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I'm knackered and going to bed,
Though 'twas morning by the time this was read,
Now it's late afternoon
Fat Man's loading his sleigh once again
that's no way to talk about Wayne
Don't care if he's portly
Robert Reed sure is a busy chap
With toons considered not pap
With his new Willow's Song
Which is really quite strong
Very few will consider it crap

Fat Man's loading his sleigh once again
Hackett blew us away here in Notts
He plays music with lots of those dots
I would need seven digits
Old blunders is out on the road
Mr Awesome, his live roadshow showed 8)
With his shiny new kit
And own sticks with to hit
I say, we got all Shakespearian!
O, what for? This world hath its mysteria!
It's words wot is Rhymes
And queer paradigms
I apologise for that awful pun
But really, the damage is done
Cheap shot to make limerick rhyme,
Just think of that head slicked with slime,
I'll pass on that thought,
But will all come to naught,
So Jem's been playing the Stick?
He's so good it makes one quite sick
He's a mighty smart fella,
And his music is stellar,
It's a shame that his head is so slick

Cheap shot to make limerick rhyme
There once was a much-loved band's web-board,
that was read on a boat in a fjord
Frost*y or 'fishy?
Or just wishy washy?
I once saw a 90" TV screen
The right size to watch Camberwick Green
Narrated by B. Cant
The kids it would enchant
Though the size was completely obscene

My turtle is covered in gunk
The ice bucket challenge is set
I prefer swimming, if I have to get wet
There's so much grandstanding,
Celebrity branding,
It's not like it's done for a bet

I once saw a 90" TV screen
Well that took a turn for the bleak,
Poor UK weather this week
we got rain here, too
And I've just burned the stew,
And discovered an unseemly leak

The ice bucket challenge is set
Rosetta is finding its orbit
After TA tried to export it
It just needed more thrust
The MP's are back in the news
For falling asleep in their pews?