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The Finger

Started by DannySoisSage, September 20, 2009, 10:00:17 PM

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Anyone who follows JR on Twitter might have seen this but wow, its mad! ... ontent=984



It's the creation of the madly, utterly and completely brilliant Tim Exile whom I heart with a vengeance.

It's based on his Reaktor patch that he uses to improvise entire sets with. If you're in any doubt as to how brilliant he is, check out - ... re=related

That is proper prog.  :D


My favourite comment is 'I? like Exile's stuff it's totally armpit potato' LAL.

That song is genius! So progressive but I guess it will never be accepted as 'prog' even though it fits the bill much better than some 'prog' acts out there. The video is crazy as well lol.


that guy can totally smash a time signature.



Brilliant stuff!
And so is NI's release plan. The KorePlayer is free and about 300 mb of sounds can be downloaded for free. Now they're releasing one soundpack after another for 50 to 80 euro. Excellent stategy because it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg to get acces to their stuff.

The same goes for KontaktPlayer, also free for download + a "factory" selection of sounds.

Trapezium Artist

Well. Had never come across Mr Exile before: quite amazing what he can get out of his set-up in real-time: technically very impressive indeed and I'd fully subscribe to the idea that this is prog.

But am I allowed to say that I didn't much like his real-time stuff musically? I just don't think I'm wired for that kind of electrobeat sound, very electronic chirping rhythm, straight from the dancefloor. Maybe I'm not a big 180bpm dance sort of fellow (understatement of the year), maybe I prefer slower, darker, less hyper-frenetic motion, more melodic evolution. Or maybe I just prefer something that's a little closer to a song in some way.

Not quite sure. I'm not trying to be a Luddite or hobbits-and-goblins prog-blinkered (I love to muck around in KorePlayer), but somehow the real-time stuff just doesn't grab me, even though it's technically stunning. His song Family Galaxy, on the other hand, went somewhere and was much more engaging.

Nevertheless, very interesting stuff ... I might even download ReaktorPlayer and have a muck around with that  :D

Oh, just a question for the more technically au fait of you: did I get it right that all those mechanical controllers, sliders, drum pads, keyboard were just generating inputs, loops, filters etc. for Reaktor, which was then running all of that in real-time on just a MacBook? Is that right; the MacBook was powerful enough to process all of those interactions in real-time? Should be a doddle on this MacBook Pro then  ;)


I agree, TA.  I would need to be in the right-place/right-time place to listen for any length of time.  but I love the manipulation of time he's doing.


I'm largely with you TA. I do like some of the real time stuff once it gets going, his stuff with Beardyman is seriously cool. Most of the time its fair to say I found the real time stuff interesting while I found his music genuinely engaging (Family Galaxy is amazing).

Its all gravy =)


It's brilliant indeed, and respect for those who are able to do such stuff. I can't understand how they do that. But than again, it isn't my cupa tea.

"the finger" give me weird associations: someone who puts his finger up someone else's..... :shock:
If wishes where horses, we\'re all been eating steak.


Exile was a total star supporting Immi, and I certainly count him as prog. Not prog *rock* per se, but then I've never been that much into the guitar aspect of our little genre - for me it's all been about the playing around with arrangements, sounds and textures, not the solos.

Family Galaxy is definitely worth checking out. Even Ian Broudie would take comfort at his singing abilities. Despite which "Don't Think We're One" is still one of my favourite tracks on the album:
I was a victim of goose-flirting the other day.
This bleeding great goose came up to me and wanted a light.
I said no.
Goose, there\'ll be no flirting today.



Those are the two that have stuck with me the longest, although I still whack through the whole album from time to time.