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Because curry and red wine just don't mix
You could try a white, just for kicks?
But curry with whisky
Some might think is risky
Its forty degrees here in Oz,
A cute angle if ever there was,
Trigonometry's fun!
In antipodean sun
Quote from: rogerg on January 15, 2017, 03:47:01 PM
heh.  thanks.  I was actually just making the next line....  ;D
Shame on you, Rog. Only three syllables instead of the required five or six.

Let's get this back on track:

At a party, I once had cheese-dip
It upset me and started a gip
What's a gip? Said our Rog
Announcements / Christmas Message from Jem
December 25, 2016, 10:23:57 AM
Look what's behind door 25 on the advent calendar!
How about Morse's Christmas CD?
I really hope it's not all shmultzy
A sweepstake for when next album's ready?
Will it have a guest on called Freddie?
Is he back from the dead?
Never died. (In my head.)
TA's gonna broadcast from Mars!
He should be locked up behind bars
Well-stocked with good booze
He just cannot lose*
His head will be surrounded by stars.

* Spelling corrected; I couldn't help myself.  The way to remember it is "loose"=loosen/looser (loosen the noose!). "lose"=lost (lose that surplus O!).

I've been told that I'm a "grammar nazi"
Announcements / Re: Latest Prog magazine
October 17, 2016, 01:09:16 PM
Quote from: Trapezium Artist on September 27, 2016, 06:02:16 PM
Slightly embarrassing though that a good deal of our conversation was about music that could only tangentially be described as prog  ::)
Not at all embarrasing.
Prog itself is such a mix of styles and tastes; if you claim you only like prog and nothing else, you're robbing yourself of a lot of music you'd love.
And if Prog Mag doesn't recognise that, it's to their embarrasment, not yours!
TA's chanson will be très jolie
A coat is required for JimD
I favour a parka
Made out of moussaka
And a pint of the best Earl Grey tea.

TA's gonna broadcast from Mars!
But only 1 week is left for Rosetta :( :( :(
Quick! Someone go out there and get 'er!
My lad's got his GCSEs
3 grade A*, 5 grade A, 3 grade Bs!
So you have to admit
He has really aced it!
And has his choice of Uni-versities :)

Vangelis' "Rosetta" is out!*

* Well, will be in 10 hours. It's close enough.
My lad's got his GCSEs
3 grade A*, 5 grade A, 3 grade Bs!

(It rhymed, it scans - it was meant to be!)
Looks like Mikey's tapatalk mucked up again
Whilst pimping two products in one line
Nellie is shopping for shoes!
Going sole-o without any booze!
Poor love, she'll expire
Announcements / Re: Wake up Rosetta!
August 22, 2016, 01:26:29 PM
PS. I'm secretly very proud of our very own Media Tart.