Alicia's Keys VI piano

Started by EVP, March 02, 2010, 04:03:01 AM

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Alright this is going at the top of my "will be buying" list. ... ntent=1145

This a GREAT sounding piano VI and it will be selling at $119 USD!!!

I haven't tried any of the big name piano VI's out there and I'm sure there are some
that probably sound better than this one but for the price I can't imagine anything
sounding better than this one. She uses it on her new album too.

I'm not a fan of her music but I really appreciate her being involved from a technical standpoint
and the fact that she loves production to begin with. She's a confessed gear freak and loves
all kinds of stuff.


Check this video out!! ... re=channel

I can't believe how awesome this sounds!! Whats even better is that it's retailing for $99 here in the U.S!!!
Sounds a lot better than some of the piano vi's I've heard. It's a freakin steal at that price!

Needless to say I went and immediately purchased it. I will report back in a few days when it arrives and I have it installed.


Holy crap!  :shock:
I was kinda ignoring this because of the name and thought this was yet another "fantastic" piano variation but it DOES sound spectacular. Must have I reckon.....  :?