Roland making a little gizmo to go with Netbooks

Started by Pedro, April 27, 2010, 09:50:27 PM

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In this video from about 3:00 onwards there's talk of a little wotsit designed to work with a Netbook. Looks clever for anyone who might want such a thing.
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Nice..... but the CakeWalk/Roland SD-50 is a variation on the Sonic Cell module that's been around for a few years all ready and basically has the same features. It's cheaper all right but then the Sound Canvas General Midi sounds are very.... general. Sonic Cell also holds a lot of the Phantom sounds which is more interesting imo. BTW, the Roland SD20 module basically has the same features.... again with Sound Canvas on board.  :|

Anyway, nice box but it's presented as something new, which it is not. Then again, that's marketing, right?  ;)

Roland bought Cakewalk and now seems to release all their stuff for the second time under a new name (very little difference between the Edirol (= Roland) PCR controllers and the "new" Cakewalk ones for example). Same goes for Yamaha who bought Steinberg. It's nice to see the integration of hardware and software this way but it would be nice to see some real new products instead of these re-packages.


Don't want to sound to negative about all this but be aware that a lot of this stuff is just re-releasing previous stuff with only 1 or 2 new options.  :)


That's a good point...but didn't you just re-release it (two posts, second one smaller but with the same features)?  :D  ;)
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Yes but it was just a small update going from Post 1.00 to Post 1.05 fixing a few bugs.  :cry:


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I stand corrected all together btw.
I checked out the Roland Sonic Cell a few days ago and thought "hey this SD50 is just a variation on that!". Well, it is but I've just checked out some vids (I'm looking into new studio gear if you haven't noticed..... ;) ) and all though the sounds in the SD50 are just GM they are tremendously improved. And all though the connections are equal to those of the Sonic Cell they added some nice transport control buttons which are always handy. And the thing is only half the price of the Sonic Cell.

Added to my list of "possible new gear" because it can be used in the studio as well as with my lap top. Thanks for the heads up!  :mrgreen:

ps: this is now officially reply no 2.0 that takes care of numerous bugs 'n bullshit!