Fantom-G V1.3 Operating System announced

Started by Pedro, July 10, 2009, 08:39:08 PM

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From a Roland email-shot :-

The award-winning Fantom range of sampling workstations gets a powerful new o/s upgrade. Updates include four new pianos, loads of new arpeggio, rhythm and RPS patterns and a host of real-time performance improvements.
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


I lobbed the upgrade into my Fantom yesterday. A definite improvement. They're finally bothered to put some patches in the user memory area too which is nice, albeit a "best of" from the presets.


Really happy with the arp settings and the tempo save for live sets. Definitely needed that one.


Thanks, I too have this...great update. news of this following Dan Krisher on Twitter ...who has put up some helpful videos on his YouTube channel.....and And looks like a new Connect project being worked on too....for Aug release.

Just wish they would work on a better librarian and an editor that quickly maps multisamples ...current ones are not very user friendly ...and YASE is awkward too.

Still hoping Jem will put a Frost* 'Project' file for sale, to learn from the master ;oD


Is this G only? The X could do with an injection of bug fixes too :(

Especially regarding aftertouch >.<