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Started by AFortuneInLies, November 07, 2009, 12:26:26 PM

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A TORN MIND is a 4-piece melodic prog rock band based in central Scotland, UK.

Fusing heavy and melodic styles, the band create fresh and powerful music with a strong contemporary progressive edge.

The band is set to self-release their debut EP, entitled "Barriers", in late 2009. The EP spans 5 tracks and over 35 minutes worth of music.

Entirely self-produced, recorded and mixed by the band themselves over a period of 9 months, "Barriers" combines the classic styling's of Genesis and Rush with the contemporary influence of bands like The Mars Volta, Dream Theater and Thrice.

A Torn Mind attempt to put a modern and youthful streak through their brand of progressive rock, embracing an eclectic mixture of styles and sounds and combining them with a desire to write challenging and interesting music that surpasses their collective 19 years of age.

A Torn Mind is:

Grant Kilpatrick - Vocals, Guitar
Chris Hartles - Guitar, Keyboards, Saxophone
Ryan Anderson - Bass, Vocals
Euan Sked - Drums, Vocals

Listen to the full EP Audio Preview on MySpace:

Download a the full EP Audio Preview for free:

Watch the 1st Preview Video:
A Torn Mind Preview Video

Follow the Blog: //http://www.atornmind.blogspot.com
Follow us on Twitter: //http://www.twitter.com/atornmind
Follow us on Facebook: //http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/A-Torn-Mind/113394599036?ref=nf


welcome to the Frost*iverse!  I'm looking forward to hearing this!

but one question:  "collective 19 years of age."  does that mean three of the guys are five years old and the other is four?   :shock:   I'm impressed!!!    8-)


This is amazing guys...really like what you are doing,

Up the prog.


Thanks very much for the kind comments! Means a lot :-)
Keep your eyes peeled for a release date very soon.
Haha, that would be amazing! Kids corner prog!


The second "Barriers" preview video has just gone live on YouTube! This preview contains lengthy audio clips from the forthcoming EP...

Check it out here on our YouTube channel:

A Torn Mind "Barriers" Preview Video 2


ecky p

Good stuff lads fly the prog flag in West Lothian....

Jake's old man
But there\'s nothing more to say


Haha!! Amazing! ^

Cheers for the comments everyone - Just introduce myself quickly... I'm Euan, I play drums in A Torn Mind!

If anyone is interested, we have an online mailing list which you can subscribe to. As well as the latest news and release info, we've got plans to put out a lot of exclusive content to everyone on the mailing list - from exclusive tracks to first look at new videos and pictures, as well as competitions to win merch and copies of the EP, just to say thanks for supporting us.

You can sign up on any of the following sites:

A TORN MIND | UK Based Melodic Progressive Rock


Well done Euan, I really like what I've heard and even more impressed to find out you are all so young. It's a very mature sound you have there, you are obviously all very talented. Good luck with the EP.


Liking it alot guys, defo early DT sounds happening there. Any gigs happening?
| Chris |


Quote from: "johninblack"Well done Euan, I really like what I've heard and even more impressed to find out you are all so young. It's a very mature sound you have there, you are obviously all very talented. Good luck with the EP.

Cheers man! I'm really glad you liked the sound of it. We're all excited to get it out for people to listen to properly. Currently getting everything ready to go to the pressing company, so it's a really exciting time for us!

Quote from: "Ecosse"Liking it alot guys, defo early DT sounds happening there. Any gigs happening?

Yeah, we all love what Dream Theater do, alongside a big pile of other acts we would list amongst our influences!

We're planning on taking things further affield once the EP is released. We'll definitely be heading back through to Glasgow for a few shows early in the new year - we always have a great time playing through there. The plan is to book some dates for the rest of Scotland and then we'd really like to begin playing down south, if anyone will have us!

We'll post details on the various band sites (above) as and when details are confirmed... by all means, pop along if we're playing near you!

Thanks again for checking us out guys!

A TORN MIND | UK Based Melodic Progressive Rock


I should probably point out that we've all got the Prog Horn for Frost* too...

Here's our fine, mild mannered "GuitarSaxKeyboardist", Chris, with the rather dashing and lovely Jem and John at their last Glasgow show:

A TORN MIND | UK Based Melodic Progressive Rock


Loving my pre-orderd copy of the Barriers EP

Available now at


where there are also details of a couple of imminent gigs!


Hey everyone!

This is just a little update to say that the debut A Torn Mind EP 'Barriers' is out now!

There are now 3 tracks available to stream over on MySpace, so if you'd like to hear a bit more you can head to http://www.myspace.com/atornmindband and give them a listen. The EP itself is five tracks long and just under forty minutes in length, so there's plenty to get your teeth into!

Here's a little of what people have had to say about it so far:

"A band alive with discovery, with desire, with possibility."
   Organ Magazine

"This is brimming with promise and passion... a real talent that isn't afraid of experimentation."
   Keep It Fast

"An ambitious recording... there's a strong emphasis on melody and rhythm throughout and the musicianship is suitably virtuosic."
   Is This Music?

"This is an impressive debut from a band that can only develop further... they are chock full of ideas, and you've got to admire their brash confidence."

"A Modern day musical extravaganza."
   Ultimate Reviewer

"The band's musicianship and songwriting is top notch... Recommended listening for Progressive fans young and old."
   Live 4 Metal

If anyone likes what they hear, physical copies are available direct from our online store, alongside t-shirts:

Barriers is also available to download from a number of online stores, some of which are linked below:

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/barriers/id354124069

eMusic: http://www.emusic.com/album/A-Torn-Mind ... 21961.html

Tesco Entertainment: http://www.tescoentertainment.com/store ... 3a37467651

Tunetribe: http://www.tunetribe.com/artist/a_torn_mind?id=224553

I would just like to say thanks once again for all the kind comments you guys have given us since that original post – the EP was entirely self-produced so it's been a fairly big project and we're really excited to have it out and available for people to listen to.

Glad the forums are back up and running smoothly!

Thanks for reading.

Grant // A Torn Mind