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Started by puppyonacid, January 19, 2010, 09:01:21 PM

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just like some other stuff you might have heard!

Seriously though. Here's a couple of rough demo mixes from the EP thingy me band is working on. Keys still to be added but please have a listen. 2 tracks and 15 minutes of unashamed proginess. There are also vocals to be added but we don't have a singer at the mo.

Here go you:

No download needed. The songs stream right from the site. Feel free to add comments, compliments, insults and bank account details.


I enjoyed listening to that, well done.
Interested to hear it when it's finished.  :)
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Haha.  Nice.  I liked the random Metropolis pastiche in track 2 :D.  Looking forward to hearing the finished article.  If you're ever in Gloucestershire or want someone to shred over stuff, drop me a line.


Solid stuff, yes, begging for keys so I look forward to hearing more - well done and good luck with it all.

PS Ever heard of a band called Dream Theater!  :lol:
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Quote from: "Brom"PS Ever heard of a band called Dream Theater!  :lol:

Yea but I'm not really into Emo.

We don't sound that much like them. Do we? In a good way or a bad way?

But yea I love DT. I was there at Leeds last year.

Dave M

Nice .. I liked the songs, some great playing on there too.
... it was like watching a peach jelly f##k a steel drum ..  


Yeah, definitely sounds like unreleased material from Scenes, but I don't think that's a bad thing.  The keys/vocals will dictate how you differ from them.  I wish DT sounded more like that!  Very impressive.  Well done.  I also like that the tracks are streaming, not requiring download.  A definite plus.
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Great work! sounds very good. Love to hear it when it's finished (With some vocals perhaps?).
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