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Ask Frost* / Jem, how did you type your latest blog?
« on: January 24, 2010, 01:00:52 PM »
Moly hit, dude!! :shock:
May the ruin heal quickly!

And so it came to pass that I was hungry at 11.15am. And verily did I start to fry sausages on the Aga in readiness for a sausage sandwich. And as with all things made in haste, the Aga was thus not up to temperature and so did the child of Frost fire up the electric oven to 200 of the Lord's centigrades in order to roast the bastards.

And one half hour later, with much salvation, sorry, salivation, did the Free God child take out the pan from the oven with oven gloves, place it upon the granite work surface and slice good honest bread in readiness for the breakfast of kings with Houses Of Parliament sauce at the ready.

But then, did the Free GodFree/y child have a spectacular lapse of brain capacity as it was pre occupied with getting the sandwich scoffed afore the neighbours came round to graciously and generously participate in the celebration of myne own Daughter's 3rd birthday party at Midday.

And lo, today's lesson, my lambs, is this - It is wise, if one is a player of the keyboards, to not absent mindedly, yet thoroughly grasp the handle of a metal frying pan fresh out of an oven with bare hands in an attempt to move it to the sink to wash it at the same time as this handle is still risen to 200 degrees.

Because thus! Of a sudden and whole heartedly and with much vigour did the Free God child drop the pan, take the Lord's name in vain (and the Son Of God) and participate in much dancing and hopping from foot to foot although no celebration was called for. There was also much poetic freestyling with phrases sounding like "Geezer's Duck", "Chucking Horrocks", and "Moly Hit" and "Bunting Fell". Mercifully (praise the Lord) the children were out of earshot.

My left hand is ruined.. It looks part human, part Parma Ham currently. And that's with 20 minutes under a cold tap at point of injury. Wife had to scour my skin off the pan handle.

This is what being married is all about by the way...

Still, on the plus side, I can now confirm that construction of Cube 2 (working title) is finally good to go. From now till the summer shall we see much Frost reportage.

Praise the Lord!

(Other deities are available)

Other Bands / Transatlantic: tour dates 2010
« on: December 16, 2009, 12:19:26 PM »
Sat April 17th - Downey, CA - The Downey Theater
Sun April 18th - San Francisco, CA - The Palace Of Fine Arts
Tues April 20th - Chicago, IL - Park West
Wed April 21st - Montreal, QUE - Metropolis
Fri April 23rd - New York City - The Blender Theater at Gramercy
Sat April 24th - Philadelphia, PA - Theater Of The Living Arts

Tues May 4th - Frankfurt, Germany - Batschkapp
Wed May 5th - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
Fri May 7th - Berlin, Germany - Columbia Club
Sat May 8th - Cologne, Germany - Live Music Hall
Sun May 9th - Stuttgart, Germany - Longhorn
Mon May 10th - Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg - Rockhal

Thurs May 13th - Madrid, Spain - Macumba
Fri May 14th - Barcelona, Spain - Razzmatazz 2
Mon May 17th - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
Tues May 18th - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
Wed May 19th - Paris, France - Elysee Montmartre
Thurs May 20th - Tilburg, Holland - 013
Fri May 21st - London, England - Shepherd's Bush Empire
Sat May 22nd - Manchester, England - Academy

Other Bands / Night Of The Prog V (3.+4.9.2010, now with complete lineup)
« on: December 15, 2009, 01:39:14 PM »
It's now on 3rd and 4th of September. The promoter didn't want to have it on the same weekend as the High Voltage festival.

Friday 03. September 2010 Get In 16 h

PALLAS - 25th Sentinel Show

End 01 h

Saturday 04. September 2010 Get In 12 h


End 01 h

Other Bands / Diablo Swing Orchestra
« on: November 10, 2009, 10:06:04 PM »

How cool is that? Just discovered this awesome band about 2 weeks ago and just found out that they are playing near my place this Friday.  :shock:  :D

Their description from the myspace page (I highlighted the actual description of the music in bold  ;) ):

The Diablo Swing Orchestra dates back to 1501 in Sweden, where history tells the tale of an orchestra that played like no other. With music so seductive and divine that the ensemble overwhelmed audiences all over the country, and people from all social classes took them to their hearts. Their performances rapidly earned a reputation of being feral and vigorous and gained the orchestra a devoted crowd that followed them around.

During the later half of the 16'th century the criticism against the royal crown dictatorial ruling had intensified. Gifts and tenancies had made the chruch extremely wealthy, and since the money merely was used to strengthen their power the discontent among the people was growing. To many people the orchestra presented them to a new view upon things and a way to cope with everyday life.

