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Take this post for example:

Looks like something's gotten messed up with unicode, a bad forum software or db upgrade, perhaps?
I was wondering what was being said, so I flip-reversed it and re-uploaded. Ta-da!

Hope everyone's enjoying these Frost*Verts as much as I am!
Frost* / My Magic pile of Frost*iness!
April 26, 2018, 04:15:32 AM
I can't post to the sticky above, but some time ago I had to disable search on the Frost* pile. I've found myself with some free time over the next week or two, so tidying up various side projects, so search now works again.

If you've any shiny files you'd like the rest of the Frost*iverse to have, send me a PM with a link and I can hook 'em up.

Announcements / I'm back!
September 12, 2015, 02:15:29 AM
Any Other Business / It's a bit quiet 'round 'ere, eh?
December 10, 2014, 11:57:40 PM
Took me ages to find my way back, seems there's no links to this place anymore? How are people to find it? :o

Anyway, hello. It's been ages since I was around. How have you all been? Long time no see, etc. Grab a cuppa or a pint, fill me in on the latest happenings. :)
Other Bands / Fractal Garden
December 26, 2010, 02:09:19 AM
I found a track on my backup of Rick Burn's old web hosting, called "Fire in his Eye", and it was tagged as being by Fractal Garden. Not having heard of them before, I gave it a quick Google and arrived at a myspace page with a few more tracks - sounds like pretty good stuff, and the album is on iTunes for 30 second previews or purchase over here: ... d213594012

Wondered if anyone else had heard of them - any thoughts? :)
Gear Corner / Good USB Mics - Do they exist?
September 04, 2010, 12:43:29 AM
Related to the drum mic thread, is there such a thing as a good USB mic that can be used for vocals?
I don't even know if that's a specific type of mic - be gentle. I know that drums need condenser mics, but I don't know why.

USB preferred because I don't have one of those fancy firewire input boxes yet. I keep eyeing them up as when I connect my guitar pedal (of doom!) to the line in, I get a lot of noise.

I'm no singer, but occasionally I'd like to lay out an idea for someone that *can* sing, so it needn't be the best in the world.

Extra-double-bonus points if it can also be used to record acoustic guitar, as I'm fed up of taking the input from my elec-acoustic and having to spend ages tweaking the EQ to make terrible sound into barely acceptable sound.

Love and kisses,
 - Drarok
Dropbox is awesome!

For those of you not in the know, it's a way to automatically sync a folder on your computer up to the Internet. You can then access those files from anywhere you can get online, or run the Dropbox program on any of your computers/smartphone/whatever for access to those files. It appears like a regular folder on a computer so you can just save files like you normally would and they'll be backed up online. You can even roll back to a previous version if you accidentally break anything!

I've set all my really important files (photos, software licences, certain music ;)) to go into it so now I have an off-site backup so I don't lose any of my most treasured stuff should my computer explode or get nicked. Some folks don't tend to back up – we were talking about it at work today, a girl in the office has loads of photos of her kids and all sorts of memories stored on her computer and nowhere else!

You can also share stuff with other users so they can edit it, or have a public folder for pictures you want to let people see (have you ever tried to share a picture on a forum that doesn't allow uploads? Nightmare!)

I've been using it for some time now, but recently I've found more and more reasons to use it and now want more space.
Sign up at this URL and we both get extra space as a kickback.

Sorry if this seems like an advert, I'm just really impressed with the service. Especially as it's free!
I'm sure the mods will delete this if it's not appropriate. Even if you don't sign up, at least think about your data. What would you do if your computer was stolen or broke?
Frost* / Sneaky Hidden Bits in TDL!
June 23, 2010, 12:38:08 AM
I've been pulling apart the 5.1 mix of TDL and listening to the individual streams and found even more stuff in there than I could have imagined! I think I need a 157.1 system to be able to hear it all!

Without further ado, I present to you my favourite finds. Hope posting clips of the song (albeit brutally EQ'd in some instances) isn't too naughty...

There's some good old glitching in there.

Dig dig dig dig (away) - I never noticed the "away" before, could just tell something was there.

After "Before Your Eyes", there's a lovely ghostly sound backing the piano(?) and some bendy notes I hadn't spotted, so I delved into that section only to find a little string motif I'd totally missed as well!
I boosted it up a bit here.

