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Friends Of Frost* / Re: The Environmentalists
January 30, 2013, 10:22:40 AM
Ah thank you!

Roger: I just switched my old account to this as I enjoy it much more than working solo!

Jim: Thanks for the kind words and the heads up. That challenging track was something that must have got liked by accident, not sure why it would play as if it were one of our songs though. I am pretty new to soundcloud too!

Also if you guys feel so inclined, you can like us on Facespace!
Friends Of Frost* / The Environmentalists
January 29, 2013, 12:59:02 PM
Hello all! It's been a while since I last visited but I assure you I still check up on you from time to time.

Anyhoodlings, I've been busy working on some tracks with a good friend of mine and would like to share them with you guys (Knowing this is such a creative and supportive environment)

So we called ourselves "The Environmentalists", disregarding many people's rules of no "The's".

So here are some rough tracks that we've started panning out, you'll quickly pick up the style.

We also plan to release songs as they come to us, a move that I like when other bands do it so we'll see how it goes eh?  :lol:
Gear Corner / Re: Synth Porn
November 12, 2012, 09:56:54 PM
I've always thought "Who buys these special edition instruments?"
My experience with music creation:

1) I have no experience with getting music out there. I may have shown one or two people one or two songs.
2) I don't care about number 1. I can spend hours creating music for myself only to smile, save it somewhere and delete the raw recordings.
3) I have never finished anything. I don't think I ever will.

However, I recently started a new project with a friend and things are looking far more positive. For once I'm actually excited about the music being shown to other people. Having another to work with can really open up ideas as well (See Jem's previous post about JM blitzing songs). Hoping to get the demo's mixed a little for an unveiling soon! (plug :D)

But then music is far too subjective to give you any kind of framework for do's and don'ts.

However, get yourself a recorder (not the kiddy flute thing) so you can hear what you're doing!
Any Other Business / Shambala Festival
August 06, 2012, 04:51:09 PM
Might be a bit of a long shot in this 'ere prog forum but is anyone going to Shambala Festival?

Would be great to meet up if any of you are!

Here's a link incase any of you might decide to have a look!
Right I have finished my degree! (Hoorah! Thankyou!)

So I've got all the time in the world to get stuck in this ;)

I'll be heading some stuff up soon  :mrgreen:
Other Bands / Re: Albums ruined by poor mastering
April 26, 2012, 08:24:16 PM
Have you guys been over the the Mike Portnoy forums lately? There's been a huge amount of threads on mastering vs mixing etc

Some really heated (and sometimes pathetic) arguments going on.

Each to their own but those saying "Oh I can't listen to x because it's brickwalled/I can hear the limiter/ it sounds like the Bus is late/ I'm making these up/the clippings are all over the new furniture" really do my head in!

The only album I can maybe hear some example of bad mastering/mixing is Death Magnetic (?) it just sounds a bit stuffy....someone will know what I mean.

The biggest argument over there seems to be about Dream Theater's new album A dramatic turn of events with the usual "Can't listen to it/ Can't connect because of the keyboards being to forward in the mix/ Old dream theater was better, even though I complained about those too."

There was this thread, right, about time signatures, yeah, and there was a massive argument, yeah, about time signatures in a pop song. That was a doozy.
Other Bands / Re: Daffy's Elixir
April 26, 2012, 09:58:52 AM
I genuinely don't know how I could listen to all the music that I would want, even with piracy, free giveaways, whatever.

Anyway, gave these guys a search in youtube and I like what I hear! I first listened to Imitation of the sky. I immediately thought of beardfish and beatles! So good though :)

Good shout you scamp.
Announcements / Re: Blog!!
April 26, 2012, 09:47:51 AM
Hey Jem, could you get the lapsteel going? or the Skeletone? Make it a G4?  :lol:

I'm sure everyone would love to see a report, especially to see if those Americanas understand the humour! From TPE, I got the impression that for Mr. D. Virgillio, it was almost a second language he was learning.

Quote from: "Jem"Steve in particular is very happy for me to move the keyboard parts back towards the album interpretations so I've been doing a lot of listening to albums out of phase these last couple of weeks!  :lol:

Bit confused by this (maybe as I'm not familiar to the albums) but does this mean you'll be re-interpretating the original albums or is there a special case for G3 where you have to play things differently?  :?
Gear Corner / Re: Blunders Light Machine
April 22, 2012, 10:21:53 AM
Maybe he did lose the beat....

...just not the beat we were thinking of  :shock:
Perhaps cut out the middle man and just stitch them both together to create The Boy Blunders?
What can you say? It's an excellent drumming track  :D

I love both TBE and Blunders approach to teaching/advertising/demonstration. They're both so very down to earth (TBE's accent makes me feel like I'm back home :p).

In terms of the videos I was more interested in the 2box's ability to emulate famous drum kits. Does anyone else think this is genius? There's always a few cheeky homages on synths (I've seen an organ patch called Deep Violet somewhere) so why not the drumbles?
Frost* / Re: Frost* 3 Wishlist / Predictions
March 16, 2012, 03:18:07 PM
Some more of the most emotive solo's in my entire music collection (Namely guitar solo from EIMA and Synth solo from Falling Down)

And maybe more of an acquired taste but I love stream of conscious lyrics.
I jumped through many a hoop to get to this.

Turns out you need an iLok usb thingy  :roll:
Frost* / Re: Jem & Simon
March 05, 2012, 12:26:54 PM
Quote from: "RacingHippo"
Quote from: "Pedro"
Quote from: "El_Mayonnaise"
Quote from: "RacingHippo"
Quote from: "El_Mayonnaise"...brassbanding of Frost
Well, I'd give it a listen.
I was referring to the FFTCM cover that had the brassy bit at the start ;)
Ah, the mighty Beano's wondrous parping, it is jolly good.  :)
It most serpently is!
But that's Bigbanding, not Brassbanding...

You've got some brass coming in here with that attitude hippo!

E.S. - If you listen to the 808 on secret song, you can easily hear the hexadecimal algorithm that Jem so closely followed. Transferring this to Microsoft Word, then Google language tools set to Germanic and then back to Microsoft Word, change font to wingdings and input your birthday, you'll find the hidden phrase "Big fat brass on next track after TDL"

Of course, now we know that TDL meant The Dividing Line.

We knew all along!