Author Topic: Mark Charlesworth + Chris Newton: Life Begins at 40  (Read 1554 times)

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Mark Charlesworth + Chris Newton: Life Begins at 40
« on: January 30, 2010, 01:23:40 AM »
This is a bit of a departure for those that know my dark, moody poetry, but in the words of Monty Python 'and now for something completely different...

'Life Begins at Forty' ( is the fictional blog of Pete and Jeff (or, as they prefer, Omega and Rassilon), two thirty-somethings sharing a flat, united by their social detachment and love of Doctor Who. Out of pocket, out of luck, and clinging to the hope that life begins at forty...

Pete: Monday January 11th

A very emotional day. Jeff read out David Tennant’s Foreword from the Doctor Who Specials’ box set, and we both went through an entire box of Kleenex Man-size before putting on the actual DVD.

Even ‘Planet of the Dead’ had taken on dark new implications because of the prophetic message at the end (although I can’t deny that we were both in stitches at Lee Evans’ heart-warming performance! Good one, Lee!) By the end of the episode, we’d gone through another box of tissues. Jeff couldn’t understand where all the toilet roll had got to, and I was too embarrassed to confess to my ‘genital renaissance’, so I opted to go to Omar’s on the other side of the street, and get some more tissue! Jeff couldn’t quite believe I was prepared to leave the house. He looked at me with an expression I hadn’t seen in years. I think it was respect. I felt like The Doctor! I got dressed for the first time since Boxing Day, pulling on all my finest clothes: a sleeveless He-Man shirt, some ripped jeans, a balaclava and a pair of 1980s sunglasses. Suddenly, however, as I got to the door, I began to feel nauseous and had to take a seat.

By the time my head stopped spinning, Jeff had somehow already been to the shop, returning with two carrier bags full of toilet paper, a family-pack of Doritos, and some reduced noodles. The packaging said they were now made to a ‘Healthier New Recipe’ as though that were actually a good thing! From the evidence, this seemed to include the addition of peas and a flashy new label. The bright colours make me slightly uncomfortable. Perhaps I’ll send a ‘round robin’ to the local supermarkets asking if they have any surplus stock of the old version? I wouldn’t mind paying: Jeff has a credit card, after all.

Had an emotional Who-a-thon…