This whole section is way bigger and more layered than I thought it was. This kind of overlapping arrangement always impresses me, I wish so hard that I could do this sort of thing.

And don't forget the comb solo at the end! :lol:

There's a little clip of a chap saying "Whether it be good... Whether it be bad..." tucked away in there somewhere that I couldn't manage to get audible enough to post, but every listen is bringing me more stuff to marvel at!

All these snippets are on my Frost Files area of my website: ... 20Snippets

So, what have you spotted? :D


Backwardsy bit, re-forwardised
Friends Of Frost* / Drarok's Thread
November 20, 2009, 01:27:37 PM
I feel a bit daft when I create a new thread, so I shall endevour to bump this one when the mood to post arises. 8-)

Today's treat is entitled "Reach", for no apparent reason.

Saying that, I think the chords are quite wide for me, so I took the name from that.

I'm really chuffed with the drumming at the end, which was actually me screwing up but playing through, and it fit! Pure fluke!

Also, a free bonus track of the day which was one of the first things I recorded when I got the new version of Logic installed. The guitars were recorded clean and then run through the new Guitar Amp and Pedalboard plugins. Hence the filename. I don't do titles. :)
Also, I fixed the timing of the opening riff (? motif? What would you call it) to test out the new audio quantising stuff. Seemed to work pretty well.
Here it is
Gear Corner / New (cheap-ish) keyboard?
July 21, 2009, 12:36:45 PM
Me and Mrs Drarok are looking to buy a new keyboard.
  • Minimum of 76(?) keys? Nearly full-size, anyway. Full size'd be nice, but price is limiting.
  • Must have MIDI ports or USB-MIDI plug. In and out.

Currently we've got this old thing:

Which is all right, but it's on long-term loan and set to go back soon-ish.

Anyone got any recommendations?
Frost* / Spare Leeds Ticket? Just one! :(
May 20, 2009, 11:41:03 PM
So my mate bought me a ticket for my birthday, and himself one too, of course. Awesome.

But the girlfriend was skint, and now it's all sold out! :cry:

I don't suppose anyone here is lucky/unlucky enough to have a spare ticket? One would do!
Friends Of Frost* / I can't mix, but...
March 18, 2009, 06:56:35 PM
... here's a track I've had lying about in various states for years. I can't get it to sound how I want, though.

It's certainly not proggy, but I'm sure we can overlook that! ¬_¬

Click: Anyone

A little info:
Drums are Drumkit from Hell samples from ToonTrack, triggered by hand on my MIDI keyboard, then quantised and re-laid out in places. I'm going to borrow my mate's MIDI drums in future.
All guitars are real (as it's my main "proper" instrument; Drums don't count ;))
Bass is me, my bassist mate said he can put a proper bassline to it.
Strings and that are from Apple's Logic Express 8.

The question is: what's wrong with it? The acoustic sounds weedy for a start, no matter what I try. What else? Be gentle. And tell me how to fix it, not just that it's broken. :)

Enjoy! :?:
Ask Frost* / Song Meanings?
January 25, 2009, 01:13:02 AM
I'm sure we all know what Pocket Sun and Toys are about by now, but what about the other songs? Namely DDD for me, I'm intrigued!

I believe Welcome To Nowhere has been covered, but I can't remember the details.

Can anyone fill in the blanks? Ta. :)
Frost* / Secret Message
November 18, 2008, 01:07:25 AM
Right, I know I've posted about it in a few threads now, but I can't find those messages. :x

So, has anyone made any progress? There seems to be two schools of thought at present:
  • Welcome To Nowhere morse code
  • The really quiet, weird noises after Wonderland

I'm in the latter camp, myself. I've tweaked it back and forth (oo-er!) but can't make out anything 100%.

Help?! :cry:
Frost* / FROSTIES* link to forum, please?
November 16, 2008, 04:43:55 PM
Seems to be the standard behaviour on other forums I go on, that the logo at the top of the forum links to the front page of said forum, I keep trying to click the giant "FROSTIES*" at the top of the page when I want to get there.

Can it be edited in? Pretty please?
Frost* / Volume disparity between tracks?
November 16, 2008, 11:36:56 AM
Welcome To Nowhere ends on a noisy bit, guitars, piano, singing. But then Pocket Sun starts with just keys and vocals, and seems much louder.

Is it just me, the emusic rip, or what?  :?: