An important topic that must be subject to mass debation...

Started by DannySoisSage, December 18, 2009, 08:53:10 AM

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From the excellent 'Encounters with Remarkable Biscuits' blog, a proposal...

QuoteThere have been many lengthy essays on & much discussion on the dunking of biscuits: which are the best varieties, can it be carried out in company, should it be tea, coffee or even milk.

I would like to propose the non-dunk dunk as an alternative.

Take a large bite of whichever biscuit turns you on at the time but please DO NOT CHEW, then take a large slurp of whichever beverage is rocking your boat, and there you have it, the equivalent of the dunked biscuit without any of the glares of shocked polite society or the risk of a pile of soggy rich tea down the front of your jummy.

Result! Admittedly you lose that certain frisson of excitement that you get with a full frontal dunk, but sometimes need must!

Ms B

I find this works wonderfully with things like tea and ice-cream, and hot apple pie with squirty cream (probably shouldn't mention 'squirty' with that thread title  :shock: sorry!)

Your thoughts, dear Frost*ies  :mrgreen:


Sounds good to me. :D  But I'm happy with any delivery method so long as it tastes good. :mrgreen: