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Frost* / Merry Frost*mas!
December 13, 2016, 05:30:14 AM
Have you seen the new website? It's all Frost*y and Christmassy!

Best of timing to wish everybody a pleasant Christmas season.

Whether it's a frosty one or a 35+ degrees one like here, it's obviously going to be a Frost*y one :)
Hello, mostly-British people !
I'm going to UK for a weekend in a few weeks (not during any Frost* gigs, what a shame) and I will be one day in London, one day in Norwich. I've been to London before, but I was 14 so let's say it doesn't count. What should I do/visit while I'm there, are they things that I SHOULD-NOT-MISS.
Especially interested about Norwich (and anything close to it), because I know more about London :-)