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Gear Corner / How much are your free Macs?......
June 26, 2009, 02:57:25 PM
My son is going to be a musician, Hurrah!  He enrols on BTEC Diploma course in music at Kingston College in September.  They use Logic, which is an Apple only programme, and he will be greatly advantaged by having a Mac at home.  Bought one off Ebay but it is under spec'd (doh!) and wont work Logic 8.  So, has anyone got an old G4 power mac(MDD version, one of the last ones with dual 1.25mhz processors or better) or G5 (imac or power) laying around collecting dust and would like to sell it to me please?   :)

Stumbled across Frost* and really enjoyed the reports which led to me contacting Jem for a bit of kit advice (he is a mad, entertaining bloke, is he not?).  He was a love and contacted me but not before I had already taken the plunge and bought a CME UF50.  It was a bargain but also the most complicated thing in the world.  It's for my son who is starting his music career and doing all the things I never did and already 100x the guitarist I am.  We are using Ableton and/or FL Studio and we can get it to make sounds and stuff but really could do with a tutorial or book or course or something.  Any help or suggestions will be warmly welcomed.