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I don't find much time for T.V.
Trichomonas vaginalis? Nor me :-*
That's a show I've not seen

I've forgotten the line that I had
So this one will do, it's not bad
It's prog, after all
So we're having a ball
"Want some Mellotron?", "F*** off, Grandad!"

Won't be long 'til the gigs will be on

Today we've had sunshine and rain
Today it's TA's birthday (again)
Again? Like the Queen?
There's none more serene

Hey Mikey, I'll start this one off
But with broken ribs I cannot cough*
No expectoration?
& stunted cunctation
plus cravings for cold stroganoff.

Today we've had sunshine and rain

Any Other Business / Re: Happy birthday, Trapezium Artist!
« on: March 20, 2017, 11:53:20 AM »
Happy Birthday TA!  :D

Gigs / Re: 3 more shows
« on: March 19, 2017, 01:01:43 AM »
On the subject of shoddy journalism, the Prog review of the re-released TPE is a poor effort; suggesting that, by naming Nick D'Virgilio as "the star of that particular gig", Jem was underselling Craig, Nathan and JM.
Clearly the reviewer didn't bother to check who was actually on stage for the recording of that CD.  >:(

That's two in a row I must start
Stop moaning, you grumpy old fart :P
He whinged & he moaned
He wheezed and he groaned
Then croaked as he clutched at his heart

Hey Mikey, I'll start this one off

This Tapatalk lark is quite handy
Said the barman, while pouring a shandy
Even though he's a snowman
Who really likes Chopin

It was challenging counting these verses
As the tally was peppered with curses
Plus, he ran out of fingers
Some splits were humdingers

Lala, though, lost track after seven
Rhythmically, I'd leave that "though" up in heaven.
in the jar with the tubbies
With lots of the grubbies
Is that fishing talk as heard in Devon?

It was challenging counting these verses

I cannot play pinball when tipsy
Said the whiskey intolerant gypsy
He actually counted?
The task was surmounted

(The last one was number 1583 - well played people. Onwards!)

I cannot play pinball when tipsy
Said the whiskey intolerant gypsy

I'm having a bit of a go with the iambs
You're in trouble if they tell the rams
Rog, you're over the limit!
You should really slim it
By eating the pet food called "iams"?

Not sure you should eat stuff like that

7/8 won't put food on the table
7/8 of a marten is a sable
August seventh? July eighth?

It's an utter disgrace, sir, a farce!
We yell Frost*, Trumpet, Monkey and Arse!
we're quite good at yelling
Not so sure about spelling (wondreful? )
You don't know? Wow, I can't let that pass.
(The intro music for the RosFest gig captured on The Philadelphia Experiment features Jem spelling "w-o-n-d-r-e-f-u-l Frossssst*!" which is a humorous dig at the American spelling of "Theater". No charge. :D)

I hope gongs will be given in time

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