Jem mate, you got a new mobileme?

Started by SerFox, August 15, 2009, 11:25:15 PM

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Hey, I was just checking back on some of the old Toys from the frosty informe forum, and your old mobime profile seems dead, nowt there.

Are those files gone for good, or have you migrated them to a new mobime account? I want the hero ending and extended milliontown, and I miss broadband tom...


Pretty sure I've got these on my main computer, stuck on the laptop at the mo. I'll upload them tomorrow if you like. :)



Uploading the collection I have in my "Toys" directory, BB Tom is in there, as is the Hero's Ending cut section, not sure about milliontown thing, I have "milliontown_finale.mp3", is that it?

Edit: also I have "MTOWN_MIX_V2_24.mp3" ?


Hmm, I appear to have quite the collection of things!

I'm uploading everything I have that I think was at least once public domain (so I'm excluding my rip of the "I Woz There" CD, for obvious reasons), you guys will have to let me know if anything shouldn't be available. :)


P.S. I would have posted this message later when it's all uploaded, but I've got to go fetch Mrs Drarok from work. I'll post the upload progress later, but my intertubes are powered by Virgin Media's lovely 50mbit service. :D

Edit: All done while I was out.

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Well done, sir.

But there are a few things missing from there that I have (Five Four Noodle, Music in the Typewriting Room, The Little I Saw of Cuba, the Freefall tracks, perhaps some others), so we still need to try and get this as complete as possible.

There are also some naming differences: your "The Feeding" seems to be the same as "Envy Cow" from my collection, for example. Which need to try and sort these out.

Also, it'd be nice to have something a little more than a barebones webpage, with some short description of what each is as far as possible, p'raps on the official site.

(Apologies for the cross-posting, but since we weirdly started two simultaneous threads on this ...  :D )


Shall we abandon this thread and keep to the other one, where JiB is offering to create such a page?



Very helpful and interesting to see it all together in one place. Nice work, D.

Amused to see that the thing I did in response to someone's assertion that part of Milliontown sounded like the music from Sonic The Hedgehog is in that collection. I never posted about it at the time cos it's not really that good - plus I didn't really see the resemblence - not being a Sonic player myself.

Plus, a further piece "missing" from the set is a mash-up I was lucky enough to spot by gluing TheOtherMe vox in with the WelcomeToNowhere instrumental :-


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Quote from: "Drarok"Which is this Sonic thingy? O_o
It's not big or clever really.  :)
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


Ah, yeah! :lol:

I just mirrored Rick.Burn's .mac account at some point, I had heard that before.


Thanks for posting the re-up, Drarok.  There's some very nice stuff lying around the pile