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Started by Jem, November 08, 2008, 05:35:28 PM

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Quote from: "Jem"Ah, that was the other Jem, the one that didn't have 3 kids and no sleep.  :lol:

I remember sleep.  That thing you used to do at night, right? (Well  ;) )  Eyes closed, I think?  Snore, occasional slobbersnort, shout out to someone who may or may not result in derisive snorts from the other side of the bed?  Not feeling like grog in the morning?

By the way, the V-Synth looks frankly fabulous beyond all fabulousity!!  To be honest, I'm a little stunned at how much better it looks now.  If I were Roland (and I most certainly am not, alas, alas) I would drop everything and hire this artist immediately!

Rob Cott

Cool pimping of your V-Synth, Jem.


Very cool.



That's one sweet pimpification.


Quote from: "EVP"That's one sweet pimpification.

I read that as pimplification, and that's just wrong.

 :shock:  8-)