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Friends Of Frost* / RWA - Leader
« on: February 13, 2011, 07:45:04 PM »
New long one.  :)

This one started out as a leader for a local TV show; that's where the first 30 seconds come from. And the brilliant title obviously. Trying to make a song out of it I clocked it at 11:32 minutes.

Leader on
Leader on BandCamp

Other Bands / RWA music: to pay or not to pay, that's the question....
« on: February 04, 2011, 10:08:25 AM »
What gives?!  :?

So far I’ve been offering my songs for free download (in high 320kbps MP3 format). I’ll keep doing that. Some have said I’m crazy for doing that but the reality is music has been available for free for years now. After 5 years with Ghost Circus (being signed to ProgRock Record) I find our music all over the web.  For free. I can’t be bothered anymore really……

Anyway, I’ve decided to offer both options from now on:

Download my songs for free following my RWA on page. If you like them; enjoy them and spread the word about my music. If you don't like them; delete them. Press [DELETE] and they're gone!

If you really REALLY like them; perhaps consider paying me a fee by buying them on my   RWA on BandCamp page. BandCamp provides high quality MP3 - FLAC - AAC - Ogg Vorbis - ALAC format. Whatever suits you. I've set the minimum price to €0.50 per track (because of PayPal and BandCamp services). You can decide the total price yourself.

Don’t feel obligated to buy anything unless you really feel strongly about supporting me. And BandCamp and PayPal of course because they obviously take their share!  ;)

More details on My Homepage

ps: Bokkie, if I make some money with FALL you'll get your share obviously!  :)

Other Bands / Marillion Weekend Holland 2011
« on: January 30, 2011, 08:34:32 PM »
Been a fan for ages but never been to a Marillion Weekend before. Bumped into Frans Keylard (Rogues Gallery, The Dividing Line) on FB this weekend and got invited to his posse of 8 (-1) for the upcoming convention in Zeeland, NL.

The party of 8 is complete again.  :mrgreen:

Should be fun. I'll finally get to meet Frans to thank him for his big time support for Ghost Circus over the years. He's also playing my RWA tracks whenever I deliver any so I own him a beer or 2. Or 3. Or 15.

Any of you ever been to such an event? Anyone else from here going to the 2011 NL edition?

Friends Of Frost* / RWA - K2
« on: January 20, 2011, 12:48:28 PM »
New 12 minute RWA track uploaded called K2. First release of 2011.  :)

This one has been in my 'demo' folder a long time.
The first 2 minutes were recorded in 2006. I then left it alone for 2 years to record the bulk of it in 2008. It was on the 'Ghost Circus new album' list for another 2 years. When GC broke up (mid 2010) I finished it late 2010. Mixed and mastered it last week. Time to release the darn thing!

----->  K2 - free stream and download

Friends Of Frost* / Romanov - what If God Is Alone (TFK tribute)
« on: October 31, 2010, 03:07:13 PM »
Hey ho!

Romanov is my new project with singer and good friend Maarten Beijen.
We did a song by The Flower Kings for the Colussus TFK tribute CD-box 'A Flower Full Of Stars" which will be released in December 2010. The song is called 'What If god Is Alone'. Since this will be an official release I'm not permitted to put the full version up for download before the release. But you can check out this SAMPLER.

Friends Of Frost* / RWA - Overload (part 1 + 2 + 3)
« on: October 11, 2010, 02:12:26 PM »
To celebrate the overhaul of my studio I'm throwing these ones out:

Overload (part 1) (final version added on Nov 16th)
Overload (part 2) (final version added on Nov 16th)
Overload (part 3) (final version added on Nov 16th)

Overload (part 1 + 2 + 3) as one song (final version added on Nov 16th)

Any Other Business / English Sports (Jiskefet)
« on: August 30, 2010, 02:48:20 PM »
Dunno if you ever seen this. It's by the Dutch collective "Jiskefet" but there's no language issue here.  :D

English Sports according to Jiskefet

Gigs / Frost* December (Sinterklaas) gigs
« on: August 24, 2010, 02:05:28 AM »

Frost* are playing :-
Islington 02 Academy 2 in London on Friday December 3rd
Manchester Academy 3 on Saturday 4th December
The Robin In Bilston on Sunday December 5th

Just realized that yesterday and decided to go to the London gig and make a proper weekend out of it.

