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Quote from: "Mikey"
Quote from: "Big Black Shed"Fanfare came up on shuffle the other day.

Have you been dreaming about a mysterious track again?  ;)

I was listening to the ELP version, obviously.;-)
Quote from: "E.S."Secret password? Maybe "Fanfare", a word that has absolutely nothing to do with the Frost*y world, right? 8-)

Fanfare came up on shuffle the other day. Not heard it in ages. Bonkers with a capital BONK.

Secretly hoping it gets an airing at the AGM.
Top job, as always, Bert.
Frost* / Re: AGM T-shirts
December 08, 2011, 11:44:18 PM
Quote from: "catherine"Draw, or drawer?

Or indeed DRAWERS
Top bombing, sir!!
Quote from: "johninblack"
Quote from: "RacingHippo"
Quote from: "MikeO"There was talk of a drink/meetup beforehand (Your suggestion Mouse?).
Is that happening and if so where and when?

The Peel.
When we get there ;)

Sounds about right :)

Or just after that. I'm always late.
Toys / Re: Black Live Machine Artwork
December 07, 2011, 08:21:36 AM
Quote from: "RacingHippo"
Quote from: "johninblack"
Quote from: "Big Black Shed"*Why????(Risking a Hippo backlash) ;)
Imminent I'm sure

Hah! Didn't rise to the bait!
See, us wise Android-users aren't so easily goaded (or swayed by pretty looks, fancy marketing and tarted-up gimmicks that were nicked off other devices anyway and so easily duped by the Evil Fruit-Meisters into giving them more and more money for "upgrades" they don't need which end up not working properly anyway and having to use that dogawful iChoons cr...

Oh. Hang on...

Quote from: "LivingForever"Ok, last call before I count up the numbers and make the phone call.


Good man.  :D
Frost* / Re: Advent Calendar thingy
December 02, 2011, 05:12:49 PM
Forgot to say. Good job Bokkie.
Frost* / Re: Advent Calendar thingy
December 02, 2011, 10:36:21 AM
Quote from: "D S"I NEED a downloadable version of Bokkie's version of Skiing - wondreful!  :lol:

 ;)  ;)  ;)  ;)  ;)  ;)  ;)  ;)  ;)  ;)  ;)  ;)
Quote from: "RobRideout"Just thought earlier, since I've never been to the peel before, I'm trying to work out how much this trip will cost me. How expensive are drinks there? Only I usually drink Vodka and that tends to be pretty expensive at some places...

Some money.  :roll:
Frost* / Re: Frost*ie Forum T-Shirts (At last)
November 30, 2011, 10:05:53 AM
Yes. Received and approved.
Gigs / Re: Frost* Peel - Spare Tickets? Offers & Requests
November 29, 2011, 11:26:51 PM
Quote from: "Mikey"
Quote from: "Mikey"I don't have anyone that wants an odd ticket.
My three are now sorted

Just to clarify, that's

The King of Norway (ES)
Big Black Shed

I will devize a cunning plan re. the tickets.
Knowing the habits of the Royal Mail and other available delivery Company's I do not want to send them through the post.

I will probably allocate you a ticket number and PM the mighty Twang with the details. Just in case there's any sort of cock-up anywhere.
I still dont know what I'm doing on the day yet, other than going to the gig.
The tickets are my good deed for the Forum and are Gratis. Should I be able to stay over then a few beers may be a compulsary exchange

PM with telephony details on it's way.  ;)
Quote from: "Mouse"We're gonna need a bigger curry house at this rate...

There's a few more over on the Fishtank too.