The church witnessed how their influence over the people decreased and began to depict the orchestra as treacherous, saying their intentions were anything but righteous. The orchestras extensive use of the prohibited tritonus interval in their music as well as their excessive lifestyles was facts that were not looked mildly upon. During church services priests slandered the music saying it was an insult to Christ himself. However, when this attempt to reduce the orchestras popularity failed, the church began to use more desperate measures in order to regain its former power. The Devils orchestra became the slogan they used and the members were accused of being everything from devil worshippers to the spawn of Satan. This catchphrase eventually caught on and became the popular name of the orchestra. When even these efforts shown futile the church ultimately framed the orchestra members for a murder and a ruthless manhunt began. The following two years the orchestra lead the lives of outlaws and were forced to perform in barns and outhouses, where only a strictly limited number of people were allowed to attend. Luckily generous people provided them with food and somewhere to sleep.

In order to capture the orchestra the church issued a reward to the person that could provide such information that lead to the capture of the orchestra. The sum was so large that the orchestra, tired and weary of living as fugitives, realised that it all had come to and end. They knew that sooner or later someone would reveal their whereabouts and the decided to go down in style.
But before doing so they all signed a pact saying that their descendants were given the task of reuniting the orchestra in 500 years and continue their work of spreading thought-provoking music. Six envelopes were therefore sealed and given to trustees of the orchestra to pass on to family members.

They announced their final concert publicly as a grandeur finale. Thousands of people showed up and even though it was almost no one who could actually hear the music, the massive sing-along of the crowd granted the performance to be the most talked about in history. Thanks to the huge amount of people the orchestra was allowed to play until their last song when armed guards finally managed to storm the stage and arrest the musicians. They were sent prison and later sentenced to death by hanging.

Stockholm 2003, by mere accident two of the original orchestra descendants meet in a music shop and began to discuss music. It later shows that they both have received a strange letter from some ancient relative containing instructions on how to reunite The Devils Orchestra. They both become very excited and though some genealogy they managed to find all of the remaining successors in a period of three months.

Unfortunate all of the original scores were confiscated and burned by the church back in 1503. So music-wise the new orchestra were left with no directions on what to play. After some meticulous discussions it was agreed upon that the music should be like a modern version of the old orchestra. Annlouice was chosen to front the band, her angelic yet powerful operatic voice was perfect to bring a bombastic feeling to the music. Pontus dance-influences and programming skills came in handy since the orchestra wanted the arrangements to sound a bit more futuristic. He shares guitar duties with Daniel who also is the main composer in the band. Andy brought some groove to the mix adding powerful slapping and funk-oriented bass licks, while Andreas's energetic drumming made sure the songs are driven and pulsating. Together with Anders, he lays the solid swinging foundation of the band. Johannes's theoretical knowledge and stunning technique combined with an emotive cello-playing style made him essential to the bands sound.

Together they answer to the name of Diablo Swing Orchestra and are determined to honour the legacy of their ancestors.

Any Other Business / Slow forum?
« on: September 20, 2009, 07:53:13 PM »
Is it just me or is the forum very slow at the moment? All other sites work much better for me. Here, it takes a looooong time for pages to load... It sucketh...

Any Other Business / No sports?
« on: August 15, 2009, 01:39:17 AM »
In the light of Jem's latest accident and some posts about sports, I'm curious what sports you practice/practiced.
My chronological list would be:

- trampoline (my first sport, my dad was the trainer. "Bad" thing was I was the only male for most of the time, so I won most of the championships...  :lol:  Still can do some somersaults - on trampoline or in a diving pool)
- football (or soccer, for the Americans. For about 5 years as a kid - my dad was quite upset because I left the trampoline group for such a profane sport  ;)  )
- volleyball (still playing)
On the more unusual side: sports I checked out or still practice:  

- Rhönrad (this thing here [pic from the web]: ... 036dpi.jpg )
- boomerang (have about 10 different ones that always came back - sometimes even without having to move)
- slacklining (just bought it this year, still trying to do more than 5 meters...)
- speed jumping (with these: ... -Adult.jpg )
- juggling (okay, not more than three balls or clubs [right word?])
- bicycling (only in good weather, though  ;) Have a new cross bike - you might have seen it in another thread)
- geocaching (great outdoor sport, do it mostly while hiking. Tomorrow, I plan on finding around 15 caches. )
- billard (was quite good at the "normal" bar pool 9-ball and quite bad at carambolage or Snooker. Haven't played for many years...)
- hiking (love hiking in the mountains, like this summer: )

Other Bands / Pics from the Loreley festival 2009
« on: July 12, 2009, 05:42:04 PM »

A few impressions:
- Also Eden: good opener for the festival, very good singer.
- Arena: sound wasn't very good (keyboard und guitar almost not audible). They did not really catch my interest.  
- Agents Of Mercy: first gig of this band with Roine Stolt. It was okay. The singer looked like a girl...
- Riverside: fantastic as usual. The new songs were good (I forgot which ones they played...).
- Gazpacho: DVD recording! I didn't follow the gig with much concentration, but it was very good, with a great sound. But I really can't remember how I got the booklet signed. Damn beer...   :roll:  :lol:

Talked to a very drunk John Mitchell later.  :lol:
Dry weather. Met some nice people. The atmosphere was great. The venue is fantastic.
I slept in the car and had a good sleep. Woke up with the expected headaches...  :roll:

Pure Reason Revolution had to cancel, so the first 4 bands on day 2 could play longer.

- Subsignal: new band with 2 ex-members from Sieges Even which you could hear in their music. Not as complicated, though. I liked it. Arno Menses is an incredible singer. The band had a lot of fun.
- Pineapple Thief: just like Gazpacho, I didn't follow very close. Nice gig, though.
- Lazuli: awesome gig of a very nice band. Highlight would have been all 6 members playing on 1 vibraphon ("Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode) - which I hope to upload soon. They really appreciated the crowd's response.  
- Pendragon: had a lot of fans in the audience. Entertaining gig by an entertaining band.
- Steve Hackett: after a rough start (guitar didn't work which made Steve very angry) we got fantastic and diverse gig. Awesome band he had - just lacking a great singer.
- Mick Pointer's Marillion: Script for a Jester's Tear: sorry Mick, but I preferred driving home.

Fantastic venue, nice people, good weather, great music - it was an awesome weekend!!  8-)
Don't ask me for any setlists.
Oh, I think I saw Sarah at one time. Did you wear a Frost* hoodie with a red Frosterisk on the back?

Frost* / Leeds reviews
« on: June 13, 2009, 12:59:07 AM »
I read the setlist was as followed:

Welcome to Nowhere
Pocket Sun
Dear Dead Days
Black Light Macine
The Other Me

Frost were marvellous as ever! Not the slickest live band as they don't play often enough, but still pretty tight and played with a lot of energy. Original drummer is playing these two gigs (and he rocks) and their new bassist is good. And Jem is always a good laugh on stage!

Let us know more!

Frost* / Reprint of fRoStfest shirts?
« on: May 09, 2009, 10:22:14 PM »
Please...  8-)
I was there - in my thoughts, at least... And after seeing the youtube vids, I'd love to get one of these shirts.
Jem, is it possible to print some more and sell it on the shop?

Frost* / @ RoSfest attendees: internet radio special tonight!
« on: May 08, 2009, 04:33:21 PM »
Just a reminder:
George Roldan (RoSfest promoter) has a regular radio show on Fridays (7pm EST/midnight UK time/1am CET).
He'll do a RoSfest special tonight. I'm sure he'll be telling some cool stories. I'll be in chat (as usual), anyone else join me?? The show and the chat are always great fun.

All info (stream and chat) here:

See ya!! 8-)

Frost* / Frost*y results of the 2008 DPRP poll
« on: May 03, 2009, 04:16:04 PM »
EIMA #12 Favorite Album
Jem Godfrey #4 Favorite Keyboard Player
John Mitchell #5 Favorite Guitarist
Declan Burke #27 Favorite Singer
Andy Edwards #5 Favorite Drummer
John Jovitt #6 Favorite Bass Player
Frost* in London #25 Favorite Concert
Dear Dead Days #22 Favorite Track
EIMA #21 Favorite Artwork
EIMA #11 Prog Happening Of The Past Decade

Congrats!!  :D  :D

Frost* / RoSfest reviews
« on: May 03, 2009, 12:58:51 AM »
Just read in the chat of an internet radio show ( ) that the guys ruled! Too bad I'm too stupid to copy the chatlog...  :evil:

Any Other Business / Happy birthday, Ron!
« on: April 24, 2009, 02:07:17 PM »
You're my age now.  :D  All the best, dude!!
Will we meet at the Loreley festival this year again?

Any Other Business / Slow forum?
« on: April 09, 2009, 01:40:55 PM »
Anyone else experiencing problems lately with browsing the forum? Sometimes, it takes forever to load. Next click works fine, but then it might take long again.
Am I the only one?

Any Other Business / ProgTV
« on: January 25, 2009, 06:18:49 PM »

Check it out. They also have other categories.

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