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Other Bands / Reign (with TBE and JJ)
April 20, 2019, 04:33:54 AM
In case you missed it, Andy announced that he and JJ are part of a new band called Reign, along with Rob Groucutt (whom Andy also plays with in Kundabuffa), Bev Bevan (ELO), and Joy Strachan-Brain (Quill).
Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Forever. May you enjoy a lifetime of happiness together, and may you one day actually see this post. :)

Philly - Thanks for making a respectable man out of him. ;)

Has anyone passed the news on to Jem? This is all his fault, after all.
Frost* / The Philadelphia Experiment [2017 Remaster]
January 24, 2017, 02:09:31 AM
Now available from The Merch Desk!

The diff?

* remastered

* 2CD set (no dvd)

* "Falling Down" has fallen off

* triangle solo added to "The Dividing Line"(just kidding. have to save some things for the 5.1. mix. just kidding. there's no 5.1. Wilson is booked until 2030. just kidding. he doesn't take reservations, besides the nuclear winter is nigh and we'll only be able to play 8-track tapes in the wasteland. just kidding. probably.)

Minor note: The performance actually occurred 2nd May, 2009 ( file 5th February under #alternativefacts ;) )
I recently discovered that I can't get the CD out of my car's CD player. I assume the eject button still works, but I seem unwilling to press it. Is anyone else experiencing this?  ;)
Frost* / Happy Frost* Day!!
May 27, 2016, 05:08:47 AM
Eight years on from EIMA, satellites fall upon us. The day has arrived. Enjoy, everyone.
Announcements / New interview with Jem on 1 May
April 29, 2016, 09:56:43 PM
Iris Hidding will be airing interviews with Silhouette and Mr. Jem Godfrey this Sunday over at House of Prog (8pm UK / 3pm ET / 12pm PT).
Tomorrow on House of Prog's "United in Prog with DJ Tony," Tony will be featuring Falling Satellites.

10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 1800 UK
Other Bands / Seeking Father's Day EIMA Podcast #142
March 25, 2016, 04:03:17 AM
I've had an EIMA podcast listener request Experiment #142 from 21 June 2015. I don't keep copies. By chance, would anyone happen to have it and be willing to dropbox it to me?

Other Bands / Recommendations
November 07, 2015, 06:37:23 PM
The Dear Hunter - "Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise"

I recently bought this album and have become rather obsessed with it. How have I missed this band for the past decade? On the plus side, they have five other albums I get to buy now. While not particularly "prog," there are progressive elements and a wide variety of styles, instrumentation and interludes aplenty. The influences are all over the map - Jellyfish, Of Monsters And Men, Keane, Muse, Flying Colors, and a dozen others. Squarely in the crossover wheelhouse, tastefully intricate, yet accessible. I growl when my son tries to take it out of the player.

What's gotten your ear's attention recently?
Announcements / EIMA (the podcast) turns 5
October 10, 2015, 07:00:15 PM
Experiments in Mass Appeal, my crossover prog podcast, turns 5 this weekend, and today on Experiment #150, I have an excellent line-up for you including new music by David Gilmour, ELO & Ben Folds to name a few, plus BBT, It Bites, classic Rush and Genesis and lots more.

Tune in to The Dividing Line Broadcast Network today/tonight at 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9 UK for the initial broadcast. The podcast will be available for streaming and downloading soon after. Those subscribed via iTunes will get the show automatically, of course.

Many thanks to the Frosties of this forum, as you have been so supportive of the program over the years. I appreciate it very much.  8)
Other Bands / Walk Off The Earth with Harpejji K24
August 13, 2015, 01:19:16 AM
Some of you will undoubtedly already be familiar with the wondreful talents of Walk Off The Earth. Here they cover The Weeknd's Can't Feel My Face.

The Harpejji is kinda cool, eh? I have a Harpejji K23, but it's just a bookshelf from IKEA. Shoulda waited, I guess.

Fun fact from Sarah after the song.  :o
#12 having him listen to early Marillion.

...and you'll feel slightly guilty when he is cited for fishing without a licence.

...and you'll need a deck of cards.

