Korg Legacy bundle update - no more dongle!

Started by EVP, November 11, 2009, 09:49:29 PM

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Just thought I'd pass along to fellow owners of either of the Korg Legacy VI bundles.
There is a new update for both Mac and PC  v1.3.2. it has some bug fixes and the best
part of all is that they are going back to a serial code based licensing system now.


I'm not exactly heartbroken they are ditching the Synchrosoft dongle either. I didn't mind
having to use it but I wasn't crazy about transporting my setup and risk having something
break and somehow be up sh#t crick. Now I can travel with my Macbook and Logic/Mainstage
setup and not have to worry about carrying and loosing/breaking the dongle.
The new authorization process is actually quite simple and you'll be updated and running
in no time.