New Frost* T shirts for sale.

Started by willie carson, July 09, 2009, 03:07:02 PM

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willie carson

Hi All

Just received my Frost* consignment of t shirts, gig cd, beannie etc.  All arrived super fast.  Cheers Nellie.  My excitement in the office (amid enquiries of who the hell are frost) soon turned to despair when a quick trip to the bog showed that my gut had miraculously grown overnight!  Problem is I took a punt on the sizing. No XLs were available.  So I've got a Milliontown t shirt in light grey, and a white t shirt with black sleeves with a multi coloured frosticle on the front and frost in small letters on the back  (not sure if pics are still on the shop hence description) both size large.  I'm sorry if I've broken forum rules by offering these for sale but would anyone like to buy them from me?  Please PM me if you are interested.  Shame to waste them.  :(
What do you mean it\'s only in 4/4?!