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declan burke solo

Started by turbo, February 22, 2010, 09:58:00 PM

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Pleasant surprise to find this is due out.
Hadn't heard anything about it.

Quote from: BURKE - Book Of Secrets (GBP 9.99)
PRE-ORDER: 05/09/2016 (originally 29/08/2016) - The superb brand new third solo album called 'Book Of Secrets'. Mixed by Lee Abraham and mastered by Karl Groom. Guest musicians include Kristoffer Gildenlow (ex-Pain of Salavation) on bass, and Carl Westholm of Carptree on piano, Mellotron, organ. Listen to 'Everlasting' from the new album and buy at

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I used to have a signature


& the boy's got a new website, not much there yet, unless you want some guitar lessons
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Everlasting is great - having liked Dec's previous solo efforts (and his Frost* contributions) have duly ordered!!!
Not sure if some of this material is repurposed from the 'Brave New Sky' project which also featured TBE but seems to have disappeared ??
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I believe Brave New Sky became Audioplastik with a different drummer. Not Sure what happened to the track Silence that they previewed on YouTube though...
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