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Korg Micro-X

Started by RWA, April 30, 2010, 12:48:13 AM

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Anyone uses this little but powerful synthy?

I'm looking into a small midi keyboard for my mobile studio and ran into some EXTREMELY impressive YT vids about this synth. Of course this is not a midi keyboard ( but it can act like on obviously) but it sounds bloody awesome if you ask me but research told me it's not supported by Windows 7 and it's almost discontinued as we speak. I mean, wtf?! It's been on the market for only 4 years.

I know I know.... it's a small Korg synth and it doesn't have a nifty mic to power these ridiculous vocoders that seems to be a part of EVERY small Korg synth these days so the lack of that is the kiss of death for this piece of apparatus. What's up with that anyway? I mean I can appreciate the occasional vocoder but why does it have to be a part of every fricken small synth Korg releases?!

Apart from that I have to admit Korg builds some fine small keyboards (like the Micro-X, Micro XL, Micro sampler and R3) for a fair price all right.... They're about to release a Micro workstation; how sexy is that?!

So Ron, what on earth is the point of this thread then?

Hmmmm.... well, some one who tells me that the Micro-X isn't discontinued anytime soon and WILL be supported by Windows 7 anyway. I that case ..... it's mine!!!! 8-)

Did I ever told you my first synth back in 1985 was a 2nd hand Korg Polysix?!
I loved it for 4 months and then traded it for a Casio CZ-101!
I loved that for another 4 months and traded  it for a Siel Opera 6!
And then I switch back to  guitars for about 10 years until I bought a Kawai K4 back in 1995.
To end up with nothing but soft synths since 2002.

But anyway, does someone use the Korg micro-X and if not, why not?!  :cry:

Then again, I might as well side track completely and get me a X-50 that is basically a Micro-X .... uhmmm... XXL and get rid of my PCR-80 midi keyboard. Call me a librarian or a laborianarian but I'm a sucker for Korg sound engines all together as God is our witness and so help me God. (Not that there's anything wrong with Phantoms or Tritons but they're to expensive for my needs)

So yeah. Discuss!


From the demo's I've seen of it (you know the bog standard Gary Numan covers and "Sounds of the 80's" videos) it seems like a nifty little pup.

Personally I've never had my hands on one, so I can't make any credible judgements. I have tried a Korg R3, and personally if I was upgrading from my Microkorg I'd go with that.

Does this synth have any MIDI outputs at all? If it does you should be able to get away with using it with Windows 7 with an adapter. You might lose some editor functionality but it will perform as a small MIDI keyboard just fine.

Compatability is one of the reasons I have yet to upgrade to Win7. I had my soundcard for 6 months sitting in it's box until they finally released vista drivers for it. I'm not going through that again for windows 7 :roll:


Apart from the brilliant sound the best feature for me is the way you can use it as a plug in. If and when that software is written for W7 that is.

It's not that I desperately want  to upgrade to W7 but I'm buying a new PC soon and want to make the jump because of that. I suspect MS will drop support for XP within a year or so. They wanted to do that back in 2006 all ready but had to maintain it because Vista was such a disaster. W7 is doing all right now so they finally can get rid of XP. Me thinks.