Anyone read any Clive barker? Sneak Preview

Started by Rick, November 16, 2008, 01:27:44 AM

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Here is the latest project i am doing with Mrs Rick as my vocalist following the Silhouette thing.
Its a kind of horror story put to music, based on one of Clive Barkers short stories (google him if you don't now him)
The bits where vocals are supposed to be are kind of obvious as they sound a bit bare.
The lyrics are kind of sick, but it is based on Clive Barker  and Mrs Rick says she has a problem singing about stuff like that but i will get around it even if i have to sing it myself (i have Melodyne so all is not lost) :D   look to the full version with vox soonish. ... fblood.mp3

Edit: Got rid of those nasty drums :D


It's asking me for a user name and password for some reason... I really want to check it out, though, I loved your Silhouette track!
"One man\'s Drum Machine is another man\'s Mellotron"
- Pedro


"One man\'s Drum Machine is another man\'s Mellotron"
- Pedro


OK, I've just listened twice now but I wanted to write down my thoughts on it immediately, even though they might change with a few more listens.

My initial reaction was pretty much fear. Because it just got my heart beating faster and for some reason the sound of the wind outside is kinda scaring me now and it wasn't doing that ten minutes ago.
You really had me from the start though, those first few seconds with the melody and that slightly "off" rhythmic feel (I'm making it painfully obvious that I'm not up to the normal Frost*ie standard when it comes to music terminology here, aren't I?) and 100% of my attention was on the music, because somehow it just made me know that I'd need to focus on it as the song "kicked off".
There's something about the drums towards the end that isn't convincing me, though. They should definitely be there but there's something about the sound of them... Argh, can't say exactly what it is, to be honest. I'll have to think about it. Perhaps it'll make more sense to me with vocals.

Lovely work, sir! (:-D
"One man\'s Drum Machine is another man\'s Mellotron"
- Pedro


Thanks for your comments Philidelphia, listening to it this morning the drums are bloody nasty aren't they :) Some tweaking methinks!


A friend of mine was doing SFX makeup (creature prosthetics) with Image Animation, who did Hellraiser and other CB stuff. Anyway, I came in as an extra for test shooting on one film ( ye gods, nearly twenty years ago) and had a chance to observe CB on set.

He's definitely more than a bit weird. Even if you only read the books (I read a few of the novels and some of his short story collections ) you can tell; nonetheless, he has flashes of real greatness as a writer, though imagining him as a mainstream novelist is a little difficult. His preoccupations are a little too "on view" in his fiction, like bones showing through too little fat and skin (yes, that's a Skinless Frank reference from Hellraiser).
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Sounds really promising. As already stated, you've captured the modd very nice... And the drums need a little tweaking (Ez DkFH or Superior 2 would probably do the trick).

Keep up the good work!


The mp3 isn't working for me, however, I love Clive Barker. A lot. My favorite author by far. Have you ever read his book Imajica? Incredible work of fiction. I tried downloading the mp3 and it was only 12kb :/


Ok, sorry, file is down at the moment.

Yes i have read imajica and just about everything else, he filled the space for me when Stephen King went lame ;)
@Geeter, very cool that you met him, he is kind of weird is he not?

As shown here
His voice is scary as fu**


Quote from: "Rick"he filled the space for me when Stephen King went lame ;)
That's as good a recommendation as any
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Just found this.. (Still not used to this forum, I keep bumping along dark corridors and opening the wrong doors)

Nice, I particularly like it half way thru when things get going. May your spare time be plentyful and continue to be fruitful.
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Quote from: "Brom"Just found this.. (Still not used to this forum, I keep bumping along dark corridors and opening the wrong doors)

Ah that was you, was it. No wonder Mikey is having trouble with his drafts, if you are going around opening all the doors :D
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Ta Brom, you obviously found that the file is back up, this is from the later part of it..Vocals and much hilarity this weekend