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Other Bands / Re: Touchstone
March 11, 2011, 11:34:01 PM
Hey - just seen this - thanks very much for the kind words!   :D
We had a lot of fun on tour - now heads down - we have an album to cobble together.
Thanks again to everyone who supported us on our little UK tour.
We still have a few gigs coming up  - Mattfest at the Peel in June; gig in Poland at the Seven Festival in July; Peterborough Beer Festival in August. :D
Frost* / Re: Philadelphia Experiment
February 16, 2010, 11:34:36 PM
Top drawer. :D
Other Bands / Re: Touchstone at CalProg 2009!
May 20, 2009, 07:33:24 PM
Great news this isn't it? We are all mightily chuffed!  :D

And of course our great chums It Bites are topping the bill, so we will have a right royal larf with them, plus enjoy their awesome set too.

And - I will be in 'band' mode, not 'band, hubby & responsible (?) father' mode this time - oh dear...mwuhaha!!!!!! :twisted:  ;)
In the mix I asked that those sub-bass thuds were taken down to avoid the 'taking over the sound' issue, and in the mastering all was fine, and indeed mastering helps to smooth out the peaks.

Being objective - I listened to it through various media sources - all of which make it sound 'different' of course - but no distortion noticed, and of course each CD is a perfect 'red label' copy ie as good as the master itself, so it should not be the CD.

I can only think (as you say) it's a bad rip or something wrong with the media through which you are listening? FYI - after release, it will be on iTunes, so may be interesting to compare...

Let me know how you get on with re-ripping - the music or dynamics one can love or hate, but we pride ourselves on sound production (thus Mr Turan mastering {as used by Frost*}), so don't want anyone unhappy with that - please feel free to PM me if you still have issues, Mr LivingForever. We want you to be a happy Frost*ie!
I have to confess to unashamed pluggery...!!  :shock:

But if you want to know more about us - join Touchstone's Official Forum! It's fun, free and ever so slightly cuddly!

Do you want to hear the Touchstone news first?
Do you want to know how and when Wintercoast was recorded?
Do you want to ask the band any questions?
Do you want to share your thoughts about Touchstone gigs or albums?
Do you want to tell the band how you think they can improve what they do?!!
Do you want to tell us to stop asking silly questions?! ;)

If anyone hasn't joined yet - please feel free to join our forum, then! :D

Here is the URL:

You know it makes sense...

Big love,

Touchstone, and our beloved forum guru, HippyDave!
Toys / Re: RoSFest Intro now up on Last.FM
May 10, 2009, 08:11:54 PM
This was a brilliant Frost* gig and this intro - pure genius. Classic Godfrey! :D Something Python-esque about it - right up my boulevard.

As for the intros for each band member later on in the set - hilarious!! :lol:

Nick did a stunning job, and everyone was on top form. I also think Jem's voice was 'up there' too - never enough mention is made of his vocals, so I'm bigging them up now. Top drawer.

Apart from enjoying our own little stint on stage on Sunday morning :D  - I'm trying not to be biased, but - this was THE gig for me as a member of the audience.

The only gig I sat through from start to finish without buying a Yeungling beer....that's seriously good... ;)

Massive congrats to the whole band.
Other Bands / Re: Touchstone - Wintercoast
May 08, 2009, 01:25:10 PM
No problem if anyone still wants to pre-order - it has still not been released via our distributor, so go for it! :)
Other Bands / Re: New Touchstone Track on MySpace
April 21, 2009, 12:20:16 AM
I can only comment on foldback mix, and that was very loud - at times distorting - but we can never tell what the sound is like 'out there'. I get the impression it was tending towards the 'too loud' side of life for the size of venue, but that on balance it didn't detract from a great night. :D

If it makes anyone feel any better the sound guy spoke to me after to apologise for not switching off the intro track! He also said that he didn't think he would be 'into' our stuff but that by the end of the gig - he was a convert - he luvved it. Which was nice.  :mrgreen:

So - on that basis  - I think we can forgive him his 'sound sins'! ;)
Other Bands / Re: New Touchstone Track on MySpace
April 14, 2009, 10:55:40 PM
Sorry Gr8gonzo - I haven't the foggiest, but either will do. :)
Other Bands / Re: New Touchstone Track on MySpace
April 13, 2009, 08:56:12 PM
PS Sorry about that font colour...!
Other Bands / Re: New Touchstone Track on MySpace
April 13, 2009, 08:54:10 PM
Tricky - of course it's not bad form to wear a Frost* t-shirt - we love Frost* and we would love to see Frost*ies at St Albans on Friday! :D

Frankly - I can't wait to see Jem & the boys at RosFest in the US - they are on the day before us.

And of course I get to see all bands free gratis  - perk of the job! :)
Other Bands / A Good Friday for Touchstone!
April 09, 2009, 04:53:22 PM
Hello fellow Frost*ies!  :D

Just to let you good folk know that..... *trumpet parp and a very slight cough* ...

Touchstone are delighted to announce that Good Friday 2009 will indeed be a very Good Friday for the band -and indeed anyone that wants to download FREE MUSIC!  :o
The track Zinomorph (radio edit) from the band's soon to be released brand new album Wintercoast is to be featured as Classic Rock magazine's Track of the Day on //
You can download this track free of charge from Good Friday onwards! Please access the site tomorrow and have a great Bank Holiday weekend!

Here's wishing a very...


And now the science...with apologies for being far too "salesey" :oops:  - not at all up my boulevard, but the band's empty bank balance (after paying to produce the album) dictates to me that I am honour bound to mention the following!!

Remember - you can also now pre-order Touchstone's new album, Wintercoast, by clicking the link on the home page and not only will you receive the album some weeks before it hits the shops and online outlets, but you will also receive a limited-edition print which will include album artwork and narrative, autographed by the band.
Please note numbers are strictly limited.
The cost including post and packing:
UK only - £10.99
EU only - £11.99
Rest of the World –please email Lycan Media at '' – our intention is to ensure that P&P charges are kept to a fair minimum
Payments will be required in GBP sterling, please.
You can pay via:
PayPal/Credit card/Debit card:  Access the following Lycan Media link
Cheque:  Please send a cheque made payable to 'C. Hughes' to:
Lycan Media Group
34 Croft Street
B79 8AB
Please also write your mail address on the reverse of the cheque, so we know where to send your album.
If you have any questions about making payment for the album, please do not hesitate to contact Lycan Media – they will be only too pleased to help.
FYI - I can confirm that re: the Horn warm-up gig - we'll be on for anything between 60 - 90 minutes. Final timings/set list yet to be decided, but we'll be pushing for the latter rather than the former. :)
Any Other Business / Re: Frost*ie Limericks
March 10, 2009, 11:34:52 PM
Just thought I'd pop in quickly to say loving these, guys - and right now I can't think, let alone think of anything that rhymes with Mellotron!

So back to you...hold on - wait a minute...

As Jem executed a Mellotron
He suddenly remembered Marillion

(Feel free to replace if it is not up to your high standards!)
Fundamentally, it is the same, but I would describe it now as slightly bigger, better and more chocolatey - in a good way! :D