Which fellow Frosties* will I most likely:
- be running into that evening?  :shock:
- have to avoid that evening?  ;)

IOW: who's going?!

Any Other Business / Band / Project name
« on: August 13, 2010, 12:42:10 AM »
FFS! This is always the hardest part about setting up a band or a project, ain't it?!

I've rejoined with the singer of my last band and it's going like a charm. Lovely times!
But we're trying to come up with a name for our project and for the love of God we can't come up with anything proper!


Every now and then we do run into something nice but then we find out:
- the name is all ready used by another band/artist
- the name turns out to be the same as that of a car diagnostic company or Russian porn site
- the name turns out to be the same as that of a potpourri discussion forum or the  Canadian indoor curling association

Does anyone have a good suggestion?

If you do you'll (eventually) get a free CD. Once we have enough material to fill a CD that is. 2 songs are in the sack; 8 or so more to go :?



Friends Of Frost* / Frost* Forum Collab Song - the tech thread (TTT!)
« on: August 10, 2010, 08:42:48 PM »
please use this thread only for the project itself and the members who participate.
The original thread is for talk / gossip / sidetracking / etc.

>updated on 12-08-10<

Right! Forget about the SoundCloud thing; it doesn't cut it. I've upgraded my account and that'll be the place for file handling. Here's a short explanation:

The Frost Forum Collab Song Box: how does it work:

There's a work directory that's only accessible by collaborators:
As you'll notice you won't have acces to it unless you've been added/invited as a collaborator.

To get access please drop me a pm on the Frost Forum containing your e-mail address. I'll then create your own personal folder and invite you to join. This is for collaborators only.

The public version of the FFCS will be accessible by anyone: http://
But it's only to view and download the content.

So in short:
Anyone can listen and download the content on the public page/folder. That means that anything you upload as a collaborator can be listened at and downloaded by anyone. I want to keep that part of the process open. First of all because it's nice for everyone (whether you collab on this or not) to follow what's happening and it's also clear what is used for the song or not. Second because people might wanna jump in later. To be able to do that you have to be able to hear what's been done all ready.

But.... only "approved" collaborators can upload/edit/comment stuff in the FFCS box. This may sound a bit drastic but first of all I want to keep things manageable and second I don't want any bad spirits to mess with the content. Once you get access to the box it means full access as in "moderator/editor". So people who have no business being there can mess up the entire place. To be sure that won't happen I've created the "drop me a pm first" method. Don't worry, any member who requests it will get access and be able to participate. But at least we'll know who he/she is and if he/she is indeed a forum member over here.

That's not short is it?  :mrgreen:
The thing is a project like this is a big thing to handle and it's hard enough as it is to keep track on things. I hope this procedure will make it workable.

I do have some ideas on an intro using Jem's "Sneeze From Hell" leading into Pedro's section but nothing is set at this moment. If someone has a farking great intro to spare then please do. First thing is to collect pieces that people all ready have and want to contribute to this epic collab. I will then finger out if any of it glues together.

The first 3 months or so are also for people to start working on stuff if they have ideas but nothing on HD yet. Which is the position I'm in myself at the moment. I have some stuff on HD but also have some ideas I still have to record.
Anyway, this is just day 1. So no rush. Just don't wait 6 months to contribute because that might be to late. Let's loosely set the deadline to .... Christmas or so, k?

Any input is appreciated of course!

Some tech specs:
- Files in mp3 are fine the first time around. If I need the wav.file I'll tell you about it.
- It's not forbidden to send wav.files but it's nice to keep the mb's low for now.
- please include tempo (bpm) and time signatures when you upload a file.
- In case of wav.files: 16/24/32 bit is all fine. Just make sure the sample rate is 44,1 kHz.

Go!  :mrgreen:

« on: August 05, 2010, 05:26:26 AM »

Ladies and gentlemen
You can relax now
Your world is now officially a better place!

Trust me!...
(The Dividing Line)

Frost* are a popular music combo, who make pleasingly progressive sounds when they pluck, pound, prod and hit their instruments. And they do all this plucking, pounding, prodding and hitting with glee (you can buy it in tins you know). And relish. They have made two long-playing studio records since 2006. Which is about one every two years. Give or take.

