Any MIDI's transcribed from Frost* songs?

Started by MaliceX, July 23, 2009, 04:29:51 AM

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Hello, came across this forum (and dead links) through a google search looking for MIDI sequences of Frost* songs.

Just out of curiosity, have there been any MIDI sequences of Frost* songs made?  I notice there was the Hyperventilate 2008 Piano one recorded from Jem's video session with Declan, but thus far that is all.  Heh.

The scores don't do it justice for me, can't read score that well and I think can work the songs out better by ear.  I was just wondering cause if there aren't, chances are I plan to attempt at sequencing some songs by ear at their entirety to MIDI.  (Milliontown, in particular. :O)

Best.  And hello to the Frost*ie community.



Welcome aboard, MaliceX!

You could always bid on the Protools back-ups in the EBay auction. There'll be a fair amount of midi data in there! ;)

I think there have been one or two bits done but not that much, and certainly not much from EIMA.

Enjoy your time here?

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