...and you'll first have to pursue an advanced degree in fish teaching at the School of Fish, oversleep the day of that vital third year exam and have to repeat the course that summer all while going into debt, then struggle to get a teaching position at said school, working your way up from Good Will Hunting to Alan Turing only to be underappreciated by your students, then disappear into a bottle for a few years and wake one morning in a puddle of wee and have an epiphany, go to the gym, do the 3 S's, get online, launch a fish teaching website and post seminars for a fee, go viral for that thing you said that one time, receive an influx of cash, blow it all on Nutella and a gelding named Ival Kutchykokov, find yourself in the hull of a cargo ship dodging your bookie's collections department, emerge on an isle somewhere in the Caribbean, lose your shoes to a determined crab, fall face first into the surf, howl in pain when a fish finds the nipple ring you don't remember getting, spring to your feet and discover a man eyeing you strangely while you remove the fish from your breast and wait for him to ask the inevitable question, "Can you teach me to fish?"

*Please note: I am on pain medication and don't even remember turning on my computer. "Humans" is pretty cool new sci fi show. My mouth tastes like pocket change.
A cultural question for those in the UK. A friend of mine just returned home after 2 weeks there and she enjoyed nearly everything, but had one minor complaint - the lack of fruits and vegetables. She said most places only had peas, though one pub did have carrots. She said a number of places served potatoes as the vegetable. I'm curious to know if this is common or if she just dined in unusual places.
Ask Frost* / Thoughts on Crowdfunding?
June 27, 2015, 02:04:20 AM
Mr. Jem,

Having read your blog post about the need to fund expenses such as mastering, etc., and the desire to enlist a possibly pricey graphic artist for the artwork, I was curious of your view of crowdfunding. Thus far, I've not seen you request a dime from anyone and it could be that you prefer it that way, but I'm sure you must know you have a funding source in your Frosties who would gladly throw a few coins in the jar to help things along and to contribute in some small way. You've always been more than generous with your fans. Would it be strange for you to have us reciprocate?
Ask Frost* / Milk fat math
June 21, 2015, 10:38:26 PM
I needed a cup of milk, but only had a half cup of 1% and a half cup of 2%, so I used them together. The question is, in doing that, did I have 1 1/2% or 3% milk?
I was fortunate enough to have had my arm around Karen Gillan a couple of months ago and in that brief moment, I thought (1) is that an actual puppy whimpering in my ear or just in my head?; (2) A.J. Gillan... Andrew J. Gillan; (3) my gosh, she's very tall in real life; (4) don't say anything dumb; (5) don't call her Pond; (6) her upcoming mini-series with Eddie Izzard is going to be on HBO. I don't have HBO. Should I get HBO? What's good on premium TV these days? Everyone seems to be talking about pay service original programs like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black... none of which have compelled me to add to my cable bill. Are there any shows worth the added expense? Should I...

At that point, I was ushered away, still dazed.

So, what current series, if any, is popular in the Godfrey household?
District 97's new album, "In Vaults," will be out next week and is already hitting mailboxes across the globe. This new track, "Takeover," is expertly crafted. Give a listen.
Gigs / Blunders in Canada
June 20, 2015, 08:07:36 PM
Catch Craig "Blunders" Blundell hitting things on Steven Wilson's North American tour.
This probably isn't news to anyone here, but Lord Connaught will be supporting Touchstone for their farewell dates 20/21 November in London and Leamington. More info here:
Hey, folks.

In light of the news that a new Frost* album is well underway, tomorrow's/today's Experiments in Mass Appeal podcast on The Dividing Line Broadcast Network will celebrate by devoting the entire third hour of the show to the band - yes, one full hour of Frost* - uninterrupted.

Join me Saturday, 20 June at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 21 BST / Beer o'clock CET for two hours of miscellaneous cack**, or just pop by for the last hour and hear a bunch of songs you already own.

DLBN has a new IRC-based chat (goodbye, buggy Java ridiculousness), so dip a toe in if you feel so inclined and say hello, turn your head and don't look back, just set your sails for a new horizon, don't turn around, don't look down. I never realised how bossy that song is. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. It's also JM's birthday on Sunday, as if you needed another reason to listen to a bunch of Frost*.

**Dream Theater, Genesis, Spock's Beard, Rush, Yes, Porcupine Tree, Marillion, Toto & more.

But what Genesis song to play? I was thinking of going off road and playing a Hobbit-bothering Ray Wilson track this week, but *may* be swayed to go another direction if any of you have a preference.