Chris Brown - acoustic stuff

Started by RWA, November 17, 2008, 10:32:20 AM

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----> Chris' YouTube page

Chris Brown aka the "Analog Kid" aka "that guy from Ghost Circus":
Quote"When I met Ron I lost interest in doing this"
Say what?!  :lol:

This is the acoustic thing he did before Ghost Circus and I'm glad to see he's finally getting back into it because that stuff is pretty amazing. I think he should get a Stick, don't you think?!  ;)

First, a little introduction:


Forward Movement

Ice Crystals

The Wolf & The White Witch


Very nice, Mr. Brown.  You're right about the visual aspect.  I wouldn't have deciphered your technique from audio alone.  Cool stuff.
...and I can feel the world is turning...turn around