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Ask Frost* / Re: The Peel Gig - Will It Be Recorded?
December 09, 2008, 07:49:33 PM
Hmm, I know that Marillion record nearly all of their gigs through the front of house desk on digital multitrack/a laptop or something, and if this sound could be mixed to good standards (I'm sure Jem could do wonders with it), maybe a couple of video cameras (like the one Jem uses in the Reports) could be set up at various points around the stage and maybe filmed by some of the audience. Marry this footage with the professional audio and you could have something that could quite possibly be quite interesting. Something like that?

This rant was brought to you by the British Mouse Broadcasting Corporation - apologies as he knows nothing about what he talks...  ;)
Ask Frost* / The Peel Gig - Will It Be Recorded?
December 08, 2008, 07:50:26 PM
It'd be several shades of grand if this monumental gig were to be recorded in some manner so that those who can't make it can enjoy it also. Any chance of this? Download? CD? Internet streaming? Vinyl?!

If you don't ask... (Large puppy dog eyes presented, maybe a bit like this:  :shock: )
Frost* / Re: Secret Song
December 08, 2008, 07:40:21 PM
Typical Godfrey with his difficult to work out expensive rearranged chords! I had a go at working them out actually, I think for the verse it's something like E, B, G#m and A. Just add an extra three bass notes and increase price tag.  ;)
Frost* / Re: Secret Song
December 05, 2008, 03:56:42 PM
Quote from: "Pedro"Makes perfect sense to me! And you are right, it is a lovely thing but be aware, there is one who roams these corridors claiming that Secret Song is hers and hers alone....always carry a Choco Leibniz as protection and you'll be ok.  ;)

What's a Choco Leibniz? All I've got is Bourbon Creams...
(The cheap ones from Asda.  :shock: )
Other Bands / Re: Marillion tour 2008
December 04, 2008, 08:22:20 PM
I saw them in Leeds and they blew the place apart - good enough to rival Genesis at Old Trafford last year!

There are far to many photos somewhere on my MySpace page if anyone wants to go a-hunting for them.
(Damn college computers prevent me from using afforementioned popular networking website, so am unfortunately unable to provide a direct link - bah!)

There are some from the Frost* Leeds gig there too. If anyone is going to have a looksie, make sure you leave a trail of biscuit crumbs behind - it's not a good place to get lost in...  :twisted:
Frost* / Secret Song
December 04, 2008, 08:00:44 PM
Can I just throw some praise in the general direction of Secret Song - what a beautiful little ditty! This is one of my top favourites on the album, a wonderful little contrast to all of the loud that's on there.

I love the way the whole thing's so small in length and composition, but becomes a true epic because of the concept of the lyrics. Ithankyou.

...Does that make sense, or is it all waffle?

Mmm, waffles...
Ask Frost* / Snowman Chords
December 04, 2008, 07:38:24 PM
Finally, I'm back! Good evening to y'all!  :D

And now to annoy you all with a question - does anyone know the chords for Snowman? I'm hoping to arrange and record an unplugged version soon for my own amusement.

Well I say "unplugged", but we're probably going to use more electricity than Toronto come recording day. Cheers!