Get your tickets now!

Don't forget, CRS Members have until 17th January to vote for their "Best of the Year" – one lucky voter will win a choice of free entry into every CRS gig of 2014 OR the entire available Festival Music catalogue.  Entries can be emailed to – just give us your first and second place in the following categories:

Best male vocalist, best female vocalist, best keyboard player, best bass player, best drummer, best guitarist, best album, best track, best lyricist, best CRS live act, Best UK band, best overseas band, CRS newcomer of the year, unsung hero.  For details, check your voting forms sent out with issue 198.
Hi All

After two brilliant nights with Moon Safari, the CLASSIC ROCK SOCIETY autumn programme continues with our PROMOTIONAL NIGHT featuring the kings of melodic Prog CREDO plus a one off solo set from Tangent main man ANDY TILLISON and special guest, up and coming new rock band LUNA KISS at the Wesley Centre, Maltby, on Saturday 28th September.

With doors opening at 6pm, this will feature over three and a half hours of superb music for a measly £5 in advance (£7.50 on the door).  What reason is there to stay in? Come along and support three amazing acts.

We follow this up on October 12th with a double header featuring two prog bands with a metallic edge in MASCHINE (as featured on the cover of the current Rock Society)and MY SOLILOQUY also at the Wesley centre, Maltby.  Doors 7pm.  Tickets £12, £10 members and £14 on the door.

Coming Soon:

Details of a very special event on 7th December and also first news of our Awards Night, which will be on February 22nd at the Montgomery Hall, Wath

Other autumn gigs:

25th October.  Deborah Bonham Band plus support from Habu. Citadel, St Helens. (£12, members £10).

26th October. Abel Ganz and Primitive Instinct  double header. Wesley Centre, Maltby  (£12, CRS members £10, £14 on door).

9th November . Jump + Support. Wesley Centre, Maltby  (£10,CRS members £8, £12 on door)

16th November.  Manning  and TBC with special guests Phideaux. Wesley Centre, Maltby  (£12, members £10, £14 on door)

29th November. Mostly Autumn.  The Citadel, St Helens. (£15, CRS members £13)

30th November.  Alan Reed Band plus support from Red Bazar . Wesley Centre, Maltby  (£12, CRS members £10, £14 on door)

Tickets for all events available from our new-look website:
Hi All

The ultra-busy Classic Rock Society Autumn Schedule kicks off this weekend with two gigs with Sweden's finest Prog export MOON SAFARI.  This is their first ever UK tour, and is not to be missed.  After their dates in Brighton and Kingston, they are at:

Saturday 14th September.The Wesley Centre, Maltby with special guests Hekz.  Tickets £12 in advance, Members £10, Door £14.  Doors 7pm.

Sunday 15th September. The Robin, Bilston with special guests Also Eden. Tickets £12 in advance, Members £10, Door £14.  Doors 7.30pm

Saturday 28th September.The Wesley Centre, Maltby.  Classic Rock Society Promotional Night.  All tickets £5 (door £7).  This very special evening features Credo with special guests Andy Tillison and Luna Kiss.  Early doors at 6pm.

All tickets from our brand new website at (or for Sunday 15th).

"The new album has been five years in the making and I have tried to take the best elements of all the previous Magenta albums to craft the best collection of songs I could. I think this has been achieved and The Twenty Seven Club represents a return to our progressive rock roots" says composer and multi-instrumentalist Rob Reed. "Only a few people have heard the album thus far but all have agreed that this is the best Magenta album to date".

The Twenty Seven Club refers to a large group of musician/singers (including Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain ) who all died at the age of 27, many from alcohol or drug abuse.

"Writing the lyrics for this album was very challenging this time around," explains lyricist Steve Reed. "It was quite difficult making each song stand alone and be different from each other, but I'm really proud of the results and happy with how the songs have turned out".

Joining Rob, Chris and Christina on this occasion is drummer Andy Edwards, best known for his work with IQ and Frost. "For the last few years I have been very keen to work with Andy. I was a huge fan of his playing when he was with IQ and Frost*" adds Rob, "so when our schedules aligned, we went into the studio and the results were amazing. Andy was really enthusiastic about the album and his playing certainly reflects this."

The official release date for the album is September 2nd but it will be available at the gigs at The Borderline (August 31st), The Robin (September 1st) and The Globe in Cardiff (September 6th).

Join AREA 27, a members only website where you will receive, prior to the release, the following :

- Four complete preview tracks from the album (the first one is now available)
- Many 'making of' and band interview videos
- Promo video for 'The Lizard King'
- Many extras including rehearsal footage and alternative mixes etc.

Plus the following to be dispatched on September 2nd :

The Twenty Seven Club 2 Disc Set (CD and DVD)

•   Complete DTS and Dolby 5.1 surround mixes
•   107 minute 'making of' documentary
•   The Lizard King promo video
•   Six exclusive '27 Club' postcards

The AREA 27 package is now available from the Magenta website for £16 (+P&P)

The 2 disc set (CD + DVD) will be £12 (+P&P) and will be available to buy from September 2nd.

