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Started by turbo, February 22, 2010, 09:58:00 PM

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Don't know if anyone's posted this already but Dec has got a sample of his forthcoming CD on his myspace page, check it out
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Quote from: "turbo"Don't know if anyone's posted this already
Just the man himself!  ;)
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...and I can't wait to hear it in full.  :D
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Quote from: "D S"
Quote from: "turbo"Don't know if anyone's posted this already
Just the man himself!  ;)

oops    :oops:
?"By the beard of Zeus"


It's good that you're bringing it to peoples' attention again!

I'm really looking forward to this one.

Dave M

the sampler sounds great .. one to look out for.
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Can't find any recent posts on Dec

Album Update
So yeah, the album is really in full on mode right now - as mentioned before it's called Paradigm's & Storylines, Stefan Fanden is at the helm for the production and mixing and I got two work in progress song mixes back from him tonight for "Days Like These" and "Yesterday's Fool" I really can't wait for people to hear this album, as sonically it sounds HUGE, which is great as the songs are turning out to be very....well... cinematic, and larger than a large thing that's on make me larger pills. Carl Westholm is providing all the keyboards on this album, so the Swedes have sort of taken over, which is fine 'cos these guys are just incredible musicians - very exciting times
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From the snippets Dec's posted on Facebook, the whole process has been going really well. No Difficult Second Album Syndrome, there! I'm really looking forward to this next one.


Excellent news, the first album is a firm favourite, so definitely looking forward to the next :)


Hi guys 'n' girls - thanks for the support on this thread, just wanted to let you know that the new album is sounding great, I'm already getting mixes back from Stefan Fanden who is mixing and producing this one and I'm so happy with how it's sounding - sonically, and songs-wise, this one is a big step forward from DAM, can't wait for peeps to hear it. I sent Jem a few rough mixes and he really liked what he heard, so wish me luck guys - tour in Sept......

lots of love

Dec xx


Nice of you to drop by again.
Really looking forward to this.
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


Luck! :)

I'm so pleased that "going solo" has worked out so well for you Dec. I'm reallly looking forward to hearing what you ahve up your sleeve....
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what they said!!  can't wait to hear it!


Likewise, good luck Dec - Got Destroy All Monsters on my amazon wish list - looking forward to hearing the new album too :)

Always nice to have members of team Frost* pop by
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Been away for a few days - just seen this: ... e-dvd.html

Not being on Facebook myself (spawn of the devil etc) could someone tip us off when this takes off?
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