This new live album, recorded @ RosFest in the United States of Good Ol’ God-Fearing America is, dear friends, a complete and absolute majority winner on a number of levels. So I apologise in advance to Conserv-o-liberals and fence-sitters everywhere when I proclaim this is the best “modern” prog live album I’ve heard since ForEver.

First there’s the best, and funniest, introduction to a gig you’re ever likely to hear. So funny in fact that when I first heard it a little bit of wee came out.

Then you’ve got joyous, near note perfect live versions of Hyperventilate, Snowman, The Other Me, Black Light Machine and the wonderously epic Milliontown from debut album Milliontown and Experiments In Mass Appeal, Pocket Sun, Saline, Dear Dead Days, Falling Down and Wonderland from Experiments In Mass Appeal. Which makes it a great ‘best of’ kind of thing for those new to the band as well as a reminder to fans of just how fabulous these chaps are in the live arena. They don’t play often but when they do they don’t half make a good fist of it. The ‘3J’s and a P’ event at Summer’s End promises to be an absolute belter. Get a baby sitter, or sell the kids to gypsies.

Every track is a standout but check out Black Light Machine or Milliontown if you want to know just how bloody good modern prog can get. The latter, for example, still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. And I don’t have much hair left.

It’s to be differentiated from Frostfest Live which Jonno reviewed recently, since that was a single disc of several of the tracks that appear here albeit in a strictly limited edition CD of 1000 copies. So, in about a hundred years it’ll be worth millions. That had Hyperventilate, Wonderland, Black Light Machine, Story Time, Pocket Money, Saline, Dear Dead Days and The Forget You Song on it, so check out said (excellent) review by the erstwhile Mr O’Boyle, and the aforementioned DPRP reviews of both studio albums for the ins and outs of each respective track on TPE. Not sure though what Jonno means by “tight complex passages”. If it’s what I suspect it is then there are, I understand, soothing balms and ointments available.

For the hardcore fans, and making this an essential purchase (as if it wasn’t already) is one new studio track, written by Mr Godfrey to commemorate the 10th anniversary of fab interweb radio station The Dividing Line. The song, a little tiny bit of which is quoted above, is called, unsurprisingly, The Dividing Line. And it’s ruddy marvellous.

I’m a plastic bag of miracles, a pocket full of lie

Thus we begin. In a galaxy far, far away. Oh wait. That’s something else. Where we do start is in an operatic, climactic frenzy. And this is only the beginning. The prog equivalent of foreplay, I guess. Then things get glam and Marilyn Manson-ish. Jem (I hope he doesn’t mind me calling him that) lets rip with some skirmishing synth here and there but it’s the pounding rhythms (Andy Edwards on drums, who combines stonkingly well with Nathan King on bass) that define the early part of the song before we get our breath back with a quieter vocal section and dreamy synth strings.

Things soon veer back towards the mentalist end of the spectrum again with electric violin (courtesy of Mark Knight), frenzied keyboards and a backward speaking section before a Transatlantic/Beard section puts things back on a more traditional, proggier keel. Or even a more lanotidart, reiggorp leek.

Full on Frost* riffage takes over, with tortured soloing (Godfrey, John Boyes and “Mrs.” John Mitchell are all credited with geetars so I don’t quite know who to credit) leading into the haunting vocals of (new to my ears) Tara Busch in a lovely duet with Dec Burke before Floydian slide guitar, sampled sound effects and an abrupt finish.

What a song. Enough to make a wife-beating drunkard forget about the football. And that’s just the ones who have been playing.

And, rounding things off we have a bonus DVD that comes complete with a 42 minute documentary that goes behind the scenes in the run up to the RosFest gig, plus “laugh out loud” out takes and a 5.1 surround mix of The Dividing Line. If you have a ‘things to before I die list’ then add ‘beg, borrow or steal a proper surround sound system to listen to this’ to it. I’ve got ‘Swedish twins’ and ‘tarmac a traveller’s drive’ still to do by the way.

As a brief aside, I’ve got to say that hearing the album your view of Nick (and his beautiful locks – listen to the intro) D’ Virgilio as one of the best drummers in the cosmos will no doubt be reaffirmed – as the DVD documentary reveals he had about two days to rehearse all this stuff with the band and it’s not, let’s face it, simple music.