A preview of the album can be seen here:


Saturday August 31st
The Borderline. London

Sunday September 1st
The Robin. Bilston

Friday Sept 6th
The Globe. Cardiff

Friday Nov 1st
Spirit Of 66. Belgium

Saturday Nov 2nd
The Boerderij. Holland
Hi Everyone

Just a quick note to say that after much discussion, nurturing, tantrums, coffee and irrational swearing at computers, the Classic Rock Society now has a spanking new, squeaky clean website.  It is available at our usual address:

(If your browser does not take you there immediately hit "refresh" to clear the old page from your cache)

The new site offers:

•   A sexy, sleek new look
•   Clearer navigation
•   Regular Classic Rock Society News
•   Regular news updates from the classic rock world at large
•   More accessible ticket buying, membership options and back issue purchasing
•   Committee member biogs and pictures (parental discretion advised)
•   Details of our gig venues
•   ...and much more to come!

Do have a look round, then get your friends to look around too.  If you have any comments, do get in touch.

Best wishes

Miles, Stephen, Andy, Steve, David and Nicola

Hi All

We are pleased to announce that DAY tickets for the festival are now available from

Here are the prices:

Saturday and Sunday only £60
Saturday day £32
Sunday day £32
Friday evening £18

Still available we have:
Hero tickets - for those that want to give a bit extra to the Festival.  Purchasers receive a 3 day festival ticket, a Sponsors T shirt and something a bit extra to be named - £100
Sponsors tickets - purchasers receive a 3 day pass plus a special sponsors T shirt - £85
Standard weekend ticket - £70

A reminder of the line up:
Friday 4th
Sylvan (Germany)
Deeexpus (UK)
Unto Us (UK)

Saturday 5th
Ravens and Lullabies with Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman (UK)
Lazuli (France)
Overhead (Finland)
Jump (UK)
Silhouette (Holland)

Sunday 6th
Focus (Holland)
Fragile featuring Claire Hamill (UK)
Landmarq (UK)
Thumpermonkey (UK)
Sean Filkins (UK)

Line up is, as with all festivals, subject to change and the order shown here does not necessary indicate playing order, especially on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Summers End has a new facebook page at:!/pages/Summers-End-Progressive-Rock-Festival/356884391002666
Plus the old group at:
Just a quickie to let you know that standard weekend tickets at £70 are now on sale at:

A reminder of the line up:

Friday 4th October
Sylvan (Germany)
DeeExpus (UK)

Saturday 5th October
Ravens and Lullabies with Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman (UK)
Lazuli (France)
Overhead (Finland)
Jump (UK)
Silhouette (Holland)

Sunday 6th October
Focus (Holland)
Fragile featuring Claire Hamill (UK)
Landmarq (UK)
Thumpermonkey (UK)
Sean Filkins (UK)

Standard weekend tickets £70
Sponsor tickets remain on sale at £85  Hero tickets £100
News of the Summers End Festival at Lydney Town Hall on September 28-30.

We are thrilled to announce the first ever UK appearance of legendary Swedish symphonic prog band Anglagard.  The band were pioneers of the 90s prog revival, with a sound drenched in the 70s, and released two terrific albums, Hybris and Epilog.  Their live shows are legendary, with three festival appearances in the USA particularly well remembered.  After reuniting briefly in 2003, 2012 will mark the long awaited release of album three and a return to live activity.  This may be the only opportunity to see the band live in the UK, so is not to be missed!

In line with our mission to give our supporters something a little different each festival, we are also very excited to announce Knifeworld.  Led by guitarist / vocalist Kavus Torabi (The Cardiacs, North Sea Radio Orchestra, Guapo) the band meld superb pop hooks with dense arrangements which blend prog and psych into an unique recipe.  Their appearance is not to be missed!  

Other announced artists:

Manning (UK)
K2 (USA)
Sunchild (Ukraine)

More news, including our first headliner, will follow very soon.

Summers End has a new facebook page at:!/pages/Summers-End-P ... 4391002666
Plus the old group at: ... dfestival/

Fused Prog and Symphonic Metal Festival – Lydney Town Hall, 25-27 May 2012

Standard weekend tickets will go on sale from  in the next 24 hours priced £58.50 and £35.10 for under eighteens.  Classic Rock Society members can get their tickets with a 15% discount shortly from

Here's the confirmed line up so far:
Headliners:  Stream of Passion and Leprous
Plus Andromeda, Manticora, Lost in Thought, Awake, 69 Chambers, Exoteric, Concrete Lake and Order of Voices.

More acts, including the final headliner, still to be announced!!/pages/Fused-Festiva ... 5012793767
Classic Rock Society Winter / Spring 2012 Gig schedule
Details and tickets from


Saturday 16th June 2012
Manning plus support
The Wesley Centre, Maltby, Rotherham