Four reasons, then, why you should sell your cat (or a kidney) to buy this. Two CDs, one DVD and pictures of the band dressed up as Battle of Britain pilots. What’s not to like? To quote from Wonderland, “it’s so right it’s so right”. Or as an audience member shouted after Black Light Machine “I think we just got frost*ed”. Yes, you did.

Conclusion: 10 out of 10


Right on!  8-)

Gear Corner / All terrain HD!
« on: August 05, 2010, 12:38:43 AM »
Ha! That's what the box says. Don't you just love advertising?! :mrgreen:
It is suppose to be shock free when dropped from 2 meters.  

Nice little LaCie Rugged 500 Gb HD. Ultra light too.
I bought it mainly because it spins at 7200 rpm instead of 5400 rpm most 2,5" HD do. And it's usb 3.0. But it's nice to know I can take it on safari if needed!

Other Bands / Ghost Circus Duo Parts Ways
« on: July 29, 2010, 09:21:06 PM »
Hey ho, just so you know! (that rhymes btw)

July 29th 2010 : Ghost Circus Duo Parts Ways

Due to creative differences between the two members of the Progressive Rock duo Ghost Circus,(C.S. Brown and Ronald Wahle) Ronald Wahle has decided to part ways from the duo.

Ron states: “During the writing process of the third album we noticed both of us getting back to our individual roots more and more. So far both our styles have blended perfectly to what has become know as Ghost Circus, but most of the tracks both Chris and myself delivered this time around sounded more and more like solo tracks. Now, anyone who's a song writer knows how mysterious and uncontrollable the process of writing and getting inspiration is. It either happens or it doesn't and you never know when it's going to hit you. And, even though both of us wrote tons of new material, hardly anything turned out to be Ghost Circus material. The magic between the two of us seems to be gone. So I find it time to resign from GC. That being said, I can't rule out any future collaboration at all. It might as well come back to us within a couple of years. Both Chris and myself would like to move on for now instead of waiting for the magic to reappear. Life is too short for that!  I thank Chris for the great times and I'm very proud of what we've accomplished. I wish him all the best and the friendship will remain. And I thank Shawn Gordon,(ProgRock Records) for all the confidence and support.”

Ghost Circus will continue forward under the helm of C.S. Brown. ""While it is unfortunate that Ron and and I will not be able to continue our creative partnership, neither of us would choose to see Ghost Circus completely end at this point"   states Brown. "Ron has graciously given me the opportunity to carry on with GC and I will, eventually, be moving forward with it as a full band in the future. I wish Ron nothing but the best in his future endeavors and the door is always open for his return, should he ever want to.”

Beginning in 2005, Brown and Wahle founded Ghost Circus as a trans-Atlantic duo and released two critically acclaimed albums on ProgRock Records: 'Cycles' in 2006, and 'Across The Line' in 2008. Both albums were written, recorded, and produced entirely via Internet collaboration between the duo in their respective countries of The United States,(Brown) and The Netherlands,(Wahle). More information about Ghost Circus is available at


Chris and Ron


So anyway! Life's to short for getting stuck so that's why both of us move on. Chris has just put together a band on his own and I started working on fresh material together with Maarten Beijen. He was the singer of my last band and a good friend since we met 10 years ago. It's not gonna be prog; first material sounds like a trance/dance/pop/jungle mixture.Well....... except the current thing we're working on because that's a song for the TFK tribute project. I mend to do this with GC so there you go.

Anyway, I might throw out some non used prog tracks later this year or maybe I hook up with another singer for those. Dunno yet.  :)

Gear Corner / SampleLogic VUVUZELA!
« on: July 01, 2010, 06:17:08 PM »
The ultimate (375 MB) vuvuzela sample library for Kontakt!

 :mrgreen:   :mrgreen:   :mrgreen:   :mrgreen:   :mrgreen: --> Video!

Gear Corner / Screw y2k technology!
« on: May 03, 2010, 01:16:47 AM »
And forget about getting a new DAW; I'm switching to modular!!!!!!


I've been watching "modular synth" videos for about an hour now (yeah... it's 2 am and I can't sleep  :P ) ... and I do understand guys need a hobby...... but double U T F mate?!

Also, does someone know when the "meeting of the knobs 2010